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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince Episode 27 & 28

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🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Written by Author Jedi

Chapter 27



👙Julia’s POV

I was totally restless as I pace to and fro my room, everything had been ruined, there is no need of even thinking, I had been caught..

He saw me…


A thought crept into my mind bringing out a huge smile on my lips…

I took out my phone and saw the video really recorded the part where Josh was removing her cloth..

It was a clean shot and doesn’t even showed that Karina was was like she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment…

I can’t help laughing…

With this video..Karina would be seen as a whore..I can see George is really in love with her, he would do all I say to avoid this video from being leaked..

Time to act!

I need George and would get him at all cost, when Karina is being banished for being a cheat, I’d kiss George and get married to him just like Karina…

This is really interesting, let’s see how it goes…

😍George’s POV

I couldn’t believe it was really happening….is this Karina or someone else please??

“Agghr…” I groaned In pleasure as her mouth went deeper..

I was too shocked to talk, like is she this good??

Her mouth went deeper making me feel her


I groaned deeply again as she sucked me..


Was she doing this because I told her of my dream??

I think I’d keep lying to get this blow job from her..

My d**k was now very hard and I could feel pleasure all over my body..

She pulled out and stared at me with a smirk before sitting on the bed

“Was I good at it??” She asked with the most sexy voice i have ever heard as she stroke my d**k with her palm sending shrills down my spine..

“Karina you are too good at it that I wonder how you are still a virgin” I groaned as her hand went up and down d**k..

“So you won’t f**k Arianna Grande in your dream again??” She sulked and I chuckled and sat up..

“Can I ever do that when my princess just showed me she is the best in blow job…” I laughed and she giggled then turned her gaze at me peering into my eyes…


For some moment I felt I was in an empty world with just us…
Her eyes was going deep into my heart and I felt my stomach tingle…

My heart beat had even accelerated..looking at this pretty face I think I have actually seen an angel, it was just like she was more beautiful than she had ever been..

“Honey I’m sorry..” She muttered still peering into my eyes..


Did she just called me honey, wow!! sounded so sweet!

“Okay Why the apology?? never wronged me” I muttered holding her soft palm, my d**k was still

hard and waiting for her to undress..

“You were angry at me for all those acts with Josh right?” She asked in a soft voice making me smile..

“I was angry then but not anymore..” I smiled and she got up from the bed and stood in front of me with a squeak of joy…

“How do I look in this dress??” She asked turning around…

Woah!!!…I couldn’t help the gasp as the lingerie went upward revealing her g-string pant…

My dick went harder more as my eyes buried itself between her fresh laps..

“You haven’t answered my question..” She said smirking at my d**k,

I couldn’t bear it anymore, her body is really driving me crazy…

I jolted up and walked over to her, I wrapped my arm around her waist with my d**k pressing on her waist region,

I could sense her body shiver at the touch.

“Your body is so sexy..” I whispered into her ear and brushed her cheeks…

“I don’t know what is really happening but, I’m falling so much in love with you” she mumbled resting her head on my chest, I felt on top of the world..


“Yes, but I’m still afraid about you, I don’t really know if you…..”

“Shhhh” I place my index finger over her lips stopping her from completing her word…

We were facing each other and her sumptuous b**bs was pointing at me invitingly. I could vividly see her cleavage, my d**k was erected and was touching her p**y through her lingerie..

“I!!!” I said slowly meaning every single words,

I wasn’t joking this time, the words were from my heart and I meant it, I never knew I could fall for her, I never wanted to admit it but at this moment there is no way I can change my heart, she had succeeded in getting my heart and I can’t do anything about it…

“Let’s do it” she whispered to me and I felt my stomach tightened..

“If you weren’t there for me,Josh could have taken it, i want it to be you…” She mumbled and drew her head forward.

I wrapped my arm round her neck and plunged my lips deep into hers sending a spark of fire into us…
The passion grew intense, I deepened the kiss as my hand went over her body pulling off the lingerie…

She was also pulling off my shirt as the kiss went on, my finger went to her p***y region and I teased her cl*t making her legs wobble at the pleasure…

She moaned making me smile inwardly, I directed her to the bed slowly and lay her down breaking the kiss..

She was looking at me with those shimmering eyes filled with passion…

“Karina I love you” I muttered as I crouched on top of her..

“I love you too…” She moaned as my tongue teased her nipple, I drew my tongue down to her belly and around her navel making her moan softly,

“Please I want to feel you…” She moaned and I smiled seeing she was wet..

“You know it pains right?” I muttered and she nodded

“Yes, but I want you to take it..there is pleasure after the pain right??” She asked meekly and I nodded with a broad smile at her innocence before inserting my tongue into her p**y licking every part of it..

Her eyes was shut tightly as she moaned loudly, her legs was widened and she was really jerking,

I played with every part of it especially the cl*t which was now erected and reddish…

“Ge..o..rge….” She moaned my name as she squirt into my mouth..

I never relented, I kept on doing the magic till she sprang up gasping for breath…

“That is too…arrgh!!!!” She breathed with her p***y dripping wet..

“Yes baby, anything for you…” I smiled and lay her back to the bed..

I brought out my d**k and she held it and stroke it making it very hard than before…

I pressed her b**bs and fondled her nipple..

“Close your eyes” I said to her and she took a deep breath…

“Please don’t let it hurt so much..” She purred and i felt like not doing it…

I don’t wanna hurt her…

“Please Karina I shouldn’t do it right???..I can’t bear seeing you in pain because of me..” I sighed and she gave me a sweet smile..

“You are the only man I love, please take it, you are my husband you know??” She said and winked at me making me chuckle.

“Close your eyes and move your thought away..think about some blissful moment..just think of me” I said and she closed her eyes..

Slowly and carefully, I brought d**k closer, and closer till its cap went in..

“Karina I love you..” I muttered under my breath..

🙂Karina’s POV

“Wait!!..” I screamed and pulled off before he could go in…

“What??..” He asked as his d**k desired for more..

“I am sleepy…” I chuckled and got up from the bed…

His eyes widened..

Oh god!!..that was really close, how could I allow him take my virginity so soon…

No..he would have to crave for me very much before I’d allow him..

“You are feeling sleepy??” He exclaimed frustrated

“Yes, let me go and bath…” I laughed leaving him gasping as he stared at my body..

“What about this??” He asked pointing at his erected d**k

“ have Arianna Grande.. she can help you out!” I said in sarcasm and he burst into laughter..

“I want you please..” He pleaded and I smiled and walked closer…

His body shivered as he awaits me to give him a blow job, he stood up hastily while i crouch ready to begin…

His eyes were even shut as he waited in patience to feel the pleasure,
I couldn’t help laughing silently,

He was still there waiting as I sneaked away leaving him standing there like a statue with his d**k pointed to no one…


Chapter 28


Karina’s POV

I sneaked out smiling, trying hard to convince myself that what I did was right…

“After he had satisfied you, look at what he did??..he may cheat you know??” My subconscious warned and I felt my legs heavy…

I stood at the door confused…

“Are you leaving me for real??” I heard his voice sounded behind and for the first time, my heart grew heavy and I felt hurt,

I turned and my eyes fell on him, His sparkling eyes pierced into mine making my heart skip beat…

I could see passion, this wasn’t the arrogant Prince I got married to, this was a different person with his face, the way he stared into my eyes left me weakened..

I couldn’t stand there anymore, my heart wouldn’t let me, as much as I wanted to dash out I also found out that I would be hurt if I should do that…

I would hurt myself because seeing him pained is now really affecting me..

“Were you really going away??” He asked again with a cold voice showing how hurt he was…

His eyes was even exuding emotions that was really going deep in my heart..

“…I wasn’t going away, I can’t go..never!!” I squealed and walked closer to him…

“I can see pure love in your eyes, his is it possible?..does it show you now loves me so well?” I purred with my palm moving over his cheeks..

“Karina, I can’t keep on forcing myself out of what my heart wants, I love you so much..” He said and I blushed

“Do you know I now sees you as my husband now..” I squeaked making him grin..

“You really changed me..” He mumbled and wrapped his arm round my waist..

Wow!!..I swear I felt the tingling sensation from his touch…

“I’m all yours now, I thought we can’t be together but I guess I was mistaken, you are the man for me..” I cooed and kissed his lips as i felt his deflated d**k rise again

“I’ll give yo the best blow job because you are my sweet husband!!!” I winked making him chuckle…

Slowly I rolled my tongue down to his d**k which really shivered as my tongue touched it..

I now loves him with my life, I’m ready to even give him my virginity if he ever ask for it..

I deepened my mouth over his d**k and a loud groan escaped his lips.

At first I moved slowly giving him a slow pleasure which was making him shiver, I licked the head with the tip of my tongue before going over to his balls..

I took it all into my mouth and sucked it.. He grunted deeply as his legs wobbled..

I went back to the erected d**k and pushed it deep into my throat, I started moving it in and out faster making him shudder, I was looking up to his face enjoying the way his face was contorted, there was no doubt he was enjoying every moment of it…

I moved the d**k to very part of my mouth using my tongue to tease the tip..

“Karina you are so gooooood..” He moaned

I kept on going on till he couldn’t bear it any more…

He spilled into my mouth and I sucked the tip making more c*m spurt out..

He was really groaning deeply as pleasure swept through his whole body..

I pulled out my mouth and moved to the bathroom to pour out his content which was in my mouth, he fell on the bed totally exhausted with his eyes closed as he shiver in the sweetness..

I came back and lay beside him wrapping my arm around his body..

“I love you..” He whispered into my ear sending shiver down my spine..

“I love you too”

“You are really good, never knew…I swear this is the best blowjob I had ever received..” He smiled making me grin..

“When you need to feel me, I’m ready to give it to you, you are the best man for me” I giggled making him grin from ear to ear..

“I bless the day we met…I never knew I would fall in love..” He mutters and pecked my lips…

“I think we needs each other that’s why fate brought us together..” I smiles and he cuddled me more closely as we both fell asleep…

Julia’s POV

I smiled to myself as I watched the video clip over and over again, it was just the best I had gotten, who cares if George saw me..

He had been calling me on phone but I wouldn’t answer, I just wants Karina to leave his life so I would go in…

He can’t have s*x with me and dump me, no!!!..

I’m in love with him, I want to get married to him at all cost, I need him beside me all the night…

I want to feel him again and again… Wow!! I can’t forget that night he had s*x with me, I swear its the best!!..

I quickly put a call to Josh..

“I’m posting the video now!!” I said and he screamed in joy..

“Yes, please do it…Karina has to leave and you go in, I need the money..” He said and I laughed

“Okay..then” I hung the call and smiled

I was just about clicking the button when a message popped in from George…

I arched my brow as I opened it…

My eyes popped out as I read the message…

📜Julia…I’m sorry.. Please can we meet in the hotel below, room 205, I swear I regret getting married to this girl..can we talk about making it up for ourselves, I cant just get over you..

I read the message….



Without even thinking how possible it was..
I sprang up and head off to the hotel…

It can be true, George still loves me!!!!



To be continued

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