a crazy love episode 46 & 47

©Sir Zach


Kizy smiled at the family members before leaving the house. Once she was outside, her expressions changed from that of happiness to extreme cold, giving out a broken but murderous aura.

She flagged a cab and quickly went inside. Markus was seen coming running out from the mansion, chasing Kizy, but she immediately signalled the driver who sped up and the car vanished on the highway.

Markus kneeled down in front of the gate, catching his breath, after watching Kizy disappear. He roared loudly before dejectedly standing up and returning back to the mansion.

And as expected by Markus, someone had watched and recorded their video, once again uploading it online.

“To Gazebo Hotel, Road no. 3.” Kizy gave the address to the driver.


In twenty minutes, the cab dropped Kizy at the gate of Gazebo Hotel.

Kizy went directly to the receptionist.

“A room.”

The receptionist was stunned for a moment after looking at such a cold but beautiful face, and only replied after Kizy asked her twice.

“Sorry mam, do you have a booking?” The receptionist asked.

“No.” Kizy replied.

“Please wait a minute mam.” The receptionist said.

After another minute of asking some details, Kizy received the keys for her room no. 102. Kizy took the keys and went to her room situated on the second floor.

The first thing she did was open her social media account. The public were commenting and making all kinds of speculations on her last post, which was a photo of her and Markus.

Kizy just selected the post and deleted it. She repeated the same process for all her photos with Markus.

After making sure that she had deleted all their posts, she locked her phone before lying down on the bed. She had already done what Markus had asked her. She closed her eyes and rested for a minute before suddenly opening her eyes and unlocking her phone.

She went to her social media account and posted a quote.

“Sometime you need to forget how you feel, and remember what you deserve.”

Instantly all types of comments started clouding on her account, but Kizy simply locked her phone and went back to sleep. Now that she didn’t have any job, the only thing she needed to do was eat and sleep.

“Smart move. That’s more like my little lamb.” Markus said while watching Kizy’s post from his house.

“Boss shouldn’t you post something from your account as well?” Joel asked Markus.

“No. That will make it seem preplanned. Let public debate over this for some more time. Have you double checked her safety in that room?” Markus asked.

“Yes boss. Our men are acting as undercover staff at the hotel.” Joel replied.

“Ok. I won’t be showing up in the office for the next two or three days. Please handle the tasks and let me know if something major crops up.” Markus said.

“Yes Boss.” Joel replied and bowed before leaving.

Once Joel left, Markus made several calls to Kizy from his mobile number. He also sent a lot of texts and voice messages.

He had already asked Kizy to turn her phone on silent mode and ignore his calls and it seemed that she did exactly like this. Anyone who would trace his or Kizy’s phone would feel that he was desperately trying to contact Kizy, but all his calls were left unanswered.


“Boss look. Satan has already called Miss Kizy fifty nine times, excluding his text and voice messages. I think Miss Kizy has either blocked him or is deliberately ignoring him.” A lackey said while showing screenshots of Markus’s phone record to the blue eyed man.

“Keep watching them both for some more time. Show me the clip after she left Evans mansion.” The boss ordered.

“Yess boss.” The lackey said before playing the footage from earlier.

Both of them watched the footage thrice before the blue eyed man said.

“Try to find what happened inside the mansion. Though she looked sad and heartbroken before going, she looks very cold after coming out.” Boss was paying attention to every minute details.

“Boss, Miss Kizy deleted all her posts with Satan. And she posted something a few minutes ago.” The lackey informed.

“Show me.” Boss said.

The lackey immediately opened Kizy’s social media account and showed the post to his Boss.

He read the post before saying.

“I don’t care how you do it, but find out what happened in the Mansion. I am sure Satan said something wrong for her to react that way.” He ordered.

“Yes boss.” With that, the lackey bowed and went away.

“Don’t worry baby girl, I would never let anyone hurt you.” The man said to himself.


“Boss I found a few things.” The lackey said after entering the room.

“Spill out.” The boss said.

“Boss actually we asked a lot of people, including the gatekeeper at Evans mansion, at Satan’s company, the driver who dropped Miss Kizy at the hotel and many others.

Though all of them gave very short replies, after combining all of it, we can conclude one thing.” Tha lackey said.

“What?” Boss asked suspiciously.

“They tried to offer money to Miss Kizy, for letting this matter go. They also made Satan promise that he would never repeat it again and Miss Kizy should let this one time pass.

But Miss Kizy couldn’t accept it and broke the engagement.

His family therefore cancelled the marriage, insulting Miss Kizy for being poor and lowly, saying she only survives through her face.” The lackey replied.

“How brave of them!! I am sure it must be that foolish senile grandfather of his who would say such things.” Boss paused.

“Prepare my car. We are visiting Kizy.” Boss said before getting up.


Kizy was tired yesterday. Thus she slept all the way from morning till evening, not waking up even once.

And if not for the continous bell ringing and door knocking, she was planning to sleep some more.

Frustratedly she got up and dragged her tired body till the door and peeked through the peephole, but it was completely black.

‘Who is this idiot now?’ Kizy thought to herself before being on full alert mode and then opening the door very slightly.

She peeked out through the gap and…

“What are you doing here!!??” She shouted frustratedly before immediately pushing the door back

©Sir Zach


She peeked out through the gap and…

“What are you doing here!!??” She shouted frustratedly before immediately pushing the door back.

But the blue eyed man had predicted this and quickly pushed the door, stopping Kizy from locking it back.

Kizy tried to apply full force, but wasn’t able to keep it locked. The man slowly increased his force, little by little, in order to not hurt Kizy, and finally managed to open the door wide enough for him to enter.

“What do you want?” Kizy asked coldly.

But the man ignored her question before grazing her cheeks and looking intently at Kizy.

“Were you crying all day?” He asked seriously.

‘What the hell man? Where did you get this idiotic idea from?’ Kizy thought to herself.

But in reality her face remained cold, making it unable for the man to understand what Kizy was thinking.

“Why are you hurting yourself for him? Kizy, you can have any man you want. Why do you need to torture yourself over just one shitty person?” The man asked.

He held her hands and gently guided her to the mirror.

“Look at what you have turned yourself into!” He said.

And that’s when Kizy understood what this man was saying.

Her eyes had turned red and puffy from all the crying last night and she slept for the entire day today. Plus her face had also swelled a little and she looked paler than usual, making her appear very sickly. On top of it, she hadn’t freshened up today, giving her a haggard look.

In short, she looked every inch like a woman who was suffering tremendously from her breakup.

She shook her head before looking at the man coldly.

“Who are you to question or advise me? Just get lost or I’ll call the security.” Kizy said in a cold voice.

“I can not see you this way.” The man said dejectedly.

“I said get lost!!” Kizy spoke in an even lower voice, giving a chilly aura.

“Did Markus say anything mean to you?” The man continued asking.

Kizy was truly angered by now. She went to the phone and dialled for hotel’s security.

“A man has barged in-” she started complaining when the man snatched the phone and hung up.

“Ok don’t get worked up over this. I am sorry. I will go now. But promise me that you’ll eat something. You have been starving yourself since yesterday.” The man said.

Kizy simply reached for the phone to make another call.

“I am going, I am going. Take care of yourself please.” The man said slowly before walking towards the door.

He looked at Kizy one last time before exiting.

Kizy sighed a breath of relief once the man went out.

“This is too much!” She said slowly.

She then went back to the phone and called hotel service, asking for a light dinner. She loved eating a lot, but whenever she was on missions, food never came to her mind.

There were times when she had gone on for three to four days without any food and simply having some plain beverage.


“Boss, he went to visit young Miss just now.” Joel reported to Markus.

“Faster than I thought.” Markus said.

“And as you asked, young Miss has already placed the recorder in her room. We were able to hear their conversation.” Joel said.

“Bring that to me.” Markus said.

Joel took out the laptop and headphones before giving them to Markus.

Markus listened to the entire conversation between Kizy and the man, his face getting darker with each line.

“I will make sure to kill you with my own two hands.” Markus said while gritting his teeth.

‘Boss, why are you reacting this dangerously? Weren’t you the one who sent the young miss away? Then what were you expecting from him when he wanted young miss as his woman? Don’t scare my poor heart now.’ Joel thought to himself.

“Tell me what Kizy has been doing the entire day.” Markus ordered.

“Young Miss didn’t come out once she went inside her room. And the room was quiet the entire time before he came.” Joel said.

“What about anyone entering her room?” Markus asked.

“No one entered other than him.” Joel answered.

“Don’t tell me she seriously hasn’t eaten anything yet?” Markus exclaimed.

“Yes boss.” Joel said in a meek voice.

“Stupid woman. Is this how you follow your promise?” Markus said to himself.

“Call Mr. William right now!!” Markus ordered.

Joel immediately made a call and passed it to Markus.

“Hello Mr. Markus. How can I help you?” William said.

“Mr. William, I need you to help me order something.” Markus said directly.

“What is it?” William asked.

“Could you please order dinner for Room no. 102?” Markus asked.

“Yeah sure, just wait a minute.” William said and within one minute he came back to Markus.

“Miss Kizy has already ordered her dinner a few minutes ago.” William replied.

“What has she ordered?” Markus asked.

“Veggie sticks and coke.” William replied after clearing his throat.

‘She really wants to anger me!! Veggie sticks? Coke? Is this what you eat for dinner? Stupid woman you already have issues with your health. Do you enjoy having cramps? Is this how you plan your diet? Aren’t you making it worse for yourself? I should not trust you about the take-care-of-yourself part anymore.’ Markus was truly angered after listening to this.

“Replace the order with what I am saying. Order a vegetable soup, whole grain pasta and some fruit juice or maybe milk whatever is healthier with dinner.” Markus ordered.

“I’ll do as you say.” William replied.

“Also pass a note secretly to her along with a message saying that I’ll be ordering her dinner from now on and she needs to finish it everyday or she will have to come back home. Put my initial at the end. She will understand.” Markus said.

“Ok Mr. Markus. As you wish.” William said and paused for a minute.

“If you don’t mind, can I ask why did you do that when you care about her?” Mr. William asked carefully.

“Everything happens for a reason Mr. William. I’ll definitely explain this to you later on. Thank you for the help.” Markus said before ending the call.


Kizy stood up and walked till the door before peeping through the peephole. After she confirmed that it was a waiter with her food, she opened the door.

“Mam your order.” The man said before entering and placing the covered vessels on her table before bowing and leaving.

Kizy nodded at him and closed the door before coming back to the table. She opened the lid and was stunned at the dish.