a crazy love episode 48

©Sir Zach


‘What’s with all these green vegetables? I never ordered anything like this! And what is this, looks a little like pasta but what the hell is this man?’ Kizy thought while making sour faces.

‘Wait. Is someone trying to kill me? Maybe they have poisoned these dishes and want to secretly eradicate me. Huh but aren’t you underestimating this woman a little too much? Because I can detect any poison just by a single whiff, what’s with these full bowls?’ Kizy smirked to herself.

But once again she was shocked after checking out all the dishes carefully.

‘How is this possible? The order isn’t mine. Plus there is nothing wrong with the food as well. Did the hotel make a mistake?’ Kizy thought confusedly.

And this confusion was immediately cleared when she picked up the soup bowl. A note was hidden beneath it.

“I’ll be ordering your meals from now on and don’t even think about making any excuses. Also dare you don’t finish them, I’ll make sure you’ll be back home then. And drop the idea of throwing these dishes out as well. -M”

“You… you will always be the devil you are. Why can’t you let me enjoy a single meal happily? Being so bossy all around. Worst person to ever exist on this earth!! It’s good that people are cursing you. You deserve that!!” Kizy shouted, knowing that Markus could hear her voice through the recorder.


“Dumb woman!! Don’t you know what’s good for yourself. You have the guts to speak like this even when I am caring about you? And people are cursing because they think I cheated on you. If not for him falling for you, I would have shown you cheating on me. But I just wanted to save your reputation. Yet you speak ill about me. You just wait!!” Markus said angrily, scaring away all his men.

‘Ladyboss please return soon. It hasn’t even been an entire day, yet the boss is scaring the shit out of us. Please save us. You are our only hope.’ The men along with Joel cried silent tears for the Nth time today.

Markus composed himself before speaking to Joel.

“Any news from his side?” Markus asked.

“No boss. He has been staying in his hotel since he returned. But his men are increasing in our area, especially the region near the branch of Gazebo hotel where Young Miss is staying.” Joel reported.

“Double the security over there. I want her safe and sound, no matter what situation arises.” Markus ordered.

“Yes boss.” Joel replied.

The remaining night went by uneventfully, but Markus couldn’t fall asleep no matter what he tried.

“Arrrghhh!! Why am I not feeling sleepy?” Markus shouted inside his bedroom.

‘Maybe because I think something might happen to that dumb woman?’ He thought.

‘No no that can’t be! I have already checked her security myself. She would never feel insecure. But then what is it?’ He thought again.

‘Am I getting used to sleeping with her?’ Markus thought after sometime.

‘No no not at all! This would never ever happen. I am Markus! Someone who never gets habitual or addicted to anything. Am I getting used to her presence? This can not happen.’ Markus convinced himself.

Thus his entire night went in guessing over his reason for not being able to sleep while he had at least successfully convinced himself that it has got nothing to do with Kizy.

Next morning Kizy woke up early and freshened up. She looked way better than she did yesterday.

And once again the bell rang.

‘Who is it now? Must be my breakfast sent by that devil.’ Kizy thought to herself.

But this time she was wise enough to first check out through the peephole before opening her door.

And contrary to her expectations, it was the blue eyed man.

‘Not again.’ Kizy thought frustratedly before going back to the bedroom. She wasn’t interested in opening the door for this man, at least not for now.

Plus Markus had already told her that she was to ignore that man for the first few days, and this was exactly what she had wanted.

With this thought in mind, she started to happily play games on her phone. But somehow the doorbell kept ringing insistently, irritating her to no end.

‘What the hell!’ Kizy thought before going towards the door.

“Get lost!!” Kizy shouted through the closed door, knowing that he could hear her.

But there was no end to the doorbell ringing.

“Do you have a death wish?” Kizy shouted again.

And yet there was no reply from the other side.

“Guess you want to die early.” Kizy said while unwillingly opening the door a little.

“I will die happily if you were the last person I saw before dying. Maybe even better if you would be the one to kill me.” The blue eyed man said calmly.

“What now?” Kizy ignored his blazing gaze and asked frustratingly.

“Be my woman.” The man replied, still standing outside.

“I am in no mood to talk with you. My life is already presenting me with enough thrill, I don’t want anything additional.” Kizy said coldly.

“How will you know how additional will feel without trying it yourself? Give yourself a chance to be cherished, baby girl.” The man replied.

“I don’t want your nonsense. If that’s all, please leave.” Kizy spoke coldly.

“Do you have to be so cold with me?” The man asked.

“Leave now if you don’t want to be insulted anymore.” Kizy spoke.

“Haha.. I love your attitude. Maybe that’s exactly what attracted me towards you.” He replied.

Kizy was done with his stupid talk and hence she was planning to slam the door shut on his face.

But…. The man blocked the closing door single handedly.

“Baby girl, do you hate me that much?” The man asked sincerely.

Kizy simply gave him a cold stare without replying.

“Fine. I’ll leave now. But I’ll keep pestering you till you do accept me.” The man said with a fond smile and left.

Kizy finally slammed the door shut, and sighed before going back to her mobile game.

“How troublesome!” She said.

After some time, she received her breakfast ordered by Markus.

And this went on for the next few days. The blue eyed man appearing once everyday, Markus ordering her meals *which were way too healthy* and lastly Kizy cursing both these men.

Finally on the 17th day, Kizy received Markus’s note with only one word.


She understood that he meant to begin the plan now.

Thus when the blue eyed man appeared today, she opened the door completely and went inside nonchalantly, leaving him a little stunned.

“So do you accept me now?” The man asked hopefully.

“This has got nothing to do with accepting. It’s too tiresome to remain standing at the door and talk. Anyways I can’t stop you from coming. Then why not be comfortable and then talk.” Kizy said while shrugging her shoulders.

The man noticed that though Kizy was being nonchalant, she was less colder to him than usual.

“So you wanna tell me something? Or should I ask you a few questions?” The man asked while sitting down on the sofa.

“Ask.” Kizy said.

“What did Markus say that day?” The man asked.

“Why do you care?” Kizy retorted.

“Because I care about you Kizy. Thus I want to know what Markus said.” The man replied calmly.

Kizy understood that today being their first day of conversation, she shouldn’t be very frank to him. Neither should she leave him unanswered, because she was the one who opened the door for him.

“I feel that you are no different than him. Rich and powerful. Why should I tell you?” Kizy asked.

“Because I will never hurt you the way he did. I want you to stand for yourself and take your revenge for whatever he did.” The man said.

“I am not powerful enough to fight them myself.” Kizy said slowly, as if talking to herself, but the man could hear her properly.

“Look, I can help you with revenge. But I’ll be leaving soon. Think about this. I will only visit you after three days. Till then you can think if you want to remain here, or accompany me and take revenge. I’ll respect whatever choice you make, but I suggest you go for the second option. It will be beneficial to both of us.” The man said calmly.

“What benefits do you have in taking me with you? I mean you are rich, you can have any woman you want. But why me?” Kizy asked suspiciously.

“But none of them were able to disturb me from my work as much as you can do, even when you are miles away. Anyways, let me know your decision after three days.” The man said.

“Okay.” Kizy replied with a single word.

“Do you mind having lunch with me?” He asked.

“Do you mind introducing yourself first?” Kizy said.

The man didn’t answer but simply raised a brow at Kizy.

“I don’t even know your name. I have already been played once, I don’t want to repeat that again. I need to at least know who I am talking to.” Kizy said.

“You can call me Aaron.” The Man replied after some time.

“Ok so Aaron, about the lunch, sorry but I prefer eating alone. Maybe later.” Kizy replied.

Aaron didn’t mind her distant behaviour. At least it was better than her short and cold replies.

After a word or two he left happily.

“So I have three days.” Kizy said to herself.


“So he will be leaving the city on the fourth day from today. Ask Mr. William to pass this note to Kizy.” Markus said before scribbling something on a paper and passing it to Joel.

“Yes boss.” Joel said and made a call to Mr. William, which was becoming his everyday task.

The next two days were relatively normal. But something different happened on the third day.

Kizy, who hadn’t stepped out of her hotel room even once, had dressed up nicely and left the room. She had even gotten deliveries for her daily necessities in the past days, but today she came out for some shopping.

She bought some daily necessities and lastly some alcohol. She roamed around for another half an hour and then finally went back to her room.

Next day Aaron visited her for lunch. As usual Kizy just opened the door for her room and went to sit on the sofa.

Aaron was a little more at ease this time, maybe already used to her behaviour from his last time.

“So have you decided?” Aaron asked after sitting down.

“Before answering, I want you to clear some of my doubts.” Kizy spoke.

“Okay, go ahead.” Aaron said.

“What after I accompany you? How will you take revenge for me?” Kizy asked.

“After you accompany me, and most importantly after we start trusting each other enough, you will have control over a team of my men, who will only follow your commands. So the revenge part depends on you.” Aaron answered.

“And why will you do that for me? I mean even if you like someone, why would you go to the extent of making an enemy or initiating an attack?” Kizy questioned.

“I am willing to do anything if you are the one asking me. Secondly we were already enemies, even before you were involved. That was the reason you were kidnapped and I got to see you. Thirdly I had already initiated the attack when we trapped him and secondly you in C city.” Aaron answered with his usual calmness.

“Well I agree with this. But give me one reason to trust you. Why should I think that you won’t just use me and then leave or abandon me just like he did?” Kizy continued with her questions.

“Fare enough. But I thought my sincerity with my everyday visits was visible to you. Secondly I am asking you to be my woman, even when Markus suddenly abandoned you, a woman who is better in every aspect than that so-called Jia, that too beauty, brain and power included, instead of thinking of you as an enemy or maybe a trap plotted by Markus against me. Is that enough to show my sincerity?” Aaron questioned back.

“But as you said, what if you consider me as maybe a trap set by Markus. And what you are doing is trying to set another trap for me, thinking you might be able to trap Markus via me.” Kizy asked.

“Smart. But unfortunately I don’t have a way to prove that. Do you want me to do anything to prove my sincerity though?” Aaron asked curiously.

“Uhhmm.. actually there is a way.” Kizy said.

“And what is it?” Aaron asked calmly.