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The gardener’s daughter finale

I popped my gum in my mouth and rolled my eyes as I watched him leave the room.
Where the hell does he think he’s running to?
I’m here and here for good. I lay on the bed enjoying the softness.
“Kimmie dear, relax okay? He’s only being childish.” The old hag said.
“Well, Mrs…. I wanna eat something yummy.” I said with a smile.
She smiled back and left the room.
I stood up from bed and checked out the room. It was beautiful and I love it!
I walked towards the Gardener’s house and knocked at the door.
Rosetta opened and stepped out. “Hi..”
“I wanna speak to Sarah. Please tell her it’s urgent.”
” She already left before this afternoon.” Rosetta said, making me go crazy the more.
” What? To where?” I yelled.
“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you. I promised her.” Rosetta said looking away.
I ran my palm over my hair and turned.
How could Sarah left without saying anything to me?
Dud mom threatened her?
When I got into my room, Kimmie was still there, now on my bed.
I walked over to her and stood before her. She sat up and winked. “I’ve missed you.”
“Same here but as a friend nothing more.” I said and watched the disappointment in her eyes.
” Look here Kimmie…I like you so much and I take you as my sister.
Why the hell did you allow them push you into coming here? ” I asked glaring down at her.
She stood up and looked into my eyes. “No one pushed me here Xander.
I love you…. I’ve always loved you and now that we are meant for each other.. it’s just fine and perfect. ” Kimmie said and I shook my head.
” You can’t stay in my room Kimmie. I’m sorry. You will have to sleep somewhere else. ” I said and to my amazement she raised her hand in the air and brought it down on my face.
I looked at her shocked. “Kimmie…. You slapped me?” I shrieked and she nodded.
” Yes I did! For insulting me! How dare you? Do you even know how I am!” She yelled at me.
I was shocked. I couldn’t say anything.
What nons£nse! How could he tell me that rubbish?
Where the hell does he expect me to stay then? In the donkey’s house?
“I’m your wife to be and you gat to respect that!” I yelled at him and just the. The door opened and his mom came in.
I looked disdainfully at her. I don’t know why…. I just had this hatred for her immediately I set my eyes on her.
“What’s happening here!!” She shouted coming in.
I walked towards her and stopped in front of her. “I can see you don’t have any manners ma’am. Well, maybe I will begin to teach you some.
Your son is no longer a kid, hun. So when you wanna come into his room give yourself some fv¢king brain and knock!
You might just meet us deep into each other and you know it’s gonna be awkward.
That happens when you just stupidly walk into a grown up’s room.
And again, you don’t come into a discussion you weren’t invited to join okay?
You’ve got a fish brain really. Make sure this doesn’t happen again or I’m gonna tell my father you guys are treating me bad! ” I yelled into his face before walking out of the room.
My mouth hung opened in shock as I listen to her, talking to me like her maid.
I was seriously shocked!
A girl I called into my home just to make my son happy?
Have I made a mistake!
I rushed towards Vicker and saw his face red. “She slapped you!” I g@sped.
“Yeah. That’s someone you brought home for me as a wife. And now…she just insulted you. That’s great.” Vicker said and left the room.
I was left alone with my shock. Kimmie slapped my son?
The follicle morning,I woke you feeling so good on the soft bed.
It was so soft I don’t wanna get up anymore.
The door suddenly opened and Vicker’s mom walked in.
I rolled my eyes and looked at her. The old hag has got hands! Why can’t she just knock!
“’s twelve pm. Aren’t you gonna shower and make something for Vicker?” She asked with a stupid smile.
I got down from bed feeling insulted. “Hey….me? Do what? Cook? Are you being serious right now? And by the way…why didn’t you knocked?,
What if you had come in and found me fv¢king myself!” I yelled at her.
” What?” She yelled back with shock.
I laughed. “Oops…that was silly but honestly I brought my dildo with me. Wanna have a glance?” I whispered at her and licked my l!ps.
” Kimmie….I never knew you were an harlot!” She yelled at me and I finally lost it.
Angrily,I hit her face with my hand.
g@sping,I held my cheek. “Did…you just slapped me!”
She smiled. “Of course. It’s my hobby. Slapping fools who do not take corrections.” She said and popped her gum in my face before walking off.
I was speechless.
How the hell did I invited this brat into my house to be my son’s wife!
I sat down on the bed and a tear dropped off my eyes.
No matter what happens… Kimmie has got to leave as soon as possible.
She slapped me?
My mind drifted to Sarah.
Even after everything I did to the poor girl….she never shouted on me talk less if raisin her hand on me.
She’s poor but humble.
She’s poor but beautiful.
She’s poor but well mannered.
She’s poor but so quite and
Even without her mother…she grew up into a lady any man would call his wife.
I remembered the night before when she brought Vicker home and I had watched through the door as she put him to sleep, removed his shoes and covered him neatly with the bed spread.
Would Kimmie do the same?
I sighed and wept realising the bitter truth.
Most times…the poor pays off than most of the rich.
I think back to the years when she was a blind girl and how I treated her and her family and realized I was wrong.
I thought about how I had tried to take her out of the way just so that she wouldn’t end up with my son but now, I know better.
Destiny can be only delayed,it can never be denied.
The door opened and Vicker came in. He found me in tears.
“Mom….I saw everything.” Vicker said standing in front of me.
I looked at him with my red eyes. “I’ve been a bad mother to you my son…. chasing off the one true friend you had.
I want to see Sarah. I’ve got something to tell you too but until she’s here.” I said and Vicker shook his head.
” She already left me. ” He replied and I stood up eagerly.
“No! Bring her back! That girl is your soulmate. Vicker…. she’s the right woman for you.”
{Last episode}
I was shocked and both surprised to hear mom speak.
Did all that just come out from her?
“Mom… So tell me the whole truth. Did you really tried to kill her? ” I asked softly.
” I just wanted her out of your life, Vicker.” Mom said and I looked at her.
” Why did you go to that extent? Sarah is just a girl…. A harmless girl. I love her so much with all of me ” I said and mom nodded.
” I’m sorry I did all that. Let’s get her back and solve this. ” She said and I walked out of the room, feeling so excited.
I met Kimmie in the living room watching TV.
I glared at her and she raised her hands in surrender. ” Yeah… I Know you are mad at me but I’m not staying here too. I’m leaving very early tomorrow morning. I don’t think I can coup with your mom. ” She said and I smiled.
” Thank you Kimmie. ” I said and she looked surprised at me.
” What? You thanking me? ” She asked.
I nodded. She would never know what she has done for me.
I walked to the Gardener’s house outside and knocked impatiently.
Rosetta opened the door and stepped out.
“Rose…. please. You’ve got to tell me where Sarah is. I’ve got good news for her. Just….let me know where she is. I’m gonna go there myself.” I pleaded.
Sarah sighed and looked away. ” Fine. I’m gonna tell you.”
★★Two weeks later★★
Sarah and I walked into my room that night after coming back from the cinema.
We had a great time and to make matters more sweeter,dad was already pulling through.
Everything was suddenly falling into place and I couldn’t be more happier.
That night, we knew nothing was stopping us from make love.
We stood looking at each other.
“Are we ready for this?”, I asked and Sarah nodded.
” I’ve never been so ready before now.” Sarah replied and I smiled.
Suddenly,I went down on my knees bringing out a shinny box.
I g@sped with a great surprise as he suddenly went down his knees.
Am I dreaming right now?
Am I dreaming right now?
Am I dreaming right now???
But it wasn’t a dream…it was reality. Vicker McDonald is kneeling in front of me with a golden ring!
“Sarah Miller….will you be my beautiful wife?” He asked and tears welled up in my eyes.
“Oh… Vicker..stop asking me! Just put the damn ring on my f!ng£r already!!” I screamed excitedly, putting my hand in front of him.
He pulled the ring into my f!ng£r and I finally bursted into tears. The hour was just too much of joy.
I couldn’t contain my excitement!!
Vicker stood up and looked into my eyes then I knew it was time to give myself to him.
He pulled me closer and claimed my l!ps with his.
I threw my hands on his shoulder and pressed h@rd into him.
The day I’ve waited for so long… So finally here.
I wanted to enjoy every bit of the night.
Vicker lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around me as he placed me on the bed and went down with me.
We continued klzzing till I felt his hands fastening my bra.
My br£@sts came out fully n@k£d and immediately I was shy.
He smiled and looked at them. “Wow.. this is beautiful. And the knowledge that I’m the first to see this…. apart from you is another excitement.” Vicker said and I watched him take my n!pp!e into his house.
I m0@ned out loud and shook all over.
The new feeling was thrilling!
He continued s√¢king on them until I couldn’t bear it anymore.
I screamed out in ecstasy and we ended up laughing.
“You are driving me crazy.”, I cried.
“I’m just getting started my love. You are driving me more crazy.”, Vicker replied with a smile.
He started undressing me without taking his eyes off face. I just watched on as he undressed me…. Becoming impatient to finally know how this feels like!
We lay spent in bed in each other’s arms arms after I had washed the blood stains off me.
I felt so good becoming a woman finally.
“Sweetheart…are you sleeping?”, Vicker asked turning to look at me.
” No…. I’m thinking about tonight. I’m never gonna forget tonight.” I said with a smile.
” Same here. I can’t wait to get married to you and make you mine forever.” Vicker said and klzzed my l!ps again as I turned to look at him.
” You don’t Know how excited I am about that. I can’t wait to be your wife Vicker.” I said happily with a smile.
” Same here.”Vicker said and claimed my l!ps again.
As we klzzed,I let my mind wandered off to the past.
What we’ve been together and how many battles we had to conquer.
Well at the long run,I figured out that when the love is strong,it’s gonna conquer all stumbling blocks that comes it’s way.
Just like the love between Vicker and I. Love that would never die…love that would never crash… Love that would never fall no matter what happens.
Indeed….there is NO GREATER LOVE.
“Freeze! You are under arrest!” The head police said, pointing his gun at Tan as he made me run away.
“Shit!!” He yelled and finally surrendered.
How the hell did the police find out about their hideout??
He was arrested together with his gangs.
When they got outside the building,he was surprised to see Sarah with the police outside, holding a Vicker very close.
“You!! Arrrhhhhhh!! You betrayer!!” He yelled.
“Get into the car!” The police yelled at him and pushed him into the van.
Inside the van he saw his father, Mask. “Dad!!” He cried.
“I’m sorry son. I had to do this ” he said and Tan couldn’t stop the tears. He knew he was going to jail for a long period of time.
Once the police men left with their van,the two love birds hugged p@ssionately and shamelessly klzzed, giving a free show to those who were lucky to see them.
Three months after the arrest of the @ss@ssins, Vicker and Sarah finally got married in a very elaborative way!!
The reception was heavenly!!😋
It was the talk of the whole town. The press and all social media carried it.
And what’s more?
Two days after the wedding, Sarah found out she was already three months pregnant
It was another big celebration.
And as for the Gardener, Sarah’s dad,he was given retirement by Mr McDonald and was rewarded with a huge sum of money for his loyalty and service.
Sarah would never believe that life would one day smile at her.
She would never believe that one day,her life and that of her family’s life would finally turn out great.
To her,it was an impossible dream come true.
No greater love…
No greater love…
When the love is strong,you gonna walk past storms.
When the love is strong no one can stop you
Feel the warmth of Love… feel the fire in those eyes.
Look h@rder and see the burning p@ssion in them..
When the love is strong,you gonna climb tall mountains into the valley…..🎶🎶


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