entangled with an immortal finale

❤️ Entangled with
An immortal????

{A girl in demon school…}

By Maya (j.A)


~~~~CHAPTER 55&56~~~~FINAL

{Happy ending.…!!}

“Um…maya am sorry to break this to you but se-ra and riya are your siblings on earth” he said and their jaw dropped.

“What?..how” the three chorused

“According to Mrs Wang…lee is….Maya’s dad also…”

“How?“ They chorused again

“Lee also know as the great shang…cane to earth to handle the demon stuff but got stock with love…he fell in love not just with anyone but a strong demon..“ hyung min said and paused as he loom at eveyone in the room.

The room was so tensed…he clicked his tongue and continued…

“He fell in love with mrs Wang and he help her out with her demons…they hot married and she become pregnant for him.

One of the main problem that got him weakening everyday is because he is an aquatic man…but he restricted his self from water just to hide his true identity from wrs Wang…he don’t want her to run away from him.

Mrs Wang gave birth to se-ra and Riya…they were one loving couple till ace came and kill shang after finding about his weakness.

He killed ace and mrs Wang ran away with her kids in tears..

She wanted to stay and fight but shang told her to leave ….run far way from the city.

She wander the street day and night with her kids…no one to help…

She decide to drop riya at the orphanage so she could know her next step and also to be sure one if her kids are in save hand.

She met mr Wang and he took her in.

He loved her so much not minding if she has a kid with her.

But Mrs Wang never love mr Wang like the way she loved sheng..

She pretend to be human just to be sheltered.

Until she was abduct by the demon makes high”

He concluded and Maya sigh.

“I already promised not to be mad but gosh am so emotional right now” she sobbed and hyung min pulled her to him self.

Riya walk to her..and squat beside her.

“Can you describe what dad look like…i have always dream of meeting my family” she said almost in tears.

Maya stared at her with mixed emotions…so she has siblings…now its clear to her…she has a little resemblance with Riya too…

She suddenly pull her into a hug.

“If my dad was alive all he did want is for us to come together” she muttered and urge se-ra to join the hug.

She thought she is gonna kill them if she meet them but now she kinda feel proud to be a big sister…

Se-ra joined the big with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Taehyung and hoon smiled at hyung min which he returned.

Paisley suddenly appeared in the room and they all turn to her in defense.

“Riya…they are going to attack this school…demon ace…he is coming with his armies…he already turn jaemin to a stone statue” she said in one breaths and they all starefat her speechlessly.

“Please do something before it get out of hands…he is coming for a pen” she said and riya suddenly stand at alert.

“The pen…i know its a useful thing that why I never for once keep it from me” she muttered.

Paisley gulp down nothing due to the stares from taehyung and maya.

“Am sorry for been a villian all this time but please we need to save the world” she said and bowed

Riya Hand the pen and script to se-ra.

Her eyes turn white immediately.

“If we are able to cast this spell and collect the crown from demon ace then we will be able to save the world before they will conquer us…

“And if hoon and Riya can be able to control the armies of demon to go back to hell everything will be okay” paisley suddenly muttered and taehyung nod at the idea.

“I can help hoon and riya too” maya said.

“Hyung min will go bring the female students” taehyung cooed.

Hoon walk out of the apartment…he gathered the students and passed the announcement to them.

????”oh my good lord think I should go back to my mama”

????”at least something interesting is gonna happen”

????”did I just hear him say they are gonna bring the ladies over?“

????”oh my …am gonna get a girlfriend after this war”

Soon a portal open and all the girls begin to walk into the school through the portal.

????”oh jeez found my missing rib already”

????”they are kinda cute”

Just when all the girls walked in and the portal close anothet one open and demon begins to fly in.

They swing into action immediately and the sound of sword slicing its prey could be heard.

Taehyung clasp his hand together with force and a strong with came turning some of the demons to dust.

Hyung min create a big bound enough yo protect them the demon from touching them all.

Se-ra breath in heavily as she close her eyes and open it and it turned red.

Her eyes returned back to normal as she saw her mother beside demon ace…

Is that really her mom? She thought in tears.

Riya brought out the pen and begin to cast the spell on the script.

Demon ace who was still gibing more powers to the small demons suddenly groaned as the crown dissapear from his head and it landed on paisley hand.

Paisley look at Riya surprisingly…how come she trust her with the crown.

“Go back to the institute and give to jaemin…he will be okay if you wear it on him..we will need him too…to help us command this demon back to h!all” sue said and paisley nod as she teleported immediately.

Hoon faced riya and they nod and hold each others hand and use two finger to create a portal.

Demon ace saw what is about to happen and he heard towards them angrily..

Taehyung block him immediately as his white hair glows.

Demon ace won’t lie..he is frightened by the appearance of taehyung…first time he is meeting the white tiger face to face.

Taehyung smirk and a knife suddenly formed in his hand.

Demon ace smiled too and the the form of hi son Alex.

“You are the worst dad ever…killing your son cause he failed a stupid mission” taehyung said irritatingly.

“He is useless so I had to do it” he shrugged and rush towards taehyung..

Taehyung slide down under him tearing his leg with the sword.

He groaned and grit his teeth in pain.

Riya eyes widened when she saw se-ra heading towards her Mom.

“Se-ra noo” she cried.


Paisley appeared at the institute…
Its so quiet…what does she expect…demoj ace took every one and the demons in it.

She placed the crown on his head standing on her toes.

He slowly turned back to human and he blink his eyes rapidly.

“Paisley” he gasped.

“Master” she squeaked and pull him into a hug.

She realize what she is doing and pull from the hug immediately

He smiled and pull her to his self muttering a “thank you” to her.

She smiled and told him everything.

He hold her hand and she blushed.

He create portal and they walk into it.

“And this is for causing me pains” taehyung said and sank his sword in demon ace heart.

If not hi he wouldn’t have cried…

He groaned painfully and fall to the floor on his knee.

Taehyung didn’t hesitate as he cut off his head.

Jaemin and paisley appeared..

His eyes landed on hoon and riya and he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him what is going on.

He called unto the demon and they turned to face him.

He has the crown on his head so they had to obey him.

The human demon stopped fighting face him too.

“The human demon will remain on earth and they will attend this school so they can learn to use their power for good and the real demons will be sent back to their places” he said and the demons all nod foolishly.

He walk to Riya and she hand him the pen

He smiled at her before saying the words on the script…he already have it in his memory.

The demon all run to the portal entering it like it’s a road to paradise.

Se-ra increased her pace…as she saw her mom following them too.

Riya run to her and they both hold her down…se-ra use her power to make her pass out.

“Mom” riya called holding hugging her head to her chest.

“Mom” se-ra cried too and moved her hand to her cheeks.

Taehyung walk yo them and sqaut before the unconscious woman.

Jaemin, hoon, Maya and hyung min walk to them too.

They all hold hand as they circle them…using their power together.

Her body slowly start changing back to normal.

Soon she was back to her normal self…her eyes flip open.

“Mom” they both screamed and pull her into a tight hug.

Mrs Wang was confused.

“Is this her second daughter?“ She thought confusingly.

“I found her Mom” se-ra said and Mrs Wang smiled as she hugged them back.

“Am sorry for not been a good mother” she cried.

Taehyung gave jaemin the eyes of “don’t even think of coming closer”

Jaemin walk to him ashe pocket his hand.

“Am sorry for been a coward all this time…Sorry for the devil’s instruments” he said and taehyung scoffed.

“Go tell that to dad” taehyung said and a bright sunny portal open and jang UK walk out with his golden shiny robe his sun colour hair reaching his waist line.

Jaemin stand looking at his dad as he gulp down nothing.

He take slow step towards this dad.

“Am sorry dad…am sorry for been the headache son…am sorry for been the worst son you could ever imagined…am” his wirdds hanged in his throat as jang UK pulled him into a hug..

“I already forgive you taehyung already apologize o your behalf and am glad you decided to change…the elders will be so happy to see a new you” he muttered and his eyes brightened.

“I can come back yo the spirit world now?“he asked happily and his dad nod.

Taehyung walk to jang UK and before he could mutter anything jang UK oukked him into a killer hug.

“Am proud of you my white tiger” he smiled and taehyung smiled too.

Maya walk to mrs Wang and help her up.

Maya hugged mrs Wang as she bade them good bye.

They already understand each other and she is returning back to the spirit realm with hyung min to see how the aqua creature are doing.

Mrs Wang was asked weather she want mr Wang memory to be restored back but she declined.

She just want to stay her normal life…her real self and with her kids where they won’t be afraid to display their real character”

She thanked taehyung for everything…so he is the taehyung Lee has always talked about…

One thing hurt her but she has to let go…

Lee lying to her hurt but she has to let bygone be bygone.

Jaemin watched as riya and hoon laughed heartily…

He sigh… he had no choice but rather than to let go.

Jang UK create a portal as he waves them ready to return…with jaemin by his side.

Paisley suddenly burst into tears and everyone turned to look at her.

“Master I want to go with you please” she cried.

Jaemin just chuckle and stretch his hand to her.

He look at his dad and he gave him the go ahead sign.

Paisley places her hand in his and he walk into the portal with her.


“dad hurry I don’t want to be late for uncle hoon wedding” little Axel muttered and taehyung chuckled.

“says someone whom lost two teeth already” winter scoffed and se-ra burst into laughter.

Winter is five years old.. Just like her dad taehyung…she is his carbon copy.. And Axel is just like his mom…a three years old boy.

“I wonder what dad and mom wedding seems like…wish I was born then” Axel pouted.

“I hate your imagination” winter said as he put on her glasses.

“Am not gonna reply you cause I won’t want my day ruined” axel muttered and smirk.

“Winter groaned and the white in her hair glows

“Hey kids..we are ready” taehyung and se-ra chorused.

They heard the horn of a car.

“Aunt maya is here” they suddenly said smiling happily.

They rushed out and walk to the car.

They rushed into the arms of hyung min who hugged them to his self happily.

“Maya step down with little Lydia”.

“Hey winter and Axel” she smiled..she is four year old.

“Hi Lydia” they cooed.

Taehyung and se-ra walk out holding each other hand.

“Where is jaemin and paisley?“ Se-ra asked.

“They at the alter already” maya replied.

As time goes on Jaemin later fell in love with paisley…

Their wedding is few week coming too.

They got to DSH and met the student waiting patiently for them..

New face could be seen….the school has multiplied withing the years…the ladies are with them too

They now have enough leader to control the school..

Jaemin, taehyung, hoon, hyung min, se-ra and riya are heading the school perfectly.

Hoon smiled as mrs Wang walked riya to him..with net on her face.

They got to his front and she turn back.

The priest ask them the necessary question and they replied honestly.

“You may now kiss” he announced and hoon pull riya close as he take off the net as cupped her cheeks leaning closer to her…he claimed her lips.

“Oh my Virgin eyes” winter exclaimed and close her eyes covering Axel eyes too.

“Hey I wanna see …let go off my eyes” Axel cried.

Taehyung and Sera laughed as they hold each other hand round of how their life later turned out.


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