a crazy love episode 49 & 50

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“Uhhmm.. actually there is a way.” Kizy said.

“And what is it?” Aaron asked calmly.

“Before that I want to know if you have someone trustworthy nearby.” Kizy asked.

“Okay I have one.” Aaron replied after a minute.

“So would you mind having some drinks with me?” Kizy looked at him seriously.

“Drinks? Not bad. You never fail to amuse me Baby girl.” Aaron replied with a smirk.

Thus Kizy ordered a bottle of orange juice from the hotel and took out the alcohol bottle she had brought from the market yesterday.

“So you had already planned this?” Aaron asked..

“Yeah. Also I won’t be drinking alcohol, I have very low tolerance. I’ll be wasted even before you get drunk. So I’ll have juice.” Kizy said seriously.

“That’s fine.” Aaron said.

The bell rang, indicating that the waiter was there with orange juice and glasses.

“Wait, I’ll go.” Aaron said and brought back the bottle of juice and glasses for both of them.

Kizy opened and started pouring herself juice but she suddenly stopped in her tracks after watching Aaron.

And this was because by the time Kizy poured herself a glass, Aaron had already finished one glass in a single gulp and was filling his second glass quickly.

“Hey, wait. Slow down. What are you doing?” Kizy asked, panicked.

“Trying to get myself drunk quickly.” Aaron answered calmly.

“You can get drunk slowly. No hurry.” Kizy said.

“It’s ok. I have a high tolerance. So it will be a little difficult to get me drunk slowly.” Aaron replied and gulped down his second glass.

“As you prefer.” Kizy said started drinking her own juice.

After five minutes, she could see that Aaron’s cheeks were flushed red, he was trying hard to concentrate on pouring himself a drink.

“I think this is enough.” Kizy said and stopped him from pouring more.

“So I’ll ask some questions and you have to answer them quickly.” Kizy spoke.

“Okay.” Aaron said, shaking his head, trying to look at Kizy.

“So suppose there comes a time when I am surrounded with enemies who will kill me. And you are the only one present near the scene, watching this. You know there is a high chance that you will die if you were to save me. What will you do? Still try saving me or run away.” Kizy asked.

“Hmmm.” Aaron hummed.

“Answer quickly.” Kizy reminded him.

“Save you.” Aaron replied, a little sluggish.

“Seriously?” Kizy asked with some doubt.

“You remember one of my men shot you in the leg, right leg?” Aaron asked.

Kizy only hummed in response, not knowing what Aaron was trying to tell.

“I killed him as soon as we reached a safe spot. I had wanted to jump and run towards you the moment you were shot. But someone was faster.” Aaron replied, smiling.

“Ok next question. What if I accompany you, but I have no feelings for you?” Kizy asked after clearing her throat.

“You don’t have to reciprocate my feelings. My love will be more than enough for both of us. You just don’t have to repulse or leave me.” Aaron replied, still smiling.

“What if one day Markus comes back and I decide to return with him?” Kizy asked.

“I’ll kill him first and then take you to a place where only we both will live. Nobody would be able to take you away from me.” Aaron replied, creasing his eyebrows.

Kizy was stunned at his replies.

“You said we will plan my revenge with a different team. But that will happen only when we both trust each other. How will we know if we trust each other enough?” Kizy asked, diverting the topic.

But there was another reason for this. She knew that the underworld wasn’t as simple as it looked. For trusting, a few drinks could not be trusted. People always asked their partners to do some task or mission to test their trust as well as capabilities.

“You are already testing me baby girl. As for my trust, I will similarly test you.” Aaron replied, his speech becoming more sluggish.

“How will you test me then?” Kizy asked.

“I have planned… to..” suddenly Aaron laughed a little.

“No, that’s a plan. A secret plan. I.. I won’t tell.” Aaron replied with a foolish smile.

‘Assh***!!’ Kizy thought to herself. But only a poker face could be seen from her expressions.

“Ok, my last question. What if I try to escape from you?” Kizy tried to test the waters, to understand what might happen if she was to suddenly abort the plan in between.

“No, I would never let you go. I would lock you and keep you for myself. You won’t see anyone else. Once you decide to be with me, you are my woman, only mine!” Aaron said, raising his voice.

“Fine I get that.” Kizy said a little uncomfortably.

‘What the hell! I belong to myself. I am definitely not yours. This person is truly psychotic.’ Kizy thought.

“So what did you choose?” Aaron asked a little confusedly.

“Huh?” Kizy questioned, equally confused.

“You choose me or him?” Aaron asked.

“But he was never in the options. It was going with you or not.” Kizy said.

“No, you not doing anything, and leaving him without any revenge is as good as choosing him.” Aaron answered.

Kizy paused for a moment, making up her mind for this.

‘This is my last chance to choose. After this I won’t be able to back out and leave the plan even if I want.

Plus as he said, he won’t let me go away. Though I am good at escaping, this man is dangerous. I have no idea about how powerful he is exactly.

What if I am not able to escape? Maybe death would be my only option. And even if I am able to collect all the information on him, I don’t know how to return.

All the spy work I did before this was well planned, including minor details like when I would get a break or when there would be opportunities for me to escape. But this time I have nothing planned. Every single step I take, it would be a choice made on the spot.

So am I ready for this?’ Kizy thought to herself.

©Sir Zach


“What are you waiting for?” Aaron asked.

“I choose to accompany you.” Kizy replied after taking a deep breath.

“Great!!” Aaron exclaimed happily.

“I think you should call your men and go back now.. You are quite drunk.” Kizy said.

“No, I want to stay here” Aaron said, creasing his brows, hardly managing to talk with sense.

“Go now Aaron.” Kizy said in a stern voice.

“Noooo.” Aaron replied, trying to hold Kizy’s arm.

But Kizy simply avoided him and went to the door. And as she expected, there was a man standing near the corner.

“Please take him back with you.” Kizy said.

“What happened to boss?” The man said in a threatening voice.

“He is drunk.” Kizy said in a flat tone.

“What did you do to him?” The man walked towards Kizy with a murderous aura.

Instantly Kizy felt that this man was about to strike her, when suddenly a hand appeared in between both of them, blocking that man from attacking Kizy.

“Bo.. Boss! Are you alright?” The man’s tone immediately changed.

“How dare you strike her? Do you want to die?” Aaron, who had interrupted in between, shouted at the man.

“Sorry boss. I didn’t mean to, just that I thought Miss Kizy had harmed you.” The man said with guilt.

“Ok stop now. Go back to your place.” Kizy said to Aaron.

“Once he is sober, ask him to contact me on this number.” Kizy said while passing her number to the man.

“We already have your number.” The man said before supporting Aaron.

“Sorry for today.” The man said in a low voice after turning his back to Kizy.

Kizy closed the door properly and locked it from inside.

“That was a close call.” Kizy said and sighed.

The man seriously looked as if he was to kill her in one single strike.

It wasn’t that Kizy didn’t know how to fight. But when it came to hand fights, she had lesser chances. She only knew basic defence and attack skills which were good in front of normal people or those who have learnt martial arts. But when she faced professional killers, she wasn’t sure of her skills.

She was their group’s gun goddess. Black diamond aka gun goddess. Just give her a gun and everything would be in their favour. Thus her team always kept her in centre, protecting her from all sides while her only task was to shoot.

“Markus, if you can hear me, please get me a basic cell phone with anti-tracking measures. Even you should not be able to track it down. If possible get it to me by tonight, because I guess that I’ll be leaving A City soon.
And get a similar phone for Jack. I am sure that no one would think about tracking him. If there is anything important, I will secretly try to contact him whenever I get the chance.” Kizy said loudly knowing that Markus must be hearing her voice on the other side.


Markus who was walking to and fro in his hall after listening to the conversation between Kizy and Aaron suddenly paused after hearing Kizy’s voice again.

His expression which had turned terrible moments ago, slowly reverted back to normal.

After listening to the entire thing Kizy said, Markus quickly made three calls after checking that his device wasn’t being tracked.

One call to Joel for arranging the phones. Second to Mr. William who would be helping him to pass the phone securely. And lastly to Jack, asking him to meet at his home.

And as efficient as Joel was, he brought the two phones within half an hour. Coincidentally, Jack was already present in Markus’s house when he brought the phone.

“So I guess Kizy thinks she owes you a lot because you saved her life. And that is why she always chooses you for all her missions.” Markus paused.

“Kizy is on a secret mission now and none of us will be able to contact her. But she is taking this phone with her, which is directly connected to your phone. Your job is to report to me immediately, whenever a situation arises or whenever she messages.” Markus said.

“I will follow your orders, boss.” Jack replied.

“Now your first mission is to pass this phone secretly to Mr. William’s man in the parking lot of Gazebo hotel. Make sure no one will notice you.” Markus ordered.

“Yes boss.” Jack said.

Joel passed both the phones to him and Jack left after bowing.

“Boss, I feel Aaron is way too dangerous. Though he won’t harm young Miss for now, we don’t know about the future.” Joel said after thinking for a minute.

“That gives us even more reason to execute this plan and finish off as soon as possible.” Markus replied, replaying the conversation between Aaron and Kizy.


Kizy was busy racking her brain to plan how she would stay in contact with Jack and how she would escape if needed.

But suddenly the doorbell rang, disrupting her chain of thoughts.

‘Guess Markus sent the phone.’ Kizy thought and went to the door, peeking through the peephole.

‘What the hell man! What do you need now?’ Kizy thought frustratedly to herself.

She took a deep breath before opening the door.

“Why are you back so soon?” Kizy asked after Aaron entered the room.

“Wanted to have dinner with you.” Aaron said, looking completely sober and calm.

‘Crap! Markus must be sending that phone with my dinner. I can’t let Aaron see that we are secretly in contact. Plus he might even send some notes together. Shit man!! God, have I committed some terrible sin? Why are you punishing this poor lady in such ways? What should I do?’ Kizy thought while crying internally.

Kizy quickly thought of a plan.

“Ok. Sure. What do you want to eat?” Kizy asked in a composed manner.

“Anything is fine as long as I am eating with you.” Aaron replied.

“Hehe.” Kizy laughed awkwardly before going to call the hotel service.

“Hello this is room no. 102. I wanted to order my dinner..” Kizy said.

“Ma’am please wait a minute.” The person on the other side said.

After a minute he spoke again.

“Sorry Ma’am but your order has already been placed though.” The person said.

“I never placed my order.” Kizy said confusedly.

“Ma’am please wait for a minute. I’ll confirm with the chef.” The man said.

Kizy simply bad-mouthed the hotel service, saying how could such a big hotel empire screw up simple orders.

Kizy knew that Aaron was suspecting her, but him being suspicious was better than him knowing the entire thing.

Meanwhile the person on call contacted the chef, asking about the orders. The chef had been sending food to Room no. 102 based on orders placed by their boss, Mr. William.

Thus when the person asked about room no.102, chef immediately contacted Mr. William, telling him about the situation.

Mr. William in turn immediately informed Markus, who was busy with some office documents and local gang affairs.

“Hello Mr. Markus, Miss Kizy, wants to place order for herself.” Mr. William went directly on point, knowing how precious Markus’s time was.

“What? Obey my order and serve her the packages”