a crazy love episode 44 & 45

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“Mr. Markus, this was definitely not a smart move. You will regret this.” Kizy said coldly before walking ahead.

Markus kept standing on the same spot, watching Kizy’s back diminish as she moved further away from him. Even her back gave off that broken but beautiful vibe. She looked like a fallen angel, though fallen, but still an angel, beautifully trying to collect herself to face everything again.

“I should have told you earlier.” Markus said to himself while rubbing his cheek which was stinging from the earlier slap.

Unknown to both of them, a paparazzi had recorded their video while fighting on the street and uploaded it on the internet..

Social sites which were already in uproar after watching Markus cheating on Kizy with Jia, were now in total chaos after watching the video clip in front of the school gate.

“You will never be my male god again.”

“Guys what if Jia had trapped Markus to create a misunderstanding between him and Kizy?”

“The commentor above, are you that stupid, don’t you see he was wide awake when Kizy entered the office. If he had been trapped, shouldn’t being confused come first before trying to hide himself and trying to explain his side.”

“Why Markus? Why do you have to cheat on Kizy?”

“I hate you Markus.”

“Kizy you will definitely find someone better than him.”

“If I was in her place, I wouldn’t have stopped with a single slap.”

All types of comments were seen but the majority of them were criticizing Markus and supporting Kizy.

Meanwhile in a hotel room in A city, a man suddenly entered the bedroom with a loud bang before saying.

“Boss watch this!” The man said to the blue eyed boss.

“Don’t you know that I hate it the most when people disturb my sleep?” Blue eyed man said calmly while rubbing his eyes.

“Sorry boss, but this was about Miss Kizy.” The man said in a slow voice.

The blue eyed man immediately snatched the laptop out of his lackey’s hand and played the video which was already paused on the screen.

It showed how Markus was seen being intimate with Jia while Kizy wanted to surprise him.

“There’s something wrong in it. Markus had been sticking to Kizy 24×7 for the past month. Why would he leave Kizy for some cheap girl.” The blue eyed man said.

“Boss this isn’t some random woman. She is Miss Jia from the Wilson family. They have close ties with the Evans.” The lackey replied.

“Still this is impossible. No matter how I see Kizy is definitely better than this woman in every aspect. Markus won’t make such a mistake.” The blue eyed man said, still contemplating over the clip.

“Boss that’s not the only thing. Look at this.” The lackey played another clip.

This was the clip which showed their argument on the street where Markus tried to forcefully kiss Kizy while she slapped him in return and walked away.

“Are you sure this is true?” Boss asked.

“Boss I even checked their company’s CCTV. This is the clip.” The lackey said and opened some folders after entering a few complicated passwords.

The footage showed Kizy running out from the office and taking the stairs. The scene changed and she was seen sitting in a fetal position, crying badly. But the clip ended before Joel entered the scene.

“I guess even the gods are in my favour.” The blue eyed man said with a smile.

“Trace her location and keep updating me on Markus as well.” The blue eyed man ordered.

“Yes boss.” The lackey said and bowed before leaving the room.

“Kizy, be my woman now.” The boss said to himself while smiling with that devilishly handsome face.

On the other side, Kizy spent the entire night in a children’s park. The sun was rising when a car stopped in front of the park.

Grandpa exited the car and walked towards Kizy without any expressions. Kizy saw grandpa, but she wasn’t sure how to talk with him.

“Child are you alright?” Grandpa asked as soon as he reached near her.

Kizy felt like crying at this very first statement. But she took a deep breath, stopping her tears that were threatening to come out.

“I am all good grandpa.” She said while trying to smile a little, which came out more like a heartbreaking sad smile though.

“Let’s go back home child.” Grandpa said gently.

“Sorry grandpa but I don’t want to come. You can ask anything other than this. Please.” Kizy said in a stiff voice.

“I know whatever Markus did was extremely disgusting but that’s not the entire truth. I want you to at least hear him out once.” Grandpa said.

“Grandpa, I don’t want to hear some fake excuses.” Kizy said.

“Kizy, you have known me for a few months now. When have you seen me taking his side. If he had wronged you, I would have been the first person to kick him out of the house. Do you still doubt me?” Grandpa said.

“What other reason would there be grandpa?” Kizy asked.

“Why don’t you let him explain himself then. Maybe what you see is not the entire truth.” Grandpa said.

And after another ten minutes of convincing, Kizy was sitting inside the car, heading towards the Evans mansion.

“Child you are back!!” Grandma exclaimed the moment Kizy entered the hall.

Kizy just gave a meek smile before looking down.

“Come and sit here.” Grandpa said and held Kizy’s hand before guiding her towards the sofa.

“Come out now.” Mary said in a chilly voice, which showed how angry she was.

And within ten seconds, Markus came out from Grandpa’s study.

Kizy knew Markus was staring at her but she wasn’t the least bit interested in even taking a single peek at him.

Markus was feeling a whole lot of guilt, confusion, frustration, and most importantly a sense of incompleteness since Kizy had walked away from him on the street.

“Sorry for hurting you. I didn’t mean to do that but trust me I was-” Markus started speaking.

“Mr. Markus sorry to say but I only want to hear your explanation that too for the sake of grandpa, grandma and mom. Anything other than that, whether that’s your apology or guilt, I don’t care. So stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point and speak.” Kizy said coldly.

“Kizy that was just a plan. We didn’t do anything.” Markus said.

“Nice excuse. But I expected some creative reasoning from you.” Kizy said with a bitter laugh.

“Kizy why don’t you listen to me. Or better first see this.” Markus said before placing his laptop in front of Kizy.

©Sir Zach


“Kizy that was just a plan. We didn’t do anything.” Markus said.

“Nice excuse. But I expected some creative reasoning from you.” Kizy said with a bitter laugh.

“Kizy why don’t you listen to me. Or better first see this.” Markus said before placing his laptop in front of Kizy.

Immediately a video clip started playing on the laptop, and the place was none other than Markus office. The video had a live time and date mark, which showed it was 11.32 pm the previous night.

Two men carried an entirely wasted Jia in the office, and placed her on the office sofa. Jia was not completely unconscious and was blurting nonsensical words.

‘Not.. No, only Markus.. I.. I want him… dad please don’t… don’t punish me… dad I love him.. him’

The men waited for around ten more minutes before Jia was completely asleep.

One of the men signalled another one who went near Jia. He opened the first two buttons of her shirt and slided her shirt till her chest level, making her shoulder completely exposed.

The second man made a call by that time. After another ten minutes, Markus entered the office and nodded at both the men.

Those two men left his office, leaving Markus and Jia alone. Markus never glanced at Jia even once and went near his desk and sat there. He took out his phone and went to Kizy’s social media account. The moment he opened her live, she was already in elevator, floor 29th.

He instantly kept the phone aside before unbuttoning his shirt. He threw his shirt on the floor and went inside his bedroom in the office.

He quickly came back with a blanket and lay down next to Jia on the sofa. Just as he heard the footsteps outside, he quickly covered both their bodies with a blanket and wrapped his hand around Jia, the exact scene that Kizy had witnessed, and the rest was already known by Kizy.

“What is this?” Finally Kizy asked, completely confused at the clip.

“You remember you said that that man wanted you to be with him?” Markus asked.

“What’s that got to do with this?” Kizy questioned.

“That’s what I am doing. Sending you to him.” Markus said.

“You planned our relationship announcement, those lovey dovey fake acts, and then asked Joel to deliberately ask me for making those surprise gifts and lastly this trap to reveal that you had cheated on me, so I’ll be alone and he will approach me?” Kizy asked after thinking for two minutes.

“Yes.” Markus sighed, knowing that Kizy finally understood his plan.

But the next minute, another slap echoed in the hall.

“How dare you sla-” Markus shouted angrily.

“Dare you shout at her.” Grandpa warned.

“You could have told me about this earlier Markus. Was it fun watching me make a fool out of myself?” Kizy asked in a cold voice.

“I just wanted the act to come out more realistic. Who would have thought that you would overreact this much?” Markus said.

“How dare you say she overreacted. If I were in her place, I would have paid someone to beat you blue and black.” Grandma spoke.

“Decide whether I am your heir or she is?” Markus said, annoyed at his grandparent’s antiques.

“She is.” Both grandpa and grandma answered simultaneously.

“I could have acted accordingly Markus, you just wanted to have some fun, to watch me torment myself, so that you could laugh at me, right?” Kizy asked, her tone better than last time.

“Tell me Kizy, would you have acted the way you did, leaving my office with those cold lifeless eyes, crying on the stairs for another hour, racing through the highways, ending up at our school and then slapping me before going away?
Would you have done all this if I would have already disclosed the plan? No. It would have been much simpler. But you know what? He ain’t as simple as we think he is.
He has hacked all of our CCTVs, has at least one mole in our company and many more in our city, and he is watching us closely.
If not for my timely intervention on defence software, he would have heard the conversation between you and Joel, giving away that we are not only a couple but in fact a legal married one at that, spoiling all our plans. Is that enough for your explanation?” Markus asked frustratedly.

He knew that he had wronged Kizy, and this guilt hit him the moment Kizy had left with that look, but she wasn’t ready to even hear him out once afterwards.

He had seriously wanted to change the plan and clear things out in front of the school gate, but she wasn’t listening at all. Thus he finally had to approach his family to make Kizy understand his plan.

Kizy, though feeling a little wronged, understood what Markus meant. She knew how dangerous that blue eyed man was, and why Markus was being so careful.

Just that she felt Markus should have given her some prior hints about this, at least she wouldn’t have gone through all those emotions and hurtful feelings, saving her from an entire night of crying, depression and loneliness.

“What do we do after this? If he is watching us, he definitely knows that I entered here to meet you. Won’t he suspect that?” Kizy asked after composing her thoughts and focusing on the matter at hand.

“Just walk out coldly from this place while exiting. Book a hotel room for yourself and stay there. My men would be watching you from afar, guarding you from any danger. Delete all the posts from your social media account which are even slightly related to me.” Markus said.

“But how will that help?” Kizy asked.

“All of this would confirm his thoughts about our breakup. And if my calculation is right, he should approach you by tomorrow.” Markus said.

“Okay, even if he was to approach me, what after that Markus? I go with him? Why? What would I do there? Why would he trust me?” Kizy asked.

“Kizy, I know how powerful you are, though I don’t know your background or identity, I trust you. You said you were spying on someone that day. That’s exactly what you have to do.” Markus said.

“But why will he trust me?” Kizy asked.

“I have already planned everything about that.” Markus said to Kizy before turning towards his family members.

“I need to have some personal chat with her. Can I use your study?” Markus asked grandpa.

Grandpa only hummed in response.


Markus and Kizy then went inside the study while Mary and the elder couple looked at each other.

“Is this correct? Forgive me for questioning you father, but is it appropriate to send Kizy to him?” Mary asked.

“I trust her skills, plus she already takes us as our family. That was the reason she risked her life to search about Markus’s enemy and your husband’s culprit.

If she thinks of us as a family, shouldn’t we do that? It’s only right to include her in everything, giving her access and rights to our family issues, no matter how big or small. And most importantly, I trust her.” Grandpa said.

“As you seem appropriate.” Mary said.

Inside the study, Markus and Kizy sat next to each other.

“I am sorry.” Markus said once again.

“It’s ok.” Kizy replied.

“You don’t have anything more to say?” Markus asked seriously.

“What more?” Kizy asked confusedly.

“Something like ‘No I am sorry, I shouldn’t have slapped you twice. I should have understood your plan. Sorry for being a fool and idiotically slapping you twice’. Shouldn’t you apologize like that?” Markus said dramatically.

“You deserve that.” Kizy said nonchalantly.

“Awww, my poor heart. Please don’t say such things, I have a sensitive personality.” Markus said with a fake sad expression.

“I am good, you don’t have to make me smile or laugh, and you don’t have to feel guilty as well. You can just directly get to the point Markus.” Kizy said gently.

She knew Markus usually never cracked jokes or tried to lighten the environment. He never cared about others. But this time he was genuinely feeling guilty, and was trying hard to make sure that Kizy was fine.

“I am sorry, I never knew you would cry this much for me.” Markus said.

“That’s fine. I didn’t even know why I was being such a crybaby and felt so betrayed.” Kizy confessed.

“Does that mean you love me wifey?” Markus said cockily.

“I never had such bad taste. Anyways, explain the plan.” Kizy said.

“Ok so once you leave this mansion, try to look as cold and heartbroken as you were looking last night.

I will tell you about the hotel, go there and book yourself a room. After that delete all the posts about me from your social media account.

That man will approach you soon. At that time reject him coldly for the first few encounters. But I am sure that he’ll keep trying. Whenever you see that the timing is correct, accept him.” Markus said.

“Still I don’t feel he would trust me.” Kizy said.

“Off course he won’t. I am sure that he would suspect you even more after you accept him. But he will definitely present you with opportunities to prove yourself.” Markus said.

“But I don’t even know what he’ll ask me to do.” Kizy said.

“Look Kizy, once you leave this mansion, all your choices will be taken by you solely. You won’t be able to contact anyone out of us, as he would be watching both of us closely.

Thus trust yourself and act accordingly. None of us would be there to guide or advise you, but everything that happens afterwards depends on you.” Markus said.

“But Markus this is too risky. Not for me but for all of you. And have you thought about what if the plan fails or how we are supposed to retreat?” Kizy asked.

“Kizy, there’s one thing you should remember forever. I have never planned a retreat or thought about failure. Whenever I set my goal, I only move forward, though I may slow down, pause for sometime, but I only know how to move ahead.” Markus said.

Kizy only nodded at his statements, making sure to memorize every single word.

“But there is one important thing that I forgot to mention. And this is the most important thing above all.” Markus said with all seriousness.

“What is it?” Kizy asked.

“The moment you feel that you are in danger, or something grave might happen, I want you to call me and escape. I don’t give a shit about this plan then. I just want you to remain protected. Your safety is first priority in this entire plan.” Markus said sincerely.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Kizy said.

“I want you to promise me that you’ll remain safe. I don’t want to see another incident where you risked your life to find his identity. So promise me that you will take care of yourself and drop the plan the moment you are in danger.” Markus said.

Kizy paused for a moment before saying two words slowly.

“I promise.”

“Ok, time for you to leave, it’s been more than forty minutes. Any longer and he might suspect us.” Markus said.

“Ok bye.” Kizy said before getting up.

“Go to Gazebo Hotel and book yourself a room after exiting. And this is your phone. Also your monthly payment has already been made to your account, so you will be able to pay for yourself for at least the next three months.” Markus said while handing the phone back to Kizy.

“Hmmm.” Kizy replied and turned to leave.

“Kizy-” Markus called out from behind.

Kizy turned back to look at him questioningly, but Markus simply stared at her face, as if trying to memorize every inch of her face.

After a moment, he closed the distance between two of them and supported Kizy’s nape with one hand, his thumb stroking her cheek while his other hand encircled her waist.

He slowly bent down and kissed Kizy. But this kiss was more gentle and dream like, as if Markus was treating Kizy as his most precious treasure.

Kizy felt that Markus was acting a little weird today. She could see different emotions on his always stoic and cold godly handsome face.

His kiss, though soft and gentle, felt as if he was trying to convey his feelings, the feelings he was not able to express through words.

Markus kissed her for a few seconds and broke the kiss and looked at her, as if wanting to say something, but not knowing how to say it. Finally he only spoke…

“Take care of yourself.” And hugged her gently.

The couple looked like a beautiful serene painting, wishing that the time would stop and this peaceful moment would last for eternity.