a crazy love episode 43

©Sir Zach


Inside the office, Markus quickly got up from the sofa, pushing Jia away as if he never cared about her and walked towards the mobile that Kizy had dropped.

And as he expected, Kizy’s phone had been recording all the conversation since the beginning. He simply ended the live session before taking out his mobile and calling Joel.

“She has left, but she took the staircase. Please take care of her and make sure she is safe and won’t hurt herself.” Markus said in a deep voice.

“Yes boss.” Joel said before hanging up and following his instructions.

Markus then bent to pick up the gifts and cake box one by one before placing them carefully on his office desk.

He opened them one by one, opening the cake box last and taking a bite from it.

“Little lamb you are making me feel guilty.” Markus said to himself, remembering the look Kizy had given him before leaving.

Kizy’s sparkling eyes were the most attractive feature on her face, adding more beauty to her ace. But the eyes he had seen before Kizy left had no shine, looking lifeless, as if someone had sucked the life out of her.

And this worried Markus more than anything. He had never expected that Kizy would react so extremely to that scene.

He had never expected that Kizy would go to lengths of making so many handmade gifts and surprises for him.

He ate the entire cake, even when the cake had been burnt a little, making it slightly bitter in taste. Afterwards he wrapped those gifts gently and placed them in his drawer before locking it.

He was experiencing some very different emotions, but he didn’t know what they were.

Meanwhile on the other side, Kizy had been running down the stairs, not understanding what she was feeling. And suddenly she stumbled on the second last stair of the 33rd floor, which made her fall down, injuring her knees.

Kizy slowly sat down properly in the same position and tears started to fall silently from her eyes.

The scene in the office made her feel completely betrayed. Never in her dreams had Kizy thought that Markus would betray her.

Though just an act, she had worked hard to prepare those gifts personally for Markus, even going to the length of baking a cake for the first time.

She knew that Markus didn’t love her, and all that was happening for the past few days was just an act, but she believed that Markus was loyal to her.

She had been living with him for months, accepting his family as her own, doing every single thing she could do for them, and hopelessly trusting his words even when she knew that they were complete lies and Markus was only putting up an act.

And finally all that she received in return was a betrayal. Maybe if they weren’t acting for the past few days, it would have been easier for Kizy to accept it.

But after the public proposal, something changed between them, or more precisely something changed for Kizy. Though she fought with Markus as usual, she felt a weird sense of satisfaction through it.

And all of this shattered due to that one single scene she witnessed in the office.

She finally hugged her knees before closing her eyes and cried loudly for the first time in three years.

She hadn’t cried this badly even when her mom had met that deadly accident when they arrived in A City.

She kept crying for a long time, but there was no stopping her tears. It was as if she had been holding all those tears for her entire life and finally broke down today.

“Young miss please stop crying.” Suddenly Joel spoke and passed a handkerchief to Kizy.

But Kizy didn’t even lift her head to look at him.

“Young miss please don’t hurt yourself like this. You have been crying for more than forty minutes now. If this continues, you will fall ill.” Joel said, still trying to console her.

“Young miss please stop crying, boss won’t feel good about this.” Joel said and finally Kizy lifted her head.

“Boss? Who’s boss? Why would he care about me?” Kizy asked in a lifeless voice.

“Young miss please don’t say that. You don’t know the entire story.” Joel said.

“I don’t even want to know what it is!!” Kizy shouted before roughly wiping away her tears.

Kizy tried standing up on her own but felt sharp pain from her knees, which had swelled a little, and stumbled again.

“Young mi-” Joel said but…

“Leave me alone!! For god’s sake just leave me alone and get lost!!” Kizy shouted before standing up painfully and started climbing down the stairs again.

“Young miss don’t do this-” Joel still tried to convince her but Kizy cut him off.

“I said get lost!! And this is an order. I don’t care what Markus is doing, but I am still his legally wedded wife and your young miss for now. Don’t you know how to follow orders?” Kizy shouted.

“Sorry young miss. I will leave now.” Joel said and bowed before leaving.

“Whyyyyy??!!” Kizy shouted after Joel had left and climbed down the stairs, still crying hard.

Kizy didn’t know how long she had been walking, climbing down the stairs, but she had been completely drained by the time she reached the parking lot.

She simply dragged her body lifelessly towards her car and entered inside. She sat on the driver’s seat before slamming her hands on the steering wheel.

She roughly wiped away her tear stained face one last time, before starting the engine and speeding out of the parking lot.

She raced directly towards the highway, at a speed of 140 km/hrs which was still increasing.

She had had enough of this shit. Being good to others and receiving heartbreaks in the end.

Speeding up and racing with winds, that was one of her few stress busters. She would forget her pain and sorrows once she would break the speed limits, which gave her an adrenaline rush, her only way to forget things temporarily.

She drove like that for almost two hours when finally the car came to a halt, indicating she was out of fuel.

She exited the car and slammed the door shut before kicking the car with all the force she could.

Kizy closed her eyes, took a few deep breaths and relaxed her mind before opening her eyes again.

But she now noticed that she was near her school campus, the one where she had studied and graduated.

‘Why here out of all the places?’ Kizy thought frustratedly.

She walked towards the school gate, a gate she had crossed countless times, and sat near a nearby tree.

She could still see her younger self walking in cheerfully, wearing a school uniform with two ponies and a bag.


“Bye daddy, bye mommy.” Kizy said before running towards the gate.

Kate and Richard (*Kizy’s Dad*) looked at each other before looking at their surroundings.

Children were crying, refusing to go school, parents were convincing, pleading and lastly forcing them to enter the school.

“Guess our daughter prefers school over us.” Kate said to Richard.

“Mm-hmm.” Richard nodded with a smile.

Both of them left the gate after confirming that Kizy had gone inside.

Meanwhile Kizy ran happily towards the direction of her class, which her class teacher had shown on the day she came to get admission.

She turned and was about to enter the class when suddenly a boy ran into her.

“Ouwww.” Kizy cried as she fell down with her school bag.

“Stupid girl.” The kid said while getting up and dusting his uniform.

And the kid was none other than Markus!!

“You should not say bad words. Just say sorry okay?” Kizy said innocently while standing up on her own and looking with her sparkling baby eyes.

“You say sorry. You were running blindly in the corridor.” Markus said with a sour face.

“Bad boy.” Kizy said with a pout and smacked him on his head.

“How dare you hit him?” Suddenly another girl came and said angrily in her baby voice.

“He said bad words to me.” Kizy replied.

“You are bad.” The girl said and pushed Kizy, making her fall once again.

“Irene why did you push Kizy?” Their class teacher came and helped Kizy get up, while giving an angry glare to Irene.

“Sorry Sir.” Irene said and immediately started crying.

“Ok ok don’t cry, let’s go back to our class.” The teacher said before walking with the three kids inside the class.

“You stupid girl. Consider yourself lucky because I don’t hit girls.” Markus said in a low volume before going to the last bench while Kizy sat on the first bench.


Kizy heard a vehicle screeching and woke up from her trance.

‘Huhhh, how can I forget? You were always surrounded by girls and were their favourite even with that bad mouth of yours.’ Kizy thought to herself.

“Kizy, get inside.” Markus said while lowering the car window. It was his car which had sped and suddenly screeched to a halt.

Kizy simply ignored him before getting up and walking on the footpath.

“Kizy stop.” Markus shouted.

But Kizy kept walking ahead, as if she never heard Markus shouting.

Finally Markus got down from his car before running behind Kizy to chase her. He held her hand to stop her in track and stood in front of her.

“Kizy at least listen to-” Marlu6s was saying when Kizy cut him off.

“Let go of me.” Kizy said in a low but cold voice.

“Kizy you don’t know what happe-” Markus still tried to speak in a polite voice.

“I said let go of me!!” Kizy shouted.

“Kizy at least hear me out once, this was preplann-” Markus was still speaking but Kizy finally lost it.

“Mr. Markus, I don’t want to listen to any of your shit so just leave me and go back home.” Kizy said.

“I am not going anywhere.” Markus said stubbornly.

“Then let me go!!” Kizy shouted.

“No.” Markus replied.

Kizy stopped talking to him and tried to remove her hand from his grip.

Markus as usual was holding her in a firm grip, but this time he was being gentle in it.

Thus Kizy tried to release her hand for almost a minute and she was able to jerk his hand off.

She simply removed her hand from his hold and walked past him, ignoring him.

But this time Markus lost his cool and pulled her back to him forcefully, while suddenly slamming his lips on her.

Kizy was so angry at his behaviour that she instantly started pushing him away with all her might. And luckily she was able to push him away successfully.

The moment their kiss broke, Kizy slapped him hard.

“Mr. Markus, this was definitely not a smart move. You will regret this.” Kizy said coldly before walking ahead.