To k!ssa prince Episode 25 & 26

🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
Chapter 25
😠 George 😠
After scratching my head, thinking for about some minutes wondering what kind of, flavour of ice cream I should get Karina, I decided to get her chocolate flavor, crossing my f!ngersthat this is her favorite.
“Karina, I got you chocolate flavour, hope you like it.” I yelled walking into the h0tel room, I checked the sitting room but she was nowhere to be found, neither is she in the room. But she’s supposed to be here, where else could she have gone to.
I waited for some minutes, but still no sign of Karina. I began to have this unsettling feeling in my heart, I just knew Karina isn’t alright. Hmm, I have to go look for her. Ugh, this is why we should have brou-ght the guards along cause if we did then I would know she is safe.
I walked out of the h0tel room, just I’m time to see Karina walking away with that doofus called Josh, they were farther down the hall. Before I could yell her name they both got into his room.
I punched the wall next to me, really angry. Why is she going to his room, why? Argh, I can’t believe Karina right now, well I’m not going to waste my time going after her or anything like that.
Are you being serious right now, your wife is with a guy, inside his room and you’re saying you won’t go after her.*
Of course, I will not go after her, didn’t you just see her go with him. This can only mean she went on her own free will, okay.* I turned around re-ady to head back to the h0tel room but this stupid subconsciousness wouldn’t just let me be.
What if he tries to do something funny to her. What if he r@p£s her.* Ugh, leave me alone.
Then she face it herself, I never asked her to go with him, to his room. Did I?.”
Well…. She’s your wife, and I don’t think you want anything bad happening to her but you’re free to go back to the room, after all you never listen.*
Why does his words always find a way to prick my soul.
And you also never listen to me, so don’t innocent here. Anyway, I will go take her out of that doofus room and make sure I land like two b!ows on that idiot face.* I turned around and head to the doofus room, my fist re-ady to disfigure someone’s face.
I didn’t knock on his door, instead I kicked it open. “Karina we are….” My words got hold up in my throat on seeing the scene in front of me. Julia, is she the governor’s daughter or the prime minister daughter, can’t really remember which of them. Anyway, she’s standing in the room standing with a phone videoing that doofus taking off my wife’s clothes. I didn’t give them the chance to react before marching into the room, hold the doofus by his collar then rained punches on his face till when I’m satisfied. After that I carried an unconscious Karina in my arms and head back to our h0tel room.
“How is she doctor Miles.” I asked staring at Karina with concern. After I rescued her from the hands of those two idiots, I immediately called the royal doctor to come check her.
“My prince, your wife is fine. It seems like something was used to hit her at the back of her head, but other than that she’s fine. She should be awake by tommorow morning.” Doctor miles says getting up from the be-d, I nod my head, still staring at Karina. By tommorow morning she’s really gonna get a hell lot of lectures from me.
“Thank you for coming, doctor miles. I really appreciate.” I appreciated exchanging handshakes with the doctor.
“It’s my duty my prince. Just watch her closely, if there’s any other improvement or cause for alarm, inform me and I will come as fast as I can. Have a good day my prince.” He gave a slight bow, then left my h0tel room.
👄 Karina 👄
I gro-an ed opening my eyes, the lights pene-trating Into the room is affecting my eyes. “What the heck happened.” I ask no one in p@rticular, sitting up on the be-d.
“What happened, Is that you’re in big trouble wifey.” George angry’s voice comes from behind me, I turned around to face him. Why is he angry? Why am I in big trouble?
“Why am I in big trouble?.” I ask him, having no clue as to why he is angry.
“You want to seriously tell me that you don’t remember the event of last night.” He asks boredly.
“No I don’t. Is there anything I should remember? What happened last night?.” I questioned, trying my best to remember last night but I only end up having a severe pain at the back of my head.
“You don’t remember following Josh to his room.” He drawls, looking down at me.
Room, Josh. Oh my God, room, Josh. I agreed to follow Josh to his room but then I was hit at the back of my head and now I can’t remember a $h!t! Ugh. What the heck happened? Did he r@p£ me? I looked down at my b©dy, and start feeling up my b©dy.
“He didn’t r@p£ you, if he did then he would be a dead man by now.” George says boredly walking to the window. He closed the curtains then continued his speech. “Anyway he was about ra-ping you, and he wouldn’t just r@p£ you but also post it online for the whole world to see. How could you be so foolish Karina, after the first picture that was re-leased on the internet, I was hoping you would stay far away from that guy.” He utters, scratching the back of his head, looking so frustrated.
“Well… I never knew, he was responsible for what happened to me, he was my friend for God’s sake.” I argued.
“Yeah, a friend you just met in a h0tel room. After what happened the last time you followed him to his h0tel room, I would never think you would still go with him to his h0tel room. Karina, what the f!ck is wrong with you.”
“There’s nothing wrong with me okay, he told me your life was in danger, okay.” I defended myself. I alre-ady getting tired at the back and from argument between us.
“Let me guess, the only place he could discuss that with you, is in his room, right?.” George says mockingly. Arghhh.
“I alre-ady suggested, he says all he has to say with you pres£nt. But he refused, saying you won’t hesitate to connect your fist to his face the minute you set your eyes on him.” I said with an eye roll, relaxing my back on the pillows.
“Well, he isn’t wrong about that.” Oh geez.
Chapter 26
😫 Karina 😫
“Seriously George, it’s not everything you have to solve violence, sometimes you have to use a more calmer approach.” I chided.
“Yeah, the same way he would have R@p£d you if I approached…”
“Wait a minute, you mean Josh would have R@p£d me if you didn’t come to my rescue.” I yelled out in shock. Can Josh really do that, like he is so cute, charming and handsome, can he really do such to me.
“Weren’t you listening when I mention he didn’t get the chance to r@p£ you caused I got there early to save you.” George utters in disbelief.
“Oh yeah, well I hope you beat him to the extent I won’t be able to recognize.” I gritted.
“A minute ago, you were preaching about violence.” He reminded me.
“Well, f!ck calmer approach, How dare he try to r@p£ me.” I said frowning, really boiling in anger.
“Why do I have a feeling that if you set your eyes on that doofus, you would use an umbrella to wipe his as-s.”
“Yup. I would totally do that but with a pestle and I would wipe his head with the pestle.”
“Well, keep on thinking on your revenge p@rt while I order us some breakfast.” He said walking out of the room. I don’t really know how I know, but I just have this de-ep feelings within me that George is really angry at me. Oh geez
“Good morning, I brou-ght you breakfast, sweetheart.” I whispered in George ear, k!ss!nghim on thel-ips.
“Karina I’m not hungry, and plea-se do not wake me up with k!sses ever again. Now, if you don’t mind, I would love to go back to my beautiful sleep, I was just about ma-king love to Arianna Grande. Thank you.” With that said, he really went back to sleep. Argh. What does he mean by, he was just about ma-king love to Arianna Grande, why would he even make love to her or dream about her, when I’m here.
“Don’t you even dare f!ck her George, that’s cheating.” I yelled at him, hitting him on his back.
“It’s not cheating if it’s in my dream, Karina.” He drawls boredly, his eyes closed.
“I Don’t care if you’re f!cking her in your dreams George, it’s still the same.” I yelled, still hitting.
“To me it’s not. Ohhhhh, Arianna, baby, plea-se don’t st©p. F!ck keep going yeah just like that, oh my Goddddddddddddddd.” George m0@n s out. Wait, is he actually m0@n ing, like is he m0@n ing. Argh. I can’t believe he is really cheating on me.
I sl@pped him really ha-rd on his face, causing him to sit up on the be-d Immediately. “What the heck Arianna, I mean Karina.” He yells, holding onto his cheeks.
“How dare you m0@n her name from that S-xy mouth of yours, how dare you.” I yelled pointing my f!nger at him.
“Well, if you must know, she was giving me the best b!owjob ever. So yeah, I had to m0@n out her name with my S-xy mouth. If you don’t mind, I will like to get back to receiving the best b!owjob ever.” He said, laying down back on the be-d. Is he for real, I’m angry at him and he has the guts to go back to sleep. Arghhhh. I could literally pu-ll off my hair’s right now.
“George, wake up! Wake up! You are not going back to that stupid dream, wake up!!.” I hit multi-ple times on his back, he didn’t even bulge.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, you’re so ti-ght for me Arianna, sooooooooooooo ti-ght baby.” He m0@n s out. Arghhhh, I can’t take this anymore, no I can’t. I got up from the be-d and ran out of the room. I can’t believe he is really cheating on me with stupid celebrity. Ugh.
“Fine, I’m sorry for going to Josh room, plea-se just st©p having S-x with Arianna, plea-se.” I begged, he didn’t st©p. Arghh.
“Her royal majesty, queen Anna is on the line, she wants to talk to you.” George says with so much sarcasm dripping from his every words. I rolled my eyes taking the phone from him, “Good afternoon mum.” I greeted.
“Afternoon darling, I heard about what happened between you and Josh. I want you to know I’m not mad at you, and I won’t blame you for what happened. I’m only disappointed in you, that’s all.” The queen disappointed voice comes throu-gh the speaker.
“I’m sorry queen Anna.” I apologise.
“You’re forgiven my dear.” She replies softly.
“I wish the prince would also forgive me.” I let out, not even realizing what I said.
“You mean George is angry at you, well that’s new and also good news, it can only mean he doesn’t want to ever see you in danger. He is only angry you put yourself in danger, right now he is imagine what would happen if Josh did had his way with you.” Oh my gosh, she is right. I didn’t even think of it this way. Geez, I’ve been trying to defend myself not even thinking about my husband’s own p@rt of the story.
“So what do I do now to get him to forgive me.” I asks, chewing on my bottoml-ip.
“Karina, you disappoint me. How can you not know how to make your man happy. You are a woman, Karina. Anyway, this is what you’ll do……”
😲 George 😲
I chuckled a bit remembering how Karina has been behaving all day, that girl is a drama queen. I was never having any se-x with Arianna Grande in my dream, just wanted her to get jealous and all that, and yeah Karina fell for that.
“Hi hubby.” Karina says in a sweet voice, as she cat walks into the room from the bathroom. My eyes nearly fell from their socket on seeing what Karina is actually wearing.
She’s wearing a lingering, a red h0t alluring lingerie.
Karina clim-bs on the be-d, then started to take off my belt, “What… what are you doing Karina?.” I stuttered, taking de-ep breath.
“What do you think.” She retorts, using her hand to bring out my d!ck, she sm-irks at me then lowers her pouty mouth on my d!ck. goddddddddddddddd.
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