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July 23, 2021


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The boy next door Episode 21

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💥The Boy Next Door 💥

📘 Chapter Twenty-One📘




💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞

“So he said he didn’t want to see you?” Ashley asked.
We were in her room talking about the whole issue.

“Yeah,he is angry at him amd i don’t blame him, i mean i called him a disappointment”

“He has every right to be mad at you but am sure he will calm down”

“I hope so because I am so in love with him”

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Bro,you know she’s really sorry about what she said” Jamal said.

“I know, I just want her to feel what I felt,i really love your sister”

“I know and she loves you, Do you know you actually died?” Jamal asked and i was shocked

“I died?”

“Yeah,your heart stopped beating,you stopped breathing and they were even about to take you to the mortuary”

“Really? All i know is that i was in this extremely beautiful room that had a door,i went over to open the door but i heard someone calling my name and crying, before i knew it,i was dragged back”

“That was Gigi,she didn’t believe you were died so she kept calling your name to wake up, she kinda saved you”

I was about to say something when Gianna’s mom came in with food.

“Alex,i got you your favorite food”

“You know my favorite food?” I asked surprised.

“Yeah,you always come to our house all the time so i took notice, it’s spaghetti and beef, right?”

“Yes, thank you”
My own mom doesn’t even know my favorite food.

Gianna’s mom sent the food right in front of him,it looked so delicious.

I was about to start eating when the doctor walked in.

“Good morning,Alex,how are you feeling?”

“Am fine,just wondering when i can go home now”

“That’s what i came to tell you, you can leave tomorrow, your mom over here can go over to the register and pay the bills”

The doctor thinks Gigi’s mom is my mother,my real mother has no idea where i am.

“No,sir, she’s not…

“Am his mother and i will go and pay” Gianna’s mom said cutting me off.

“Okay,i will leave you now” the doctor said and walked away.

“Thanks,Aunt,i promise i will pay you back”

“No need for that,you are like a son to me, okay?”

“Okay,” i said making her laugh
The next day.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
Jamal told me Xander was back home and he is better now.
I really wanted to see him but i hesitated.

He doesn’t deserve a girl that has been raped,that was a drug addict.

He deserves better and that’s not me.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“She said that you don’t deserve her” Jamal said.

“Why would she say that”

“She said because she’s a drug addict and a rape victim” Jamal said and i chuckled.

“Gigi is so over dramatic sometimes, going over to your house to see her”

I got to her door and knocked, the door opened.

“Xander?” She seemed surprised but so beautiful.

“Can i come in?”

“Yeah, sure”

I entered and we stood starring at each other.

“So what was that speech about me not deserving you?”

“I just stated a fact,you don’t deserve me,you deserve better”

“No,i don’t want better,i want you” I said moving closer to her,she kept moving backward.

“I was a drug addict”

“Then am a drug addict too because you are my drug and am addicted to you”

“I can be toxic sometimes”

“Then poison my whole being” I said smiling.

“I am not normal”

“That’s what makes me abnormal”

” I fall at every step”

“I will catch you every time”

She kept moving backward until she hit the wall, I came closer with our foreheads touching.

She wanted to move away but i trapped her with my hands at the sides of her head.

“Don’t deny this feeling,i need you in my life, the same way you need me”


“Gianna,do you love me?”

“More than life itself”

“Then no more excuses” i said and claimed her lips.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Then no more excuses” he said and claimed my lips.
This time i didn’t try to struggle, I wanted it.
I wrapped my hands around his neck pulling him closer to me.

His hands went down to my waist pulling me closer

We kept kissing passionately,none of us wanted to stop.

We finally pulled away,stared at each other, then started laughing.


“So will you be my girlfriend and let me treat you like a Queen?”

“Yes, i will be your girlfriend,am not letting another girl take you away from me”

We hugged each other tightly.
The next day.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“You have been so happy today, what’s wrong?” Ashley asked.

“Nothing” i said smiling widely.


“Sis,can i borrow your phone?” Jamal said as he approached us.


Xander came to me and kissed me infront of Jamal and Ashley.

“OMG” I could hear Ashley scream.

We pulled away and Jamal’s face showed astonishment.

“You two are dating now?”

“Yes,we are ,bro” Xander said and intertwined our hands.

“Oh, it’s goodnews,am so happy for you two” Ashley said excitedly.

“Alex,make sure you don’t make my sister cry”

“I promised,Gigi is the love of my life”

Xander kissed my cheeks.



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