The boy next door Episode 22

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Twenty-Two📘
Few months later.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“All those times that i just want to stare at your eyes with the stars in the night.
All those times,i just want to feel your warm embr@ce.
You are just a dream that c@m£ true,i never you could here with me.
I just can’t compare you with anything in this world”
I finished re-ading the poem to her and she just smiled.
We were in the garden late at night in my house.
“That was beautiful, Xander, how do you always come with it?”
“I just look at you amd words start flowing,you are my muse”
She k!$$£d me slightly on thel-ips, then we hvgged.
“I love you so much,Xander,so damn much”
“Gianna Flores,i love you too,more than you can imagine” i said and she giggled.
“How about we go in, it’s getting cold out here”
We walked into the living room.
“Our parents aren’t home yet?”
“No and I don’t think they will be home today” i said sadly.
“Their abs£nce must really hurt you”
“It does but i think am used to it”
“Well,am staying the night right here”
“You are?”
“Yeah i won’t let you stay alone here,you are my b©yfri£ndand my responsibility” She said and i smiled at her.
“You are the best”
We walked upstairs to my room.
“You can l@yon my be-d,i will stay on the couch”
“But i don’t want that, let’s stay together on the be-d”
“You sure? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable”
“I won’t and besides you are my b©yfri£nd,so come on,stay on the be-d”
We both la-id on the be-d in each other’s arms,we talked till we both sle-pt off.
A week later.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Hey gorgeous”
I turned and it was Blake,one of Xander’s friend.
“Blake,you know Xander doesn’t like it when you call me such names”
“I know but he isn’t here”
“What do you want?”
“Am having a p@rty at my house,so i was wondering if you could come” He said handing me the invitation.
“Blake,am not really sure about…
“Don’t worry, Xander will be there too”
“I will think about it”
“Okay” He said and win-ked at me before leaving.
“Why was Blake here?” Ashley asked as she approached me.
“He invited me to a p@rty at his house”
“Are you going? You know Xander doesn’t really like him around you”
“I know but he said Xander is also going,were you invited?”
“Yeah,he said i could spice up the p@rty,i don’t know what that means”
“Let me go talk to Xander”
“Not in this lifetime,babe” Xander said when i told him about the p@rty.
“But why? You are also going”
“Yeah, because i know no one is going to hurt me or try to take advantage of me”
“Who is going to take advantage of me?”
“Blake and every other guy at that p@rty, don’t you see the way they stare at your b©dy when you come to see me practice at the basketball court”
“You are going to be there with me so they won’t do anything, sweetie,i really want to go to this p@rty, it’s been so long”
“Yeah, because the last time you got R@p£d,do you want that to happen?”
“No, I don’t and I would appreciate it if you didn’t remind me of that incident, you know what,am leaving”
I turned around to leave but he dragged me back and hvgged me.
“Am so sorry,babe,i didn’t mean to remind,i just don’t want anything to happen to you”
“Tell me something,Xander, what are you really scared of, me going to that p@rty or the thought of another guy tou-ching me?”
“Both of them,i want to be the only guy that t©uçhes you or that gets to feel you, only me”
“You have me all to yourself,Xander,no one can take me away”
“I know,i love you so much”
“I love you too” i said before claiming hisl-ips.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I reluctantly agreed to Gigi following me to the p@rty.
We were waiting for Ashley and Gianna to finish dressing.
“Why do girls take so much time to dress up?” Jamal asked ma-king me chuckle.
“Am done” Ashley said from upstairs.
“Woah,you look gorgeous” Jamal said and Ashley blu-shed.
“Am done too” Gianna said.
She walked down wearing the most S-xiest dress i have ever seen.
“How do i look?” She said spinning around.
“Xander’s jaw dropped” Ashley said ma-king Gigi giggle.
“I don’t like it” I said.
“Why? It’s nice,i like it”
“No,babe,i don’t like it, it’s too ti-ght and too short”
“Xander, it’s okay, it’s not too short,i can’t take it off”
“I don’t want those guys staring at you”
“Bro,you and i are gonna make sure no one t©uçhes her,i also don’t like that Blake”
“Xander, let’s go” Gigi said c@r£ss!ngmy cheek.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
We finally got to the p@rty,the music was so loud,i couldn’t even hear myself think.
I felt someone hold my w@!st so ti-ght, I turned and it was Xander.
“Don’t move away from me” He whispered in my ears and i nodded.
We got inside, Ashley and Jamal held hands and walked away.
I and Xander went to sit at the bar area.
“Blake’s house is nice” I said and Xander scoffed.
“I have seen better”
“Xander,you are such a jealous freak” i said and giggled.
“I only get jealous when someone tries to mess with what’s mine”
I c@m£ closer to him and pe-cked hisl-ips twice.
“I alre-ady told you,am all yours” i said and he smiled.
We were about to k!sswhen someone interrupted.
“Well, it’s the best couple in college” Blake said sm-irking at us.
“Hey, Blake”
“Hey,Gigi, you look beautiful as always”
“Don’t stare at her for too long”
“Don’t worry,Xander, Gigi’s all yours”
“I know that,i hope you know that as well,i don’t pl@ywith what’s mine”
“Enjoy the p@rty” Blake said and walked away.
The p@rty was actually fun,we pla-yed games and watched dance moves from professional dancers.
A slow song c@m£ on and everyone gr@bb£d a p@rtner.
“Come on , let’s dance” i said and dragged Xander to the dance floor.
He held me by the w@!st and i wra-pped my hands around his n£¢k.
“You actually look so S-xy in this dress”
He pu-ll-ed me closer by the w@!st and k!$$£d me so pas-sionately.
We were k!ss!nglike it was only us in the room.
He started k!ss!ngmy n£¢k, then my shoulder.
“Xanderrrr” i m0@n ed out, he st©pped k!ss!ngme.
“We shouldn’t be doing this here” i said and he nodded.
“Yeah, you are right”
“Am tired of dancing, let’s go take a seat”
We went back to our seat.
“Am going to the restroom,so stay put” Xander said and walked away.
I continued sipping from my drink,Blake walked over to me.
“You are here alone”
“Xander is on his way”
“Ap@rt from being this S-xy and beautiful,Xander seems to be so into you”
“Is there a problem?”
“No, it’s just you must be really good in be-d, because he doesn’t let you around other guys”
“Blake, don’t you dare disrespect me”
“Am not,am just appreciating you,i would really love to taste you”
“Are you crazy,Blake or are you drun!k?”
“A little bit ti-psy but am not drun!k,you are one S-xy girl, let me treat you the way Xander can’t”
“I don’t nee-d you,Xander is all I nee-d”
“Are you sure?” He asked and tried to ca-ress my th!ghs.
“Don’t you even dare try to t©uçh my girlfriend” Xander said coldly and punched Blake to the ground.
One of Blake’s friend tried to punch Xander but Jamal was quic-k to punch him.
“Guys, let’s leave this place” Ashley said.
“Yeah, let’s go” Xander said and dragged me along.
We got into the car and drove home,Xander didn’t spare me a glance.
Ashley was dropped off at her house,We got to our house.
“Xander, why are you so quiet?”
“I told you that Blake was trying to get in be-d with you”
“I know and am sorry”
“No, don’t be, I just want you to be careful, that’s all”
“So you forgive me?”
“I will if i get a k!ss” he said and i giggled.
We k!$$£d each other.