tem-pted Episode 11

💋 tem-pted💋
I was kinda uncomfortable at what Clara was wearing but then Dave ha-rd ly looked at her and Damn! What was I even imagining?This was Clara.
She was definitely dressed like this to see if she could get a man’s attention at the p@rty.There will be a lot of men and she deserves to be noticed by one…a good one at that.
But I still thought she was overdressed.
It was a red go-wn which had a very long slit at the front.Her bo-ob s were really expo-sed and the slightest tug would reveal her n!ppl!s.
One look at her and I knew she wasn’t on any un-derwear.
“You look great,Abby”She said, smiling.
“You too and I bet you’re going to get a lot of men drooling over you tonight”
“Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been with a man, I’m hoping to get one tonight”She replied.
“Good luck with that and I’m hoping the one who notices you will be a nice guy,else, I’m gonna kick his bu-tt”I told her, sincerely.
“Oh, don’t worry, I’m quite sure that he’ll be more than nice”
I was standing a few feet away from my wife chatting with Gbenga,a close friend of mine.
“I’ve observed that S-xy ladies mostly have S-xy friends”He said to me.
“Here we go again”I rolled my eyes thinking he had seen a new lady to chase after.Gbenga was a big time wom-anizer.
“I’m serious,that lady beside your wife is smoking h0t”
“Hey!I didn’t even put your first statement into consideration because I didn’t guess my wife was among the ladies you’re referring to.I’m the only one who gets to call my wife S-xy”I warned.
“Got it!Loos£n up,bro.I wouldn’t dare to hit on Abby. I wouldn’t want to bring out the beast in you”He joked.
I eyed him.
“So what’s her name?”
“I noticed you guys c@m£ together….”
“She’s staying with us for the meantime”
“Oh my!You have two women in your house?”
I g@sped realizing what he was thinking.”Are you fv¢king crazy? She’s my wife’s best friend.Whatever you’re thinking is unimaginable”I retorted, quic-kly.
“Faithful husband ni.You don’t know what you’re missing.Anyway,you wouldn’t mind if I hit on her tonight, right?”
“It’s none of my business.”I snapped.”Now plea-se can we talk about business because this conversation is boring me out”
Gbenga shrugged.”Fine”
I was alone in the table. I guessed Dave was talking to some of his business p@rtners and I have no idea where Clara had gone to.
I looked up to see Maria.
“Oh Maria, I’m so happy to see you”I squealed,standing up to hvg her.
There were five men whom I know were always seen together in the university.They grew up in the same place.
Dave,his elder brother Martin, Gbenga, Charles and Ayo.
Out of the five,I despised two most…. Gbenga and Ayo.Gbenga is an ardent wom-anizer,he could only stay married for about two years then his wife filed for a divorce because of his nas-ty habit of infidelity.
Ayo was also unfaithful too. I even caught him one day walking into an h0tel with a lady but I didn’t tell his wife,Lisa,because Dave had told me not to meddle.
Somehow,she got to know about it but surprisingly,she didn’t file for a divorce,she forgave him.Dave told me Ayo had changed but I don’t believe that.Lisa’s just being stupid.
As for Maria,she was married to Charles and I think so far, they make a nice couple.
We slowly sat down.
“Where’s Charles?”I asked looking around. I know she was among the board of directors of this company too,she was richer than her husband.
“Oh dear,I guess Dave didn’t tell you”
I frowned.”Tell me what?”
“Charles and I are getting a divorce”She announced.
My jaw dropped.”Tell me you’re joking?”
She has to be, Charles was such a doting husband and father.They had a son.
“I’m not,he cheated on me and apparently it has been going on for a while now,I couldn’t ba-re it,Abby.I just couldn’t….”
She took a de-ep breath.I could see tears clouding her eyes.
“These days,it seemed wedding vows means nothing to men,they just say it but they don’t mean a word of it”
“I’m so sorry,Maria.”
“It’s fine,Abby.I don’t nee-d him. I can take care of myself and Louis without his help. I just don’t wish this kind of pain I’m feeling for any woman”
I just sat there feeling extremely sad for her.
“Let’s talk about something else,I don’t want my evening to be ruined”She suggested.
Dimly,I nodded.
She started talking but I wasn’t listening.My mind was in turmoil.
First Gbenga….then Ayo…now Charles whom I could swear can never cheat on his wife.
He was as caring and loving as Dave. I know from the countless times we’ve gone to visit them and hang out somewhere.
I looked around the p@rty, blindly searching for Dave.
My eyes caught him standing in the midst of Gbenga and two other women who were dressed so gorgeously.
Gbenga!If cheating was a competition,he would come out first place.He didn’t feel remorseful at all when he ended his relationsh!pwith his wife.
Why was Dave still friends with him?
I was suddenly angry now and a thought that has never occurred to me ran throu-gh my mind.
‘What if Dave is cheating on me?’
Do you think the saying “birds of the same feathers flock together” applies in this case?