tem-pted Episode 12

💋 tem-pted
When we got home,I changed into my nightie and l@ydown to sleep.
My mood has been ruined,Dave had been asking me what the problem was because I even refused to dance with him.
He walked into the be-droom and sat on the be-d.
“Will you finally tell me what’s wrong?Did something happen at the p@rty that you didn’t like?Did I do something wrong?”
I slowly sat up, maybe we should really talk about this.”Who were those ladies you were talking to?”
“The ladies I spoke with are either p@rt of the board members or the employees,is that what’s bothering you?You have noth….”
“Why didn’t you tell me that Maria and Charles are getting a divorce?”
I could see him frowned.
“Firstly,I didn’t tell you because I felt it was none of our business and secondly,the last time I told you about Ayo and Lisa having issues in their marriage,you actually flared up,you were so upset as if you were Lisa”
“Are you trying to say you see nothing wrong in what your friends indulge in?”
“Why am I even asking?You always take sides with them,you know they’re cheating,you don’t tell their wives about it, maybe because you want them to cover up for you too”
“Will you just listen to yourself? I am not in the position to tell their wives about their dirty habits.They should!And you think I haven’t spoken to them about infidelity.We’re all grown men,we know what’s right and wrong.If they choose to keep doing the wrong thing,then I have no choice but to turn a blind eye to it.They won’t listen to me so I can’t kill myself over their problems.And what do you mean about them covering up for me?I have absolutely nothing to hide from you”
“Oh really now?Will a cheat ever admit that he is cheating? Listen….”
“No!you listen to me,what has come over you? I thought we trusted each other?”
“The same way Maria trusted Charles!”
“I’m not my friends and I have no plans of being like them”
“Then cut ties with them”I announced.
“What? I can just do that, I’ve been friends with them since childhood.I can just see them now and walk pas-s them,it isn’t cool”
“You hang out with friends who go crazy seeing anything un-der a Sk-irt and you expect me to believe that for once they have not mentioned anything to you about trying other ladies out,you expect me to believe that you’re not cheating on me?”
He just looked at me for a while ti-ght£ñing his jaw.
And I took his silence for a positive answer and my heart sank.
Finally,he took a de-ep breath and spoke.”You have no idea how much it hurts me right now that you think so little of me, have I given you any reason to doubt me? Have you seen me sneaking around and not tell you what I’ve been up to? I can’t even imagine having S-x with someone else……”He ran a hand throu-gh his face in a slow yet frenzied motion.
“You’re upset and I am too,I wouldn’t want us yelling down the house, let’s talk about this tomorrow”With that,he l@ydown to sleep with his back to me.
I also faced the opposite direction.
I want to believe that he’s not cheating.It would kill me if he is.But I can push away this doubt.
Maria was the one who sponso-red Charles’ education.He’s successful today because of her sweat.
Still,he didn’t mind all that,he cheated.
I practically didn’t do quarter of what Maria did,I sometimes feel I haven’t done much for Dave.At some point,I felt he was overworking himself for me when we were still in school.
At that time,when he first k!$$£d me and told me he loves me. I kinda liked him.He was never reluctant to help me with my homework and he always made me laugh. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I accepted to be his girlfriend.
All my friends were as rich as me and I was ashamed to introduce him to them but I had to go to a club with them and we were all going with our b©yfri£nds so I asked a friend of mine to go with me instead of Dave.One thing led to another and we had S-x.
After that,I felt so guilty and it was only then I realized that I didn’t like Dave,I love him. I was no longer ashamed of him, and I finally introduced him to my friends but Morayo had to ruin the evening with her loud mouth.
I know I hurt Dave badly. I felt broken when I heard the scholar which all the lecturers were proud of failed terribly in his exams. I knew it was because of me. I couldn’t eat or sleep and I knew that I couldn’t give up on him.
When I had gone to beg him,I thought it might take a few weeks, if he was ever going to take me back but then he forgave me that day.It was as if he had been waiting for me.
And then he said.”I will give you the world,Abby. I would do anything for you.Just look only at me.Let no one else matter to you”
He started doing multi-ple jobs in school and I knew balancing it with his studies was ha-rd but he won’t listen to me to quit his jobs.He was so determined to give me everything.
I know Dave loves me. I know he did.But now I don’t know anymore.
I mean,when I cheated,we weren’t even married and I didn’t love him this much.
But now, things are different,I can never imagine another man tou-ching me except Dave.We have vows binding us together but Maria had said men sees it as nothing now.
Am I the next in line?Is Dave going to cheat on me or is he alre-ady cheating on me?
I can’t be decieved like this! I refuse to be a fool.
What should I do?
*do you think Abby is just stressing for nothing?🤔🤔