tem-pted Episode 10

💋 tem-pted💋
I walked out of the dressing room staring at my watch.
Damn!We were getting late for a company’s p@rty.
You might be wondering what job I do exactly.Well, I’m into a lot of things.
When I graduated,I got a job as a tech in an investment firm.Soon I worked my way up to the position of s£nior as-sociate.During that time,I joined hands with Martin in building a house for my mum.
I was going to use the rest of my money to buy Abby whatever she nee-ded but then she refused to accept anything expensive from me instead she made me invest the rest of my money.
Because of my innate s-en-se of business and an ideal girlfriend,I made some really good investment and by the time I was twenty-five,I was a p@rtner in my firm but no longer nee-ded the income,my investments were paying off ten-fold and I decided to switch tracks. I took my money out of the ‘safe’ investment it was wra-pped up in and I began to make riskier choices with the stock market.Those choices paid off in a big way.
It enabled me to own my own stock exchange company but then I never wanted anything to make me short of money so I bought shares from other companies.
I’m one of the board of directors of about four companies so I’m attending one of the companies anniversary tonight.
My wife’s taking forever to get dressed,she doesn’t nee-d make-up and she looks gorgeous in whatever she wears but she’ll never agree to that.That’s women for you anyway.
“So how do I look?”She asked standing up.
I place my hand on my jaw.
“Do a twirl for me?”
She giggled and turned around.
Immediately, I’m standing behind her Zi-pping down the dress.
“What’s the problem with it?”She asked and I could s-en-se she was rolling her eyes at me.
“I saw the lines of your un-derwear”I replied.
“Seriously? It’s just….”
“You’re not going to the p@rty with this dress because I’ll be uncomfortable all night long”I declared.
She sighed and walked into the dressing room to get changed.
Soon,she walked back into the be-droom and I made a mental note to burn or dispose the dress she was currently wearing….but secretly though.
“Too short”I complained.
“Babe,I thought you said we were alre-ady late”She whined.
“There will be a lot of men in that p@rty,some of them don’t really care if you’re married or not,once they see this dress on you,they won’t keep their eyes off you and I might be tem-pted to punch….”
“Babe,calm down”She cut in and walked back into the dressing room.
I followed her and went throu-gh her clothes then pu-ll-ed out a very nice dress.
“Christ! I’m not going to a deliverance service,am I?”She snapped and tossed the dress aside.
She pu-ll-ed out a dress.”I’m wearing this whether you like it or not”
I shrugged,it was manageable,at least I can managed the slit being positioned at the back and not the front.
She put on the dress.Damn,I didn’t like how ti-ght it was at her bo-ob s,the dress was practically outlining her curves and edges but then we were getting seriously late and I didn’t want to spoil her mood for the p@rty.
I stood up and pu-ll-ed up the Zi-p the k!$$£d her shoulder,I made her lean back into me and slowly placed my hand on her belly.
“I want a baby bu-mp right here,I want to put a baby right here”I whispered.
She turned around to face me.
“You want us to have a baby?”She asked, excitedly.
I nodded.
“Oh babe,I have always wanted to be pregnant for you”She said and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“You still want us to have three kids?”I asked.
I vividly remembered when we were d@t!ng,she had wanted to have three kids for me.
She slowly dis£ngaged from me.
I wra-pped my arms around her w@!st.
“I might want more than that,how many kids do you want?”
“I want everything you want,baby.We could even make a football team”
Abby laughed and flung her arms around my n£¢k.
“I don’t think I might be strong enough for that”
I lowered my head and feathered a k!ssto herl-ips.
“Are you happy,baby?”
She nodded, smiling broadly.”Idunnu mi”(My joy)
I k!$$£d her again and whispered.”Ola mi”(my wealth)
“Ayo mi”(My happiness)She replied.
“Iyo aye mi”(Salt of my life)With that,I k!$$£d her de-eply…joy consuming my soul.
“If we keep this up,we might not be able to go to the p@rty”She said, breathlessly.
I cu-mpped her face in my hands, resting my forehead on hers.
“Actually,we could start working on having a baby right now”
“We have all the time in the world but right now,we have to go”She said and walked pas-sed me, turning around to sma-ck my bu-tt.
I chuckled.”Sunshine, you just started the sma-cking”I announced.
She darted off towards the door,I hurriedly made after her.
She slowed down when we got to the staircase and I held her hand in mine.
“I’ll let you off the hook today”I whispered.
She doesn’t complain when I sma-ck her bu-tt because I always go gently but then when she sma-cks mine….oh boy!
My footsteps halted seeing Clara obviously waiting for us down the stairs.
I stared at Abby confused.
“Oh,Clara wanted to come with us,I figured it’ll be good for her so she wouldn’t be bored”Abby explained.
I sighed and stared back at Clara.It was as if she was going to a night club to s£dûç£all the men or something.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m turned on or anything but I despise women who dress like prostitutes.
I placed a k!sson Abby’sl-ips.
“I’ll get the car re-ady”And then,I walked away.