Re married Episode 18 & 19

💔💔Re married💔💔
episode 18
The water dropping on my b©dy felt nice especially when I got my husband close to me, hisl-ips on my flesh makes me want to hold him and never let go.
“Jane I’ve missed you so much” he whispered in my n£¢k and it was tingling.
“I’ve missed you more” I said b!tt!g myl-ip.
His hands on my n-ked flesh drawing trails made me go we-t but that feeling that Amaka is here makes me sad.
“Jeff we can’t do this” I said in a low tune.
“why? You are my wife” he said still holding me ti-ght.
“Amaka might be looking for you,i don’t want her to find out about our plans” I said and he let go heading to the be-droom and I went after him.
“Jeff fine let’s do it” I said tou-ching his back and he turned to face me.
“st©p behaving like that, am more than grateful that you trust me and I know that there is an end to everything” he said
“I love you so much for being the best husband and for feeling my life with happiness” I said smiling.
He wore his clothe then started heading for the door but st©pped.
“I forgot something” he said
“what is it” I asked smiling.
“a goodnight k!ss” he said smiling.
He k!$$£d me then finally left my room.
💕Amaka pov💕
“I wonder where my husband is” I said to myself.
“I have to go check for him” I c@m£ down from the be-d only for him to walk inside.
“hi love where have you been” I said smiling.
He didn’t even respond, he just took a be-dcover went to the couch and l@ydown.
“why are you slee-ping there?” I asked but he didn’t respond.
I was very angry because I expected him to lie close to me.
“don’t worry Jeff, soon you would come running to me” I said angrily.
💛Jeff’s mum pov💛
I never thought that I would see that shameless girl Amaka again
“grandma I heard Emily’s voice” she closed the door then c@m£ to where I was.
“what’s wrong” I asked patting her hair.
“am scared that she might come to my room” she said in a sad tune
“she won’t okay” I said faking a smile.
“can I sleep here for tonight” she asked.
“yes my grandchild” I k!$$£d her forehead.
“granny plea-se don’t let mum Jane go, am missing her alre-ady because I’ve not seen her….”
“don’t worry you would get to see your mum she won’t leave” I said because she was afraid that Jane would leave now that her shameless mother Amaka is in the house.
****2 days later…..
💕Amaka POV💕
This few days that I’ve stayed here was indeed a nice one, everything was going as planned.
Jane and Jeff were really going far from each other and it made me happy.
I stared at the portion In my hand and I smiled devilishly.
“jeff after drinking this, you would be looses your s-en-ses and won’t think straight then after that he would sign the divorce papers without knowing.” I said to myself laughing.
When I went into the kitchen I saw the tea that Jane made for Jeff (she made it because Jeff’s mum f0rç£d her to) I poured the substance and quic-kly left so that no one would see me.
“Jeff call your lawyer so that he would bring the divorce papers” I said in a ro-mantic way after he finished drinking the tea
“yes I would do that” he said in a drun!ken way.
He called his lawyer and the lawyer said that he was coming.
“I can’t wait for the main show to begin” I said smiling.
Everyone was In the living room, no one was talking to each other.
Jeff c@m£ inside and started misbehaving the way I wanted it.
“I would be free today” Jeff said laughing stupidly.
“I wonder what’s wrong with this cheat” Jane said while his mother hissed.
Just then the lawyer c@m£ inside ma-king everyone surprised except me.
“sir here are the divorce papers” he said giving it to Jeff and I smiled.
“what is wrong” Jane asked confusedly.
I walked closer to Jeff and patted him on his shoulder and kept telling him that’s his doing the right thing.
His next action shocked me.
He turned to me with all seriousness on his face.
“you failed again wench” he said smiling ma-king me confused.
“do you think that you can drug me like before again?” he asked.
“thanks to Jane my wife who made your plans failed.
💄Jane’s pov💄
Amaka just stood there dissapointed because her plans failed.
💄Jane POV💄
Things are finally going as planned, Amaka made things easier for us I said to myself.
Just then the spoon I used in turning the tea fell down, so I bent down to pick it.
I heard footsteps and when I peeped it was Amaka so I had to look for a somewhere to hide in the kitchen, she c@m£ inside and dropped something into his tea without she knowing that I was watching, After she has left, I c@m£ out from my hiding and smiled.
“many surprises would hit you today Amaka and this would be the first” I said to myself smiling.
I Texted Jeff and told him about what just happened and he agreed to pl@yhis cards well.
Episode 19
💄Jane POV💄
Amaka was so shocked to hear this but soon she started smiling
“fine you guys won this time, but that doesn’t mean that I would leave, remember am carrying your child” she said laughing
“why not, my happiness is that you are laughing because soon you would be crying” I said angrily.
“Jane am impressed, keep it up” she said trying to leave but my voice st©pped her.
“our family doctor has finally arrived, plea-se come in sir” I said and she turned back in shock.
“show us the real report now” I ordered and the doctor brou-ght it out.
I gave it to Amaka to re-ad and she was so shocked.
“this can’t be you are trying to frame me” Amaka said in a teary voice.
” just the way you deal with evidence that’s the way I do with evidence” I said smiling.
I inser-ted a CD plate into our DVD pla-yer and soon it started pla-ying.
Everyone just stared in surprise.”so plea-se explain to us yourself” I said and she quic-kly ran to hold Jeff.
“Jeff plea-se forgive me, I did it to gain back your love” she said crying.
💄Jane POV💄
I took Emily to the hospital because she was having high fever.
I wanted to see our family doctor but they directed me to another doctor instead because he was busy.
“if you can wait for Amaka then you are free to wait but if you can’t plea-se follow me I would show you to a new doctor” a nurse said.
“plea-se who is this Amaka” I asked.
“the ex wife of Jeffrey the successful business man” the nurse said.
“I would wait” I said faking a smile.
“Emily wait here for me I would be right back okay” I said smiling and she nodded her head weakly.
I kept targeting when no one was watching.
The nurse finally left and I quic-kly ran inside.
“where are they” I asked myself
I wanted to go back when I heard her voice.
I went closer only for me to see her and the doctor in a small room where a patient can change and go for checkup.
I quic-kly brou-ght out my phone, silenced it and started recording.
“thanks for helping me out, everyone trusts you so they believed our lies” Amaka said k!ss!ngthat old man.
“I would do anything for you” the doctor said.
They kept saying everything that I wanted to hear and it made me happy.
She sat on his d!¢k and they both started having S-x.
I just recorded some and left.
After she left, I went to see the doctor and I showed him the video.
“hope you like what you are seeing” I said smiling.
He adjusted uncomfortably on his chair then re-moved his glas-ses
“what do you want” he asked and it made me smile.
“just leave my house immediately” Jeff said angrily but Amaka kept clinging to him.
We dragged her out of the house including the doctor.
“you forgot your handkerchief, here it is” Emily gave it to her.
“handkerchief is used for wiping tears so you can also use it because it fits the pres£nt situation” Emily said again
****In the evening****
Everyone was happy again, we ate dinner as one family and finally we went to our various rooms.
“thanks a lot for everything, I really appreciate” Jeff said.
“it’s nothing let’s talk later as for now I really nee-d to bath”I said and he smiled staring at my b©dy.
Finally everything is over I said to myself.
I turned on the shower and stared at the mirror only for me to see my husband’s reflection.
“Jeff I want to bath alone” I said
“I won’t let that happen” he said smiling.
He drew me closer to himself and ca-ressed my brea-st.
“Jeff plea-se st©p I beg of you” I said with a serious tune this time.
“fine I would leave” he said leaving the bathroom.
After I was done, he went in to take his bath.
I wore the new transparent night go-wn he bought for me as a gift.
Jeff just wore his clothe and went to be-d without even staring at me.
“Is he angry” I asked myself
Soon he was fast asleep.
“was I too harsh?” I asked myself.
The next morning was a Saturday and he wasn’t going to work.
“sweetheart let’s shower together” I said smiling.
“I don’t want to bath now, am going for a walkout” he said faking a smile.
“then let’s do it when you are back”
“just take your bath alone, I would do the same when am back” he said leaving.
I waited for him to come back and targeted when he was going to bath.
Immediately he entered the bathroom,i re-moved my clothes and walk in n-ked.
“I waited for you to come back so let’s bath together” I said praying that he agrees.
“just take your bath first he said leaving.
I wanted to hold him but he shifted and I sli-pped.
He caught me.
Our b©dy were so closed and we kept staring at each other.
“am sorry that you nearly sli-pped, but I really nee-d to go” he said turning away.
He left me there standing alone.
💕Jeff pov💕
I know that am being harsh on her but I like it like that.
The way Jane behaves makes me feel that am forcing myself on her.
I spent a lot of time with my daughter and it made me happy.
I went throu-gh her books and so many more.
I just kept myself busy today because I was trying to avoid my wife.
Finally it was slee-ping time again so I have no choice but to face her.
I heard her voice coming from the dressing room.
I locked our be-droom door and went to check on her.
I was shocked to see her crying.
“Jeff am sorry plea-se forgive me” she cried c@r£ss!ngmy picture.
I was so shocked.
“I thought that she wanted me far, what’s the tears all about” I said to myself.
I went closer to her and immediately she saw me, she hid the picture and cleaned her eyes.
“what are you doing here? ” I asked.
“I c@m£ to change into my night wear” she said trying to leave but I drew her to myself.
“didn’t I say that you should st©p crying because it hurts me” I said and she turned to me.
“Jeff am sorry, I wanted to bath alone so that I would come out with the new nightgo-wn to show you” she said.