Re married Episode 20 to 22

💔💔Re married💔💔
Episode 20
💕Jeff POV💕
I really mistaken by her actions, but it wasn’t my fault because she’s always doing it.
“am sorry but plea-se don’t cry anymore okay” I said tou-ching her face.
“am so sorry plea-se don’t leave me alone” she said hvgging me ti-ghtly.
“I won’t ever try such” I said Patting her back.
We later la-id on the couch in the dressing room, her head was on my che-st.
“am so happy that all the evil has ended” I said happily.
She shifted a little then stared at my face.
“why are you staring at me like that?” I asked
“it seems my husband didn’t miss me or is anyone satisfying him outside” she said shaking her head.
“you aren’t serious right?” I said sitting upright.
“am serious because the husband I know can’t stay without having his wife” she said in a serious tune.
“that’s true I have someone who is really giving me what I want that’s why I don’t want to have S-x with you because you are boring and a learner” I said keeping a serious face.
“I see, so who is the person” she asked pretending to be angry.
“why should I tell you?” I asked
“so that I can teach her a lesson for going near my husband” she said ma-king a puppy face.
“I won’t tell you”i said trying to stand up but she pushed me back to the chair and sat on my b©dy.
“tell me now or else I would……. Ouch” she shouted unable to complete her statement because I turned her over and I was now the one up.
I k!$$£d herl-ips, st©pped and stared at her eyes.
“I really missed you so much this few weeks without you, has really been ha-rd on me” I said in a ro-mantic way and she smiled.
“I love you so much jeff plea-se st©p the torture am dying inside” she said bringing her face closer to mine.
Everything in me has really missed her.
💄Jane’s pov💄
I’ve really waited for this.
I was hungry to have him,i returned his every t©uçh and k!ss.
“I love you so much” I said in a whisper.
“I love you too” he replied as always.
The heat was so intense, everything was going fast and I love it that way.
“fv¢k! he’s so good” I said to myself as he kept moving in and out of me……….
“thanks” I said in a low voice
“for what?” he asked.
“for been the best husband” I said smiling.
“you are welcome, thanks also for restoring happiness back into my life” he said
“can we sleep here, I don’t have the strength to go back to our room” I told him.
“it’s okay like this because we are closer” he smiled.
I rested my head on his shoulder while he used his hand to wra-p me to himself.
“goodnight honey” I heard him say.
“sweet dreams love” I said in a sleepy tune.
The dining was so quiet as everyone munched there food just then Jeff spoke.
“we would all be going out this evening to have fun in order to celebr@te our victory” my husband said and we were all happy.
After church, we rested a little before we started ma-king preparations to go out.
The place we went to was so beautiful and there were a lot of games to pla-y.
“do you like it?” he whispered in my n£¢k while his hands went around his w@!st.
“yes thanks a lot” I said smiling.
His k!$$£d my n£¢k and I closed my eyes forgetting that I was in a public place.
“I love you” he said before letting go.
“I love you too” I said.
He left me standing there, later he c@m£ and carried me up.
“geez what are you doing” I said shyly because people were staring.
“since my wife can’t walk so I c@m£ to carry her” he gave a charming smile that made My Heart skip.
We pla-yed different games and indeed it was more than fun.
“thank you lord for giving me the best family” I said in thought.
Seeing them happy makes me angry, the way he t©uçhes Jane pisses me off and makes me want to kill him
“it’s just 2 years and some months and she has alre-ady moved on, just be happy for now because soon you would be mine again” I said letting out an evil grin
Episode 21
🔥Richie’s pov🔥
I know that my pres£nce would surprise everyone, but actually I didn’t die.
I was on my way out of town when I was attacked by goons.
I was beaten till I bec@m£ unconscious and everything was taken from me including my car.
An elderly man helped me and according to him I fell into comma.
Thanks to the goon that stole my car he died my die lol.
I was happy to be back only to find out Jane was married.
I love her so much and I hate seeing her with anyone because she’s mine alone.
I’ve alre-ady set my tra-p and she would be coming back to me today.
“sir she just went to her husbands company” my men said.
“she’s not his wife fool, just get her to me okay” I shouted over the phone.
💄Jane’s pov💄
Jeff just c@m£ back to town today after 3 days of him leaving us to his work as usual.
I prepared lunch and took it to his company.
He was so happy to see me.
His friends join in and they loved the food.
Jeff kept looking at me in a ro-mantic way and it made me shy.
After his friends left, he went to lock the door.
“what are you doing?” I asked
“I can’t hold on any longer 3 days is not an easy job” I smiled.
He moved closer to me.
“don’t tell me that you want to take me in your office” he bite hisl-ips charmingly as he drew me to himself.
He unZi-pped my go-wn a little.
“Jeff you are silly let’s do it at home”I said and he k!$$£d me instead.
I missed him too.
Soon we were all over each other and it was a new experience doing it on his table just that I couldn’t m0@n loud because of the environment.
This evening would be h0t and I can’t wait for him to come home.
I st©pped at a supermarket to pick somethings, on my way coming out some people attacked me.
I wanted to shout but my nose was covered with something and I pas-sed out.
🔥Richie’s pov🔥
I was so happy to have my wife back, even in her unconscious state, she looks so pretty.
I k!$$£d herl-ips.
“I can’t wait to be inside her again” I said drawing trails on her b©dy.
When she opened her eyes she was shocked to see me.
“surprise” I said smiling
“you are mine forever not even that Jeff can take you away from me” I said holding her hair ti-ghtly.
“you would pay for this” she said.
“watch this” I said showing her a video.
“I know everything he does and my men are always around, once I tell them to shoot, his gone forever” I said laughing.
“plea-se don’t hurt my husband plea-se” she begged and it got me angry because I know that she has fallen de-eply for him.
“his not your husband am the only husband you have” I shouted frightening her.
“I would not harm him if you do what I say” I said to her cheek.
“I would do but plea-se spare him” she begged.
“tell everyone that you weren’t kidnapped that you went to see your husband who was mistaken to be dead also I want you to divorce him and be with me again” I said and she wi-de-ned her eyes in shock.
“are you doing it or do you want him to die?” I said angrily cutting her off.
“I would do it” she said.
“that’s my wife” I said patting her hair.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
I got a call saying that my wife was kidnapped.
I quic-kly rushed to the scene only to find her car and phone.
“plea-se save my wife because I can’t leave without her” I said to the police men in charge.
“we would try our best sir” one of the police man said.
It was evening alre-ady and no lead has been found.
“son eat something she would be fine” my mum said worriedly.
“I can’t eat, I just can’t. Earlier today we were so happy and now she’s not here” I said almost in tears.
“dad where is mummy” Emily asked.
“she is on her way just go to be-d okay” I said faking a smile.
****The next day…………
“it’s better for me to be in prison than for Jeff to die,am really missing him so much” I said In thought.
Me and Richie drove to Jeff’s house to give him the big surprise.
“madam is here o” our gateman shouted immediately he saw me.
I didn’t nee-d to go inside because everyone was outside including the police.
“Jane I was so scared am so happy to have you back, I can’t leave without you” my husband said hvgging me.
I felt so sad and helpless. “how would he feel to hear what am about to say” I said in thought.
I pu-ll-ed away from him and he stared at me in surprise.
“I wasn’t kidnapped so there is no nee-d to get worried.” I said and everyone stared at me.
“I went back to my husband who was mistaken to be dead because I’ve really missed him” I said again and the phone Jeff was holding fell from his hand ma-king My Heart skip.
“Jane what are you saying” he asked with an unknown expression.
“I only got married to you out of pity and in order to help your daughter and besides your mum was the one that kept pleading that’s why I accepted. Now that my lovely husband is back, I want to end this marriage and go back to him. Here are the divorce papers plea-se sign them because I’ve done my p@rt” I said boldly in a way you would think that I mean it.
“Jane just tell me that you are kidding, you know that I love you so much and you also lo….”
“I don’t love you, if you want to make me happy just sign it and set me free” I said in a high voice shocking everyone.
He took the divorce papers from me.
“you can go back to your husband I would sign them” he said cleaning his tears.
Richie hvgged me.
“I love you so much Jane thanks for choosing me” Richie said and to my surprise he k!$$£d me de-eply in front of everyone.
“Jeff plea-se forgive me” I said crying inside of me.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
Seeing him k!ss!ngher was killing, I ran inside and sat down, I stood up again and started walking around.
My Heart was burning and it was as if they where shredding in to pieces.
I wanted to cry,scream because I was helpless.
“why is this house h0t even with all the air conditioner” I asked no one in p@rticular.
I pu-ll-ed my shi-t and singlet ex-posing my ba-re che-st.
“son plea-se just let it out st©p holding it back” mom said.
Tears where pouring like water.
I screamed my heart out because I couldn’t hold on any longer.
Episode 22
💄Jane’s pov💄
I sat on my be-d feeling dejected, I remembered the look on my husband’s face. “Jeff plea-se don’t sign it” I said in thought just then I felt someone’s grip on my arm I looked up to see Richie and fear griped me.
“your acting was very good and I loved it” he smiled devilishly.
I had the perfect opportunity to expo-se Richie but my husband life was at stake because they were watching him from every angle.
“I would get you something to eat” I said trying to stand up but he drew me back twisting my hands.
“its painful” I cried out.
“am not done with you yet and you try to leave are you mad or is that the way that idiot has been teaching you” he said angrily not minding if his hurting me.
He to-re my clothes from behind and made his way inside of me.
When he was done he just left me there to nurse my pain.
2 weeks later………
💕Jeff POV💕
Son you forgot this” my mum said giving it to me.
“thanks mum” I hvgged her before leaving.
This few weeks has been very ha-rd for me but am managing.
Emily keeps asking for her mum and we keep lying as always.
I entered the mall bought things that we nee-d.
“toys for Emily” I said to myself.
When I entered the elevator it was empty and it made me happy.
“no much people today” I said to myself smiling.
When we got to floor 3 it st©pped and someone who was my wife entered inside i felt happy and some how sad because we would soon reach our various destinations.
When she saw me she was surprised and shy,she shifted far from me and pretended not to know me.
“has it gotten to that level” I asked her but she didn’t reply just then we heard noise.
“what was that” she said unknowingly
“the elevator just broke down that means we are stock here” I said happily.
“you are kidding right” she said.
“am not” I replied.
We kept standing when we got tired, we sat down.
“how is your husband” I asked.
“he is fine” she replied and everywhere was silent again.
“how is Emily” she finally asked breaking the silence.
“what do you expect? She’s really sick, not eating she only wants her mum” I said with a pitiful voice to see her reaction.
I saw tears dropped from her eyes and she quic-kly wiped it off
I moved closer to her and lifted her face.
“why are you doing this” I asked
“nothing” she turned way again.
I tried tou-ching her shoulder but she shifted back a little “it’s painful” she said without realizing it
“I meant it’s…. ” I pu-ll-ed her closer and shifted her clothes a little and what I saw Made me weep.
“his punishing you again and I know that you are staying because his blackmailing you” I said angrily.
“Jeff it’s not like that…. ”
“then it’s like what?” I asked and she just kept staring at me.
Soon we started hearing noises and it seems that the elevator was fixed she stood and I did same she wanted to move far from me again but I drew her back and k!$$£d her.
“what is this for” she asked in fear.
“this k!ssshows that you are coming back to me soon” immediately the elevator opened I walked out first.
💄Jane’s pov💄
I went home feeling scared.
When I entered Richie was watching news.
“why the delay” he asked angrily
“the elevator broke down so I was stoke” I said fearfully
“with who” he ask this time shouting.
“with my Jeff” he stood up with anger and pushed me to the floor and I pas-sed out immediately.
At the hospital
I opened my eyes slowly to see myself on a hospital be-d.
“sweetheart you are finally awake” Richie said in a sweet tune.
“are you feeling okay? Am sorry for my attitude lately” I was so surprised.
“am okay but I want to sit upright” I said trying to sit up and he stood up immediately and helped me out.
“what is wrong with Richie did he win an important position” I asked myself.
“I have good news to share” he said smiling and for the first time he looked so handsome.
“go on” I said faking a smile
“we are expecting triplets soon” he said this time dancing.
My Heart beat st©pped My Heart sank.
“you are two weeks and some days pregnant for me” he said smiling.
I was so shocked.
“This can’t be, I can’t be pregnant for this monster” I said crying inside.
“it’s game over” I said sadly facing down.
💕Jeff’s pov💕
Finally I can now show my rascality.
I just wanted to confirm if Jane was f0rç£d or not and now I know, that fool won’t escape hell this time.
There was a time that I wished that he was alive so that I could teach him a lesson and God answered my prayers.
My happiness is that my wife is carrying my kids.
I heard to bribe the doctor to give fake report in order to tame him for now and it worked.
Now we know who owns the baby.
Let’s see what Jeff can do.