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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Re married Episode 16 & 17

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💔💔Re married💔💔

Episode 16




“do not conclude ok and besides I didn’t even think of you for one bit and don’t try to act as if you know me” I said angrily

“ok as you wish” she smiled.

After 15 minutes of our discussion she started sleeping.

I felt someone’s head on my body only to realise that it was Amaka.

I tried shaking her off but she held my arm tightly and rested her head on my body pretending to be sleeping.

“geez she’s such a character” I said to myself.

Jane’s lovely voice echoed in my head I smiled to myself.

“Jane am missing you so much even if it has not been long we left each other just know that I love you so much” I smiled again staring at her picture that I used for my wallpaper.


💕Amakas pov💕

I was missing my husband so much and I want him back to my life.

I need to maintain my status as a good woman and I also need money for that.

Sleeping around with other men wasn’t my intention because my husband didn’t satisfy me sexually.

In that aspect Jeff was the best no one has satisfied me sexually like the way he those.

I did all of that for money, to leave to show order women that I also know the thing.

Am not regretting

it, the only thing I regret is loosing my husband to someone else.

I wasn’t asleep I just wanted to feel him again and indeed it comforting.

Just then he said something about his wife and it made me angry.

“it seems that I can’t get you to leave your wife so the table must turn around. I would make Jane dump you instead” I said angrily still closing my eyes.

When our plane was about to land, I wasn’t happy but I had to accept it.


💕Jeff’s pov💕

I wanted to tell my friends about Amaka but I discarded the idea.

“Jeff we finally got here let’s prove to them that we are best just like last time” my bestie said.

“that’s our main aim” we went to our different hotel rooms.


💄Jane’s pov💄

I couldn’t just concentrate on anything, everything reminded me of my husband.

“God please make my husband the best in whatever he does” I prayed silently.

“what is my daughter In-law preparing” my mother in-law asked

“porridge plantain” I replied.

“is someone already missing her husband?” Jeff’s mum asked.

“yes mum,am missing him” I said

We talked about everything before serving dinner.

“Jane take this it might make you smile” it was an old box and I was curious to know what was inside.

After eating I went inside my room and opened the box and poured out the contents just to find out that it was pictures.

I took one of the picture and stared at it only to find out that it was Jeff’s pictures that he took while in secondary school.


was always handsome” I said to myself.

I kept staring at them, some made me laugh especially his graduation pictures with his friends.

I saw a picture of his inter house sports uniform.

I also saw the one we took together.

Just as I was about to pack the pictures back I saw a small pink envelope.

I opened it only to find out that it was a love letter he wanted to give to me back then but couldn’t.

“mum thanks for giving me this it really helped a lot” I said to myself placing it on my chest.


3 weeks later…….

💕Jeff POV💕

It was 3 weeks already and everything was going fine, I still miss my wife like crazy and I can’t wait to see her.

“Jeff aren’t you done yet? The party has already begun.

Me bestie said.

“am done, let’s start going” I told him.

We threw the party for the success of the business so far.

There where lots of drinks, plenty girls etc I just sat at a corner watching my other colleagues.

I was tired and wanted to head back to my room since the party was organized in the same hotel.

I decided to take an orange juice before going.

The waiter brought it for me and I drank all of them.

I started feeling dizzy ,I felt like sleeping before I could know what was happening i passed out.


💕Amaka’s pov💕

I drugged his juice and it made him unconscious for a while.

We went straight to his room, I took his card and used it in opening the door.

Thanks to the waiter I paid, he helped me in taking Jeff to his room.

After he left, I locked the door, undressed Jeff.

“I need to make him erect in order for the job to be done properly” I said to myself.

After making him have an erection, I went to shower.

“Jeff would father my unborn child” I said smiling.

I was 2 weeks pregnant already but by using this method Jeff would be held responsible.

I dropped my towel climbed the bed and stared at Jeff for a while.

“I’ve missed you so much, I can’t wait for your wife to leave you in order to take my space back” I kissed him knowing fully well that he can’t respond.

I made him enter me fully before riding him.

“I’ve missed you so much” I said in almost a whisper because I was really enjoying it.

At long last what I wanted happened.

He shot his seed inside of me and after that I collapsed beside him.

“I can’t wait to see his reaction when he find out that I had sex with him. Even if he tries to hide the truth my pictures about what just happened would speak for itself ” I laughed hysterically because my mission was complete.


episode 17


💕Jeff’s pov💕

I stretched on my bed lazily, my head was really aching me.

“how did I get to my room” I asked myself holding my head.

The last that I remembered was getting dizzy after drinking the juice.

“how can an orange juice get me drunk” I asked myself.

“good morning my love” I heard amaka say and I was so shocked.

I turned to where her voice came from only to see her lying unclad on my bed.

“what are you doing here” I asked praying for a positive response.

“I came to spend the night with my husband and I really enjoyed it” her words pierced My Heart

“leave here immediately or else I would throw you out” I shouted.


“I would leave in peace but please stop shouting” she stood up wore her clothes and left .

“Jane am so sorry please forgive” I said almost in tears.

I went to take my bath and was about entering my room when my phone beeped.

I took it and saw that it was my wife Jane and my heart skipped.

“how are you love?” she said.

“am cool” I lied.

“am sorry for calling by this time, I know that it is late but I missed you so much and besides you refused taking my call since in the afternoon” she said forming to be angry.

“am so sorry, I slept off because I was so tired and besides it is morning here so it isn’t late” I said faking a smile.

“be careful okay I don’t want anything to go wrong” she said.


“if only she knew that my ex wife was with me all night, I just pray she doesn’t find out” I said in thought.

“Jeff I just saw Amaka a while ago outside the hotel” my best friend said without knowing that I was talking with my wife Jane on the phone, it was when he came closer that he saw that it was Jane I was speaking to.

“good morning our wife” he greeted

“morning dear. Jeff’s is he referring to your ex wife” she asked.

“yes but I’ve not seen her” I lied.

“once again be careful have a nice day at work love you”

“goodnight sweet heart, love you more” I said.

“Jeff I didn’t know that you were talking to your wife”

“it’s okay, but please let’s never discuss about her” he nodded his head in agreement.


💕Amakas pov💕

I was really happy because I would be going back to my husband’s house today.

Finally the awaited day has arrived I said laughing.

When I got to the gate, the gate keeper opened the gate for me but before he could realize that it was me I’ve already driven in.

“sir our former madam is here” the idiot announced.

“no need for the announcement, am already here ” jeff said and I gave a fake smile.

Everyone was shocked to see me especially Jeff.


“mother in-law, I’ve really missed you” I said going to hug her but she shifted back.

“don’t even think of it” she said angrily glaring at me.

“my little angel mommy has really missed you don’t you miss me?” I said going to meet Emily but instead she went to hold that wench Jane.

“mum don’t let her touch me” she told Jane, that alone brought tears to my eyes because I really loved my child.

“Jane I would take back everything you stole from me gradually” I said to myself cleaning my tears.

“leave now or I would throw you out” Jeff’s mum threatened.

“am sorry to say this, but am not leaving I actually came to stay with my husband” everyone stared at me in shock.

“Jeff what is she saying” Jane asked in fear.

“nice question honey didn’t your husband tell you that we spent almost all the night together having hot rounds of sex” I said laughing.

Jeff’s just stared at me in shock.

“Jane please don’t believe what she says, it’s all a lie” he tried explaining to his wife and mum.

“stop denying it, thank goodness that I have prove” I brought out pictures and showed it to them.

I edited the pictures in a way that you would think that Jeff was conscious and that he was enjoying it.

“Jane, mum please believe me, she’s trying to fram….”

“keep your explanations to yourself because what happened that night has produced a seed which means that am carrying your child once again” the picture in Jane’s hand fell at the mention of child as tears dropped from her eyes and I loved it.

“I won’t believe this we would run a DNA test” Jeff said and my heart skipped.

We all drove together to the hospital for the test and the result shows that Jeff is the father.


****Flashback to a day ago****

💕Amaka POV💕

“doctor I need you to do something for me” I told him.

“yes I would always do your wish my angel” the doctor said

I told him what to do and he agreed.

I know what to pay him with.




“Jeff am so disappointed in you” Jeff’s mum said to him.

“mum it isn’t tru…..”

“it’s true so stop denying,our family doctor ran the test for us and you know that he wouldn’t lie to us because he has been our personal doctor for years so please clean up your mess”his mum said angrily.

“I would not only stay in my husbands house, but I would stay with him in the same room” I said.

“for whatever you wish” his mom said making me smile.


💕Jeff’s pov💕

Through out today Jane has not spoken to me, she moved into another room because of this idiot called Amaka

My mum allowed her to stay to avoid spoiling our reputation.

I was so down because I am loosing everyone.

I went straight to Jane’s room, I wanted to knock on the door but I changed my mind.

“she might be feeling sad, let me just allow her for now” I said to myself trying to leave but someone drew me inside and closed the door.


“I’ve really missed you so much” Jane said hugging me.

I was really surprised.

“Jane stop pretending to be happy because I know that you are angry with me so is mum” I told her.

“am not angry neither is mum we just have to act the way Amaka expected, we trust you and you know that. The only way to expose her evil deeds is for her to be angry so please don’t feel sad” she said.

“Jane please tell me that am not dreaming” I said crying.

“am not angry with you am only angry because you hid things from me” she said cleaning my eyes.

“am so sorry I didn’t want you to get worried”i said still sobbing.

“you just came back this early morning, and you must be stressed” she said and I just stared at her.

“I’ve missed you so much and just know that I love you more than anything in the world” I said still hugging her.

“let’s shower together” she told me and I laughed

“OK let’s go” I replied holding her hand.


💄Jane’s pov💄

I was sad seeing my husband this way.

I knew that such thing would happen one day.

At first jeff mum wanted to believe the idiots lie but when I explained things to her, she thanked me so much.

“Amaka I would make you pay for framing my husband like this” I said to myself.





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