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February 25, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 22

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My mind as a teenager


episode 22

He held me for a while and I felt his d**k go


Me: You’re no longer hard?

Law: Yes baby. We need to stop here.

Me: Why? I want to return this favour.

Law: You don’t need to baby. We don’t need

to rush things.

Me: But I want to

Law: Baby,let’s not rush things. I want to

take you gracefully,not in a place like this.

You deserve better than loosing your virginity

in a waec hall. Baby,let’s wait ok.

For once,I was very proud to be a virgin.

I hugged him and he pecked my forehead.


He helped me with my clothes and we

dressed up. We cuddled on that table and

five minutes later,the warning bell was rung.

Law: Baby,let me open the door for you and

you’ll go down first before people fill the


Me: Okay. We’ll see tomorrow

Law: Good night

Me: Good night too.

This time,I did the pecking. We quietly went

down the stairs and he opened the door after

looking to be sure that nobody was around.


I quickly found my way to my class which

was noisy at the time. I packed my books

and locked my locker. I was the prayer

prefect so I had to organise girls who would

say the rosary back to the hostel. I quickly

left the class after short good nights to the

few guys in my class that I talked to.

That night,I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing on

my bed. I kept remembering our short time at

the waec hall. I had never felt that way before

and I was happy that he was gentle and

respected women.

I made up my mind that I was going to date

him,whether I was sure I loved him or

not,come ss3,we would be official.

I think we don’t always know what the future

has for us. Lawrence and i would see after

the morning mass,before classes

began,during break,after school,before and

after preps.


We would steal hugs and pecks whenever we

felt no one was watching. Two weeks later,it

was in the lips of everyone that Law and I

were already getting intimate. It was Regina

who approached me directly.

Exams was one week away. I was at the

library on a Thursday during my free period

when Regina came and sat beside me.

Regina; I’ve been looking for you Rose

She whispered.

Me: Sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming here.

Any problem?

Regina: A little

I got curious to know what the matter was.

Me: Oya nah. Tell me,what is the matter?

She looked around and leaned a bit closer

Regina: Are you sleeping with Law?

Now,I was shocked.

Me: Excuse me?

Regina: please don’t get angry biko(please).

Me: Where did you here that?

Regina: Reduce your voice. The librarian

would soon be here to  send us out.

I closed my books and looked at her;

Me: Follow me please.




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