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My mind as a teenager – episode 23

My mind as a teenager
episode 23
We walked out of the library and I led her to
the lab building which was a different
building. We got to the biology lab and sat
down. The lab was open to all s£nior
students during school hours.
Me: Reg,where did you hear that rubbish
Reg: Nne,calm down. I heard it from Judith.
Me: Judith? How can Judith say something
like that?
Reg: I asked her where she heard it from and
she said that Chinenye was the one who
claimed to have seen you and Lawrence
Me: Where?
Reg: Behind the canteen.
I won’t lie. I felt relieved. If she had said the
waec hall,I would have cooled down
immediately but thank God,she wasn’t even
sure of what she was saying. Chinenye
always had an eye on Law. She wanted him
and she doesn’t even hide it.
Me: I need to teach that girl a lesson.
How can she be saying such unholy things?
Reg: But everyone is saying that you two are
up to something.
Me: Law is my boyfriend but we’re not yet
official. I told you nah. We just do things
together and that’s all.
Reg: Okay. But don’t approach Chinenye
Me: I must. She needs to mind her mouth
and the rubbish that comes out from it.
Reg: Nne,she doesn’t count joor.
Nobody will say that he or she haven’t
noticed the clos£ness between between you
and Law. Nenye is jealous and that’s the
better explanation to her baseless gossips.
Just let it be,or better still, tell Law.
Me: That’s what I’ll do. Thank you.
Reg: Ahn ahn. What are friends for?
Please let’s go back to the cl@ss block.
We went back to the library. I went into deep
thoughts. Good Lord knows that I was afraid
that the news may get to the principal.
We need to thread cautiously. I excused
myself and went in search of Lawrence but I
didn’t see him around. Even at the @ssembly
during dismissal prayers,he wasn’t there. It
was later during night prep that I saw him..
I don’t know what took me to that staircase
that led to the waec hall. And there he
was,with Chinenye, they were klzzing and his
hand was inside her gown.
To be Continued
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