My Mind as a teenager – episode 21

My mind as a Teenager
episode 21
Law: I’m crazy about you. You’re in my
head,my thoughts,everywhere,what do I do
about this? Tell me Rose,what do I do?
I myself was also getting crazy about this
Why did I even refuse him at first? There was
no nee-d answering that question. I was
alre-ady h0t just being with this guy. I pushed
myself further into his b©dy and he wra-pped
me with his muscular hands. They were so
I looked at his face and he was looking down
at me,hisl-ips were so inviting. I attacked
them with a fierceness I never knew I had.
Hisl-ips were so soft and I just didn’t want to
st©p k!ss!nghim. He slid his ton-gue into my
mouth and I sU-Cked on them. At this point,I
cared less about the management or any
student catching us. I felt his ha-rd ness on
my upper th!gh. He wanted me and I wanted
him too. He began feeling my b©dy. He let his
hands st©p its journey on my b0s0m. He
fondled them gently and I let out a m0an. He
st©pped and looked at me.
Law: Baby,let’s go upstairs.
Me: But its locked.
Law: I’m the labour prefect remember? Wait
for me here.
Me: plea-se hurry up before I start having
double thoughts about this.
He pe-cked my forehead and raced out of
there immediately.
I sat on the stair and looked at my
8:32pm. One hour and some minutes more
before prep will be over. Lawrence c@m£ back
few minutes later and quietly opened the
metal gate that led upstairs to the waec
block. We went upstairs after he locked the
door after us.
I stood at the corridor. I had never being to
that block before so in the darkness,I didn’t
know where to enter. He c@m£ to me and
lifted me,then he carried me in throu-gh one
of the doors. He dropped me on a table and
started k!ss!ngme again. We attacked our
li-ps and in the next minute,I was left in just
my p@n-t while Lawrence was left with his
bo-xers on.
He slid a ti-p into his mouth and gave it a
gentle bite. I m0aned silently. He sU-Cked on
it,moving from one ti-p to the other while I
held his head ti-ght asking him not to st©p. I
felt his hands shift the crotch of my p@n-t to a
side,then a f!nger slid into my we-t pu-ssy. I
think I m0aned loudly because he quic-kly
covered my mouth with his hands. His
f!ngerswere big and tall so a f!nger filled me
up that I swore never to let a woman t©uçh
me ever again. He gently pu-ll-ed off my p@n-ts
and stoked my cl!t for a moment.
He began sliding his f!ngersin and out of my
hole,gently at first then fast. He would make
a curve with his f!ngersinside me and the
feeling was so good. I whispered to him that
I wanted to pee.
Law: Pee in my mouth baby.
Now,that was weird. I tried to wriggle out
from his hold but he didn’t just give me that
chance. I felt full,like some liquid was poured
into my pu-ssy. I began to shake which got
me scared.I thought I was suffering from
epilepsy but when Lawrence quic-kly brou-ght
out his f!nger and replaced it with his mouth,I
knew I was going to have my first o—-m.
He sU-Cked so ha-rd but gently like his life
depended on it.
I held ti-ght to the edge of the table gave in to
the waves inside of me and I let them come
out. I felt fluids leaving my b©dy and running
into Law’s mouth. I didn’t want  it to st©p but
it sure did. Lawrence cleaned me up with his
ton-gue and hvgged me ti-ght.
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