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March 7, 2021


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My Mind as a teenager – episode 21

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My mind as a Teenager


episode 21


Law: I’m crazy about you. You’re in my

head,my thoughts,everywhere,what do I do

about this? Tell me Rose,what do I do?

I myself was also getting crazy about this


Why did I even refuse him at first? There was

no need answering that question. I was

already hot just being with this guy. I pushed

myself further into his body and he wrapped

me with his muscular hands. They were so


I looked at his face and he was looking down

at me,his lips were so inviting. I attacked

them with a fierceness I never knew I had.


His lips were so soft and I just didn’t want to

stop kissing him. He slid his tongue into my

mouth and I sU-Cked on them. At this point,I

cared less about the management or any

student catching us. I felt his hardness on

my upper thigh. He wanted me and I wanted

him too. He began feeling my body. He let his

hands stop its journey on my b0s0m. He

fondled them gently and I let out a m0an. He

stopped and looked at me.

Law: Baby,let’s go upstairs.

Me: But its locked.

Law: I’m the labour prefect remember? Wait

for me here.

Me: Please hurry up before I start having

double thoughts about this.

He pecked my forehead and raced out of

there immediately.

I sat on the stair and looked at my



8:32pm. One hour and some minutes more

before prep will be over. Lawrence came back

few minutes later and quietly opened the

metal gate that led upstairs to the waec

block. We went upstairs after he locked the

door after us.


I stood at the corridor. I had never being to

that block before so in the darkness,I didn’t

know where to enter. He came to me and

lifted me,then he carried me in through one

of the doors. He dropped me on a table and

started kissing me again. We attacked our

lips and in the next minute,I was left in just

my pant while Lawrence was left with his

boxers on.




He slid a Tip into his mouth and gave it a

gentle bite. I m0aned silently. He sU-Cked on

it,moving from one Tip to the other while I

held his head tight asking him not to stop. I

felt his hands shift the crotch of my pant to a

side,then a finger slid into my wet p**sy. I

think I m0aned loudly because he quickly

covered my mouth with his hands. His

fingers were big and tall so a finger filled me

up that I swore never to let a woman touch

me ever again. He gently pulled off my pants

and stoked my cl!t for a moment.

He began sliding his fingers in and out of my

hole,gently at first then fast. He would make

a curve with his fingers inside me and the

feeling was so good. I whispered to him that

I wanted to pee.

Law: Pee in my mouth baby.

Now,that was weird. I tried to wriggle out

from his hold but he didn’t just give me that

chance. I felt full,like some liquid was poured

into my p**sy. I began to shake which got

me scared.I thought I was suffering from

epilepsy but when Lawrence quickly brought

out his finger and replaced it with his mouth,I

knew I was going to have my first o—-m.

He sU-Cked so hard but gently like his life

depended on it.




I held tight to the edge of the table gave in to

the waves inside of me and I let them come

out. I felt fluids leaving my body and running

into Law’s mouth. I didn’t want  it to stop but

it sure did. Lawrence cleaned me up with his

tongue and hugged me tight.




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