Esther r0m@nç£episode 10

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 10
She moved her hand to circle my areola and
applied instant pressure! I g@sped slightly,
having been taken unawares by the weight
of her pressing.
I wanted to tell her that this was where she
was expected to hold onto, while the baby
sU-Ckled on the ti-p. But after opening my
mouth again, words still couldn’t flow out! I
was nearly crying within me!
“Do…you feel…funny when Kennedy sU-Cks
out milk from your b0s0m, Aunty?” she
then surprisingly questioned, rather
I nodded my head, hoping she wasn’t trying
to go where I feared she was going to go!
“Around where?” she then did!
Around where was the question, and I just
wished I could say ‘why do you want to
know?’ But I couldn’t! “My nip…ples.”
was the next thing I heard my mouth
mutter, ba-rely hearing my own self even! So,
I haven’t been able to talk all the while, and
when I finally managed to, all I could say
was ‘ti-ps’?! I was obviously un-der some
form of voodoo!
“Ok.” she then blurted!
I thought she was probably going to ask me
to also show her how funny it felt, but
thankfully she didn’t. But then, there was
suddenly, another twist to it all!
“I….’ve been wondering how…b0s0m milk…
feels in the mouth…ma” she unexpectedly
began revea-ling in addition, pausing a bit
as though to re-ad my reaction.
I remained stiff as a tree! Who said we
weren’t going back to that road again?
She continued still. “How it tastes in the
mouth…and all. I’ve just been wondering.”
I looked at her with the corner of my eye
and as soon as I met her eyes staring at my
face alre-ady, I looked away again! I didn’t
just know what else. I couldn’t even open
my mouth, let alone give a response. So,
inevitably, a long pause followed! And
Esther bent in and took my ti-p in her
mouth, forcing a very audible g@sp from my
li-ps! I never expected this, but gawwwd, it
felt incredibly soothing as the black knob
disappeared between her slightly moistl-ips!
I lifted a hand to presumably st©p her, but
the hand ended up resting on her hair and
even went further to gently ca-ress it as she
began sU-Cking on me! I was dining with
the devil now, wasn’t I? I nee-ded to st©p,
but still couldn’t find a way of not wanting
it to continue!
Moreover, she was alre-ady practically sU-
Cking the entire air out of my b0s0m like
some vacuum cleaner! And this has always
been p@rt of my Achilles Feet considering
that the erogenous zones around my
areolas never fail to betray me! So before I
could even muster any form of mental
resistance at best, I was alre-ady feeling the
flames rising! I shut my eyes ti-ghtly as my
ears got filled with slurpy we-t sounds
coming from Esther’sl-ips! I could feel
b0s0m milk jetting into her mouth and
filling it! And it was only a matter of time
before my buried ti-p began swimming in
the slightly viscous liquid! However, our
dance did take another twist to it, when I
felt her lift her free hand, and without
warning, began undoing my other b0s0m!
She must have heard my many hisses, and
felt I was rightly suc¢v-mbing. But, I
instantly tried st©pping her!
Yet, I couldn’t! Instead, I only f0rç£d her
hand into mas-saging said b0s0m throu-gh
my blouse, bringing me a series of tingly s
£nsat!ons between my legs as I literally
coll@psed at her t©uçh! I sighed, in seeming
helplessness as my head kept wanting to
break free from this, but still saw a side of
me yearning for more as I gradually
uncoiled from my shell! The more she
mas-saged my distended b0s0m, the more I
saw my b©dy yield! The squee-zing and
squashing was alre-ady causing an
incredible amount of milk to Pour from my
left ti-p, drenching my blouse in seconds!
When I couldn’t just hold out anymore, I
promptly dropped my hand from where I
had kept it in resistance to her earlier
attempt to pu-ll out the b0s0m! And as
soon as she saw this, she gently proceeded
to bring it out! Her clutching on my puffy
bulbous areola, caused another jet of sweet
milk to land on her face as soon as the
b0s0m bec@m£ visible! And she quic-kly
enveloped the spewing ti-p with herl-ips,
sU-Cking up as much milk as she could!
The s-en-sat!on was inexplicable and I was
alre-ady terribly we-t downstairs! If I were
wearing p@n-ties un-der my Sk-irt, I was so
sure it would have gotten totally sullied by
now! But given I wasn’t, it was only a
matter of time, before my th!ghs faced
similar circu-mtances!
She had now begun swapping between both
brea-sts as she literally drained them of
every drop of milk they contained within!
She took mouthfuls after mouthfuls and
equally kneaded both lumps of flesh as she
I still had my eyes shut for several minutes,
and one of hands literally c@r£ss!ng
Esther’s back! I wasn’t just sighing and
hissing anymore; I had begun m0an!ng
really loudly now as she sU-Cked on my
hyper-s-en-sitive ti-ps!
My legs remained restless, swinging and
stretching as the fire in my K!ttyC@t
bec@m£ practically unbearable! It might be
inappropriate to say, but I was indeed dying
to be pene-trated! It shouldn’t be my fault
that such state of arou-saldid come when it
was a woman in charge of affairs. After all,
she was fully responsible for it! And if I
were to be frank with myself, anytime I get
this turned on, it would have to take a
J0yst!ck, to get it quenched