Esther r0m@nç£episode 11

Esther r0m@nç£

Episode 11

But that was going to be the problem!
Fredrick wasn’t home, and wasn’t getting
back home soon, either. And here I was
dying for a J0yst!ck! Meanwhile, the speed
of my s-en-su@l heightening still wasn’t
getting any slower! Esther was now equally
c@r£ss!ngmy entire che-st and n£¢k as she
sU-Ckled away!
However, just as soon as I spre-ad my legs
a bit more so as to give her more room to
lean into me, she abruptly pu-ll-ed away from
me, without warning! Predictably, I quic-kly
opened my eyes, after regaining my breathe!
I was practically p@n-ting, as my che-st and
brea-sts heaved at a very ra-pid rate! There
was b0s0m milk everywhere and of course,
the air around us smelt heavily of it! I
couldn’t even make out Esther’s face, until
she was alre-ady almost only half an inch
away from mine! And alas, I had ba-rely
seen her when she suddenly crushed her
milk-coatedl-ips against mine!
Time st©pped!
It then felt like a movie! Like it was a
dream! I was being k!$$£d, so pas-sionately…
by my housegirl, Esther! She sU-Cked and
slurped on myl-ips, pu-lling my lower l!pfar
into her mouth!
I was losing breath as the pace of what has
now turned out to be an obvious girl-girl
love-ma-king, practically took me by storm!
My entire b©dy burned in ecstasy as sparks
of pas-sion kept ticking off everywhere she
t©uçhed! She hadn’t even k!$$£d me for
long, when I felt one of her hands on the
inside of my th!ghs!
I yielded; without resistance! My K!ttyC@t
was unbelievably soggy by now; with drools
after drools of my fluid, leaking into my
inner th!ghs!
I helplessly responded by finding her arm,
and ru-bbing it up and down; over and over!
While the whole romp was undeniably
turning me so on, I still just didn’t know
how to actually do this with a fellow
woman! Nevertheless, I began instantly
thinking otherwise when I suddenly felt her
hand on the ti-p of my Sk-irt;
and it only took a number of seconds,
before I was seated on the ba-re rug in my
living room, with my Sk-irt gone; and with
my legs spre-ad so wi-de ap@rt, revea-ling my
glistening K!ttyC@t!
Esther once again, returned herl-ips to
I was taken!
As she k!$$£d me this time, she ca-ressed
my inner th!ghs! I jilted and jo-lted at every
t©uçh; as I kept anticipating an inevitable
move for my pri-vate p@rt! She also began
undressing herself fully with her other hand,
as our ton-gues fli-cked and speared each
other! She had just finished doing this, when
she then returned to my left ti-p, which was
still leaking milk! She didn’t choose to pick
it up this time, instead she positioned her
mouth un-der the stiff knob after squee-zing
my areola, and then watched as raw milk
dribbled its way down into the cusp of her
ton-gue! It was certainly the most ero-tic
thing I had ever seen, and my, I got triple
turned on!
So much so, that I had to literally nudge
myself closer as soon as Esther’s hand
c@m£ just within tou-ching distance of my
burning K!ttyC@t!
And as soon as I did, she gr@bb£d my moist
v—a in her ba-re palm! I felt like exploding!
I just couldn’t wait for her to do whatever it
was she was going to do, and my p@n-ting
and m0an!ng had gone way louder now!
And my, I literally screamed when she
slightly p@rted my seeping slit, and in one
dive, slid her f!nger into me! This wasn’t
I bit my lowerl-ip, and then clutched on her
hair soooo ti-ghtly! She pushed further,
forcing her f!nger dee-per into my sodden
hole! I shut my eyes and purred at the
smoldering ecstasy I was being bound in!
My b©dy yearned for more and my K!ttyC@t
looked set to swallow another digit! But
Esther had only begun going in and out of
me, when we suddenly heard Kennedy’s wail
break out from the sofa where he lay! He’d
just woken up!
I opened my teary eyes, just as Esther
began withdrawing her drenched f!nger!
“Ken is crying, Aunty…” she then said in
shocking guts, as she began gathering her
littered clothes! Before I could finish
retrieving my abandoned Sk-irt, she was
gone from the room!
I sighed!
To be continued