Esther r0m@nç£episode 9

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 9
Anyways, this supposed fascination kept
leading Esther to throw continuous glances
at my b0s0m as Kennedy continued sU-
Ckling on my ti-ps!
Being very s-en-sitive around my areolas has
always meant that brea-stfeeding for me
would never happen without a tinge of
arou-salto it.
Kennedy being a heavy ‘milker’ too, always
meant that there is ha-rd ly any difference
between how he sU-Cks on my ti-ps and
how his father does! Of course no mother
admits getting turned on by how her sU-
Ckling baby sU-Cks her ti-ps, but I’ve
always ended up literally moist between the
legs, on most occasions! The good thing
being that no one except yourself usually
knows this, since the only actual evidence,
is in your K!ttyC@t! But if your husband
were to initiate se-x just after such an
activity, he was likely going to be plea-sed at
how much lubrication was on offer!
Crazy thoughts! But they never st©p coming
on such a moment. Something Esther was
likely going to experience too when she
becomes a mother. Meanwhile, we had
begun another string of conversations after
she picked a seat, although I did see how
significantly uneasy she was feeling this
time around. She ba-rely spoke freely, and it
kept looking like she was p@rticularly very
keen for me not to catch her staring at my
Unclad b0s0m; despite repeatedly stealing
glances at it! However, I was pretty moved
when she sh0t me a question, after what
looked like a long pause!
“How do…you brea-stfeed, ma?” was the
rather weird question from her! When I
looked up at her, she was staring at my
face, and our eyes met for the very first time
in a while!
I dropped back my eyes on Kennedy, before
speaking. “The baby makes it possible.”
She didn’t say anything just after.
“When you have a lot of milk, your ti-ps
begin to leak,” I chose to continue, after
feeling like I didn’t answer her enough, “But
with the baby sU-Ckling, and with the little
pressure you apply on the areola, the milk
jets into his mouth.” There was a rather dry
smile on myl-ips by now. It was quite
strange how our conversation – which had
bubbled a lot earlier- had gone obviously
cold within the last few minutes.
Weirdly enough, she still didn’t speak again
just after. I threw her a glance, and found
her now blankly gazing rather helplessly, at
my inflated b0s0m! The look in her eyes
was quite very interesting.
I turned away though, wondering why she
was so fascinated with brea-stfeeding. Or
was it even brea-sts? Well, I couldn’t just
tell at that point. Moreover, Kennedy began
showing signs of dozing off; something I
was hoping he wouldn’t do just yet until I
had switched him to my left b0s0m which
still had an awful amount of milk in it, that
it literally ached! But then, that’s p@rt of
the travails of motherhood. There was
always going to be another brea-stfeeding,
so I would have to bear until then. However,
I had just ris£n and carried Kennedy to a
sofa to lay, and was beginning to return my
right b0s0m back into my blouse when
Esther spoke again! And my, she shocked
me this time!
“Can…yooou, ma?” she first asked from
nowhere! “Can you…shooow me?” she then
I didn’t seem to un-derstand the request.
“Show you?” I then asked, looking at her
and meeting her eyes.
“Can youuu show me how to
brea-stfeeeeed?” she repeated, with a drag.
Her eye ba-lls literally shook!
My mouth opened to speak, but no words
were there to be spoken! I didn’t exactly
know why, but I did instantly feel funny that
moment! I slowly walked back to my seat
and sat, still without talking. She still had
her eyes on me, and watched me as I got
caught between completely returning my
Unclad b0s0m back into my dress, and
pu-lling it out again fully.
However, the later prevailed, all the same.
And with almost shaky hands I re-
un-bu-ttoned my blouse, and hauled the
b0s0m out. I didn’t want to think we were
going back to a route I thought we had left,
but it was looking very much like it again!
After all, the feeling was surely back again!
That same feeling from yesterday. That
feeling that made the unfolding scenes
before me seem so powerless to resist!
I knew I wasn’t expected to respond to this
very request she has made, but yet I simply
couldn’t muster enough to st©p myself from
proceeding. Even speaking looked like a
tedious labour! Opening my mouth, c@m£
with no words! Even when I turned to
presumably tell her that I was re-ady to
illvstrate what she had asked for, I still
painfully struggled to speak up!
But she un-derstood! Esther un-derstood
what was happening, and began shifting
towards me! The next time my eyes met
hers, we both looked away that same
instant! We knew this was it again, didn’t
we?! We certainly both knew we hadn’t
completely conquered this lvst! We both
knew it was only a matter of finding
ourselves in this kind of situation, and we
would inevitably fail again! Alas here we
were once more, and obviously about to be
consumed by it! When she sat just right
next to me, she spoke up suddenly.
Knocking me off my melancholy!
“Where do you…hold it?” she enquired,
lifting her hands alre-ady.
I swallowed ha-rd ! Then with a very fidgety
hand, picked her arm up, and began
directing it to my b0s0m! I quite couldn’t
explain what on earth was happening, but
yet, I wasn’t even mustering any form of
effort to st©p it!
As soon as her f!ngersfelt up the apparent
cold skin of my right jug, I j£rked
inadvertently! I wasn’t sure how I was going
to do this!
To be continued