Esther r0m@nç£episode 8

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 8
So for nearly half an hour we both kept
rehearsing various voice levels and types as
she illvstrated how best to combine and
train one’s voice to a p@rticular style!
Kennedy was awake and in his pram, so our
loud voices weren’t exactly hurting
anything. In fact, little Kennedy equally
giggled any time he found us laughing on
t©p of our own voices, thus adding to the
whole fun! It was all turning into one big
surge of happiness and the fun didn’t st©p
with the voice thingy really. For even after
getting tired of the obviously unnecessary
rehearsals, we switched to other t©pics of
discussion. We talked about Fredrick and
what we missed about him most.
And then talked about Esther’s schooling
plans and why it was very important for her
to pas-s the entrance exam that was up-
We also talked about my own plans to go
back to my business which had suffered so
much since the birth of Kennedy. But in all
of these, I observed how we cleverly avoided
mentioning movies or worse still, the
bathroom incident from the previous night!
We both totally talked on as though it never
happened! And how relaxed did that initially
make me feel!
However, the earliest indication of a return
to type did prop its head when my baby
began crying unexpectedly, mid-way into
our chitchat.
It was easily obvious what the problem was
– hunger. After all, since we both woke up,
he was yet to have b0s0m milk and I was
equally suffering from the discomforting
weight of very full jugs! They had become
so full now that they hurt and both didn’t
fail to endlessly leak b0s0m milk onto my
But as soon as I mentioned that I wanted to
brea-stfeed the baby to Esther, her
countenance unexpectedly changed kind of!
Not only did she make this weird but
equally funny face, she also basically went
soft! She picked up Kennedy from the pram
though, and began bringing him to me while
I un-bu-ttoned my blouse to free my milk-
swollen right b0s0m! My blouse and b©dy
was a mess, and I could imagine I smelt like
a lactating cow most likely. When Esther
handed me Kennedy, she began walking
away from the living room!
“Are you leaving me alone here?” I
immediately asked her, a bit surprised she
was walking away. “Or are you going to
come back?”
She paused and turned, but noticeably
avoided looking at me in the face. “Ehm…I
just want to give you room to brea-stfeed the
baby, ma.”
“Room?” I then asked again tea-singly,
watching her eyes move to my expo-sed
right b0s0m, “I don’t nee-d any room young
She grinned, and began walking back to the
sofa where she had been sitting. She gave
my b0s0m one more glance, then looked
While I saw that, I pretended like I didn’t
I was kinda as-suming she was likely being
fascinated by the idea of being a mother,
although I wasn’t sure how she hopes to do
that if she kept on preferring women over
I wasn’t trying to judge her based on the
‘ugly’ experience from the previous night,
but the truth remains that she would nee-d
a J0yst!ck to have her baby. In 1999 at
least. Wasn’t sure if that could change in
10 to 15 years time though