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Crazy orphan episode 13 & 14

Crazy Orphan 🌺🙆
(he’s weakness)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎
Episode 13
Alora p.o.v
i was about to enter the car when someone hit me on the head a with gun and I pretend to pass out”.
They drag me to there car and i used the opportunity to remove there gun from there back pocket and smile to myself.
they drove and drove until I lost count. these thoughts Keep disturbing me ……who could have sent them to kidnap me.
I was still deep in thought when I felt two hand carried me. I think they have gotten to there destination.
they drop me on the ground and I stretch my back, they’re surprised to see me stretching.
“how are you guys doing” I asked.
“aren’t you afraid of us they asked.
Afraid of you guys? why should I be afraid of you guys I asked and put my hands on my waist.
“hey young lady I don’t know where you get this courage from, all I have to tell you is that you are in trouble” one of them said.
oh I see I said bringing out there guns from my bag, am sure you guys are powerless without this, I said showing them there gun.
“how did you get that they asked pointing to the gun in my hand. “you guys should relax, sit down and let discuss like grow up adult I said to them but they didn’t sit down.
are you guys daring me right now I yelled at them, they pretend as if they wanna sit down but charge towards me.
I am more wiser than they’re.
I kick the one that tried to harm Me on his d*ck and he fall flat on the floor, you guys are no match to me I said and charge towards the other one.
“am very sorry ma” the other one beg me. are you ready to sit down now I asked them, and they shake there head positively.
good boys I said. now I need you guys to tell me who sent you to kidnap me I said.
before you tell me the person that sent you I have a gift for you guys, I said and bring out handcuff from my bag to cuff their hand together. now tell me I said and sit on the chair comfortably.
am sure this is the chair you guys wanna chain me on but now am sitting down comfortable on it while you guys are chained on the ground.
now tell me the person I don’t have time for nonsense I said.
“it’s Sandra” they replied. oh I see that bit*h, but I never did anything wrong to her. pick up your phone and tell her to come here that you have caught me Alora ordered.
one of them Dial Sandra number and she picked up immmediately.
“hello how’s it, hope it’s successful” Sandra asked.
“yes ma’am it’s successful we need you to come here immediately” the guy said
Authoress p.o.v
“I don’t wanna see you in my house again, or is that too much to ask” Xander asked his father.
“Am very sorry my son, you just have to forgive me” Mr Cole said.
“I have forgiven you a long time ago, but I just don’t wanna see you in my house again” Xander said.
a call came into Xander phone and he picked it.
“hello sir, someone is waiting for you in the office”
Xander secretary said through the phone. “my P.A is there you guys should direct the person to her” Xander replied.
“your P.A haven’t resumed work today sir” “what!!! you mean Alora haven’t come to work today, were could she be Xander thought and end the call.
“what happen to Alora” Mrs Cole asked panicking.
“they said Alora have not gotten to work” Xander replied.
“what!!! how come, dial her number” Mrs Cole said.
“her number is not reachable” Xander replied.
“check her brother school maybe she’s there” Mr Cole suggest.
“alright I don’t want to meet you here when I come back” Xander said and left with his car key.
30 minutes later Sandra come down from her car with a smirk plastered on her face.
“I will so deal with her for ruining my plan” she said and went inside the house.
“you’re very welcome my Darling friend” Alora said smiling.
“what!!!!!!, what’s happening here” Sandra asked when she saw her boys on the ground.
“you don’t need to shout am dear friend” Alora said with a smirk.
“am not your friend” Sandra shouted.
Alora moved closer to her and gave her a slap.
“you don’t shout at me, an the boss here, Alora said.
“what did I do to you, that makes you kidnap me” Alora asked.
“I just hate you, I hate you because you run my plan” Sandra replied.
“have you forgotten I have your nude with me” Alora said.
“I don’t care” Sandra replied with an eyeroll.
“Am not surprised, or what should I expect from a b*tch like you” Alora replied.
“you are very lucky, that I sent this incompetent idiots to you. because if they’re not incompetent, they will have raped and send your video to the whole world” Sandra said.
“really, what if I watch them rape you?”. alora asked.
“you dare not” Sandra replied.
“how did you know I can’t do it, I can do it, it has been long I watch live porn” Alora said.
“am not sorry for what I did to you and isn’t over between me and you” Sandra said and try to Leave.
“where did you think you’re going to, you’re not going anywhere”
Alora said and kick her on her stomach, she growl in pain.
she stands up and drag Alora with her hair.
Alora pushed her with one hand and she fall on her butt.
“you’re not even different from. an ant. Mrs skeleton”
Alora said and drag her with her hair, she beat her till she passed out.
Alora poured water on her head and she wakes up immmediately.
“how dare you sleep when am still dealing with you Alora said.
she brought out scissors from her bag and turn Sandra clothes to pieces.
she brought out her blade and style her hair to last skin.
” Sandra is tired to fight she just sat down on the chair crying out her eyes.
“hey input your password” Alora said and give Sandra her phone.
Sandra collect her phone with shaking hand and open it.
“good girl” Alora and snap her different styles with the phone. she posted it on Sandra Instagram page. with a caption. “how do I look” and she got different funny reaction in three minutes. “you looks like a pig”
“I never knew our president daughter is ugly like this” Alora read them to her hearing. and went out to call Xander not without closing the door.
“Xanders please help me they have kidnap me i don’t even know where I am” Alora said pretending to be crying”.
“what!!! who dare kidnap you” Xander shouted.
“i don’t know, please don’t let them kill me, they will kill me if they find me” Alora said pretending to be crying but smiling.
“just tell me where you are exactly” Xander asked impatient”.
“I don’t know where exactly I am, i don’t know what to do Alora said pretending to be scared”.
“on your phone location I will Xanders right there” said with so much concerned.
“hmm I never knew he care, I just put on the show to know how caring he is”
Alora thought. “I have on the location” Alora said.
“she’s here, we have found her” Alora said with a man voice.
no no please leave me alone Alora shouted with her normal voice.
“hello hello” Xander keeps shouting from the other end of the phone.
“please help me” Alora shouted and hang the call and burst out laughing.
“I am a drama queen let me go and finish my work inside before Xander come with the police” she said to herself and goes inside the building.
Episode 14
Xander p.o.v😕
I drove into Byran school and the principal told me Alora left some hours ago.
I was thinking of another place to find her before she called.
who could have kidnap her mother thought.
why won’t they kidnap her when her mouth can kill.
I pray nothing happens to her before I got there.
I got into my car and I was about driving out before mother call came in.
“Hello Xander have you found her” she asked worriedly.
mum relax she just called me to inform me that they kidnap her.
“what!!!? kidnap, how? who kidnapped her” she keeps asking so many questions.
mummy I don’t know who kidnapped her, but am on my way to the station I replied.
“were are you” she asked. am still in Bryan school I replied.
“wait for me I will be right there” she replied. did you even Know his school I asked her.
“no but you can send me the address” she replied. mum relax she will be fine, I promise to rescue her.
I said and hang the call. I picked the call because I don’t want her to worry herself to death.
we got to the building and I opened the small door I saw Mrs crazy sitting comfortable on a chair.
the cops run closer to her side ready to arrest her.
“hey young men, can’t you guys see I am not the criminal” she said.
Alora but you said they kidnap you I asked.
“yeah can’t you see they kidnap me” she replied.
“how come you are sitting comfortable, when they’re chained” one of the cops asked.
“that’s because I am smarter than they’re, your girlfriend here asked this incompetent fools to kidnap me” she said and I saw Sandra trying to hide her face.
“madam we didn’t believe your cooked up story” one of the cops said.
“I knew you guys are so dump that’s why I record everything that happened” she replied and I opened my mouth in shocked.
this girl is so silly, just then mum rushed in with Andrew by her side and Alora stands up immmediately.
mum how did you get here I asked her, but she ignored me and engulfed Alora in a bone breaking hug. and I saw Alora breathing hard.
mum she can’t breathe I said.
mum disengage from the hug and asked me “how did you know she can’t breathe”mum asked.
it obvious mum I replied.
“my darling how are you hope they don’t hurt you” she Asked Alora.
as if is not obvious Alora hurt them instead” I said.
“you meant Alora chained this hefty men” Andrew asked laughing out loud.
how can you be lieing that Alora chain these hefty men Mrs Cole said.
“yes mum I mean what am saying” I said.
“good job Alora I love you courage, you shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of you otherwise you will forever be known as a brute and stooge” Mrs Cole said.
“Thanks ma, am always a smart girl” Alora replied.
“what are you still waiting for arrest them” I ordered the cops.
“we are sorry sir, Miss Alora we need to come with us” one of the cops said.
“for what” I asked.
for further interrogation he replied.
“okay sir am always ready” Alora said.
we will join you there” I said.
“even if you don’t come I will be okay” Alora said and follow the police to their car.
“what a drama queen” I said.
Authoress p.o.v
“So miss Sandra why did you ask this guys to kidnap miss Alora the cops asked.
“I just hate her, she ruin my plan” Sandra said.
“I don’t believe someone like you could do such a thing despite knowing it gonna ruin your father reputation.
you shouldn’t be seen doing a thing like this, thank your star miss Alora is ready to drop the case if you promised to stay away from her” the cops boss said.
“I promised she replied with an eyeroll.
President house
Sandra walked into her father mansion and a resounding slap welcome her in.
“how dare you disgrace me” Mr Houston Sandra father said Angrily.
“she’s sorry my darling she’s only being a child” Mrs Houston said.
“Enough Susan, it’s always a mistake, that’s not how to trained your only child.
every single things she do are always good just because she’s your only child.
I really pity you and your so called child. Mr Houston said Angrily.
“young lady your car key you’re not going out from this house till further notice” Mr Houston said and collect her car keys .
“who did this to you” Mrs Houston asked her daughter.
“who else if not that spoilt brat I told you about” Sandra replied.
“go in and freshing up my darling I will so deal with her for doing this to my precious daughter” Mrs Houston said.


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