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Crazy orphan episode 11 – 12

Crazy Orphan 🌺🙆
( His weakness)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎
Episode 11.
Xander😕 p.o.v
I never knew miss crazy is so brilliant, she’s not only crazy, she got something up stairs. “so how’s it” she asked.
“perfect ma, you did a great job. I can’t even finish this work today”
“Can you see you’re not paying me for free” she asked.
“yes ma’am you really tried” I replied her. “come to think of it, this girl have make life a hell hole for me since yesterday and I am not doing anything about it.
I need to show her who the boss is. “what’s the time” she asked with that bossy tone of hers.
“6pm time to go home” I replied. “meet me outside” she said and stand up from the chair and I breathe out in relief.
she has been s£nding me unnecessary things since morning.
I met her waiting for me in the car. “what took you so long errand boy?” she asked. nothing ma, am just trying to arrange the office” I replied and she nod her head positively.
I drove into the compound and ran out to open the door for Miss crazy before she scream her lungs out.
chaii I have finally turned to a maid. in my house the one I built with my own money.
“welcome darling” mummy greet with that crazy smiles of hers.
“good evening Aunty miss crazy greet like someone that has s£nse. “evening my love how’s your first day at work” mum asked her.
“it was awesome she replied smiling. “why won’t it be awesome when she makes office a hell hole for me” I thought and scoff.
“Xander how’s work today” mum asked. “it bad all thanks to your deputy” I said and mummy burst out laughing.
miss crazy throw her sandals at me and I dodge it. “how dare you dodge my sandals she asked fuming in Anger” “am sorry ma’am I replied her.
“no one loves me in this house, you guys didn’t care to wish me a happy birthday apart from my lovely son Andrew” mum said.
oh I actually forget today is her birthday. “yeah mum am the best son ever” Andrew said dramatically and I scoff.
“yeah cause you bought me my dream car” mum replied.
“aunty I didn’t forget I just wanna make it a surprise for you” Alora said and the door bell ring. Alora quickly rush to open the door before anyone else could.
she came back with cake in her hand. “happy birthday Aunty” she said and pres£nt the cake to her.
“Awww you’re the best child ever” mother said. ” mum but you said am the best a few minutes ago” Andrew said.
“that was then your best have expired” mum said. Andrew burst out crying and I just shake my head. “go get a life” I said.
“mr life were is my birthday gift” mum asked. “am sorry mum I have forgotten today Is your birthday.
i will get you your gift tommorow morning” I replied.
“that’s it, I knew you don’t love me” mummy said cleaning her imaginary tears.
“mum you don’t have to cry because of this p*ssy head you have me and Andrew and we love you so much. let me go and prepare dinner miss crazy said and ran inside the kitchen.
Authoress p.o.v
thirty minutes later Alora came out and serve Mrs Cole, Andrew and Byran food.
“madam were is ours” Xander asked. “didn’t you see it on my head, I don’t feel like eating my food, so you will go inside the kitchen and prepare our food” Alora said.
“what!!!! but you just came out from the kitchen” Xander said.
“young man are you going to cook the food or not?” Alora asked.
“I will” Xander said and went inside the kitchen. “what am I going to cook he thought, I think I will go for noodles” Xander said.
fifteen minutes later Xander serve his dinner and Alora own. then an idea came to his mind and he smirk.
he ran inside his room and came back with Purge medicine. he add the whole sachet in Alora food and missed it together.
“I never knew you can cook like this Alora commend Xander cooking. “thank you ma’am” Xander replied with a smirk
thirty minutes later they all sat down in the sitting room.
watching movie “I will be going back to my husband house tommorow” Mrs Cole said.
Alora wasn’t concentrating on the movie they’re watching because of her running stomach.
ouch Alora said and ran into the toilet. she keeps going to the toilet till she excreted on her body while running to the toilet.
did you just excrete on your body Andrew asked and burst out laughing. Xander also join the laugh.
Mrs Cole smile to herself. Alora shamefully ran into the bathroom and wash herself clean.
“Xander what did you put in my food” Alora asked twisting his ear.
“am sorry ma I only add small purging medicine on your noodles” Xander said still laughing.
“am very sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to do that he said in between laughter. Mrs Cole brought out her phone and video Xander.
“my son have finally laugh” Mrs Cole said. “is true o Andrew said.
“my friend said you guys are good in what you do make sure you did a clean and perfect job for me, make sure you don’t leave any traces” Sandra said. “yes ma you can count on us they replied.
Episode 12
Authoress POV
“my friend said you guys are good in what you do make sure you did a clean and perfect job for me, make sure you don’t leave any traces” Sandra said.
“yes ma you can count on us they replied.
“you will get your balance when the job is done” Sandra said.
“you really have some nerves to add something in your boss food” Alora said twisting Xander ear.
“am very sorry boss lady he said between laughter. then they hear some noise outside.
Alora wanted to ran out but Xander called her back.
“you don’t need to bother yourself.
that’s my neighbor and his wife they love fighting each other’s” Xander said.
“really? and what did you do about it” Alora asked.
it’s none of my business, so I didn’t do anything about it” Xander replied.
“you’re a very bad neighbor, what if they killed themselves Alora asked.
“they can’t kill themselves” Xander replied.
“Alora I will advise you to listen to Xander” Mrs Cole said.
“no Aunt we need to be our neighbors keepers am going there to know why they’re fighting” Alora said.
“Hi honey did you see the video I s£nt you” Mrs Cole asked her husband on the phone.
“no I haven’t checked my messages” Mr cole replied.
“check it there’s a surprise waiting for you there and am very sure you will like it” Mrs Cole said.
“alright I’ll check it now Mrs Cole replied and end the call.
Mr Cole open his phone and saw the video he click on it and saw the Xander laughing in the video.
“wow my boy have finally laugh Mr Cole said happily. I need to see who makes him laugh” Mr Cole said and dial his wife number.
Alora knock at their neighbors gate but heard no response, she decided to open the gate and went in but the gate is lock.
she knock and knock until she heard there voice.
“which idiot is knocking at our gate by this time of the night” their neighbor wife asked.
“hmmm am sorry for knocking at your gate by this time, I heard you guys noise and figure out you’re fighting, as a peaceful person I decided to Come and check What’s wrong” Alora said.
“and who told you we are fighting madam. we aren’t Fighting so mind your business next time” the woman said.
“am sorry I just think I should come and settle the fight as a good neighbor” Alora said.
“madam you need to learn how to mind your business” the husband said.
“am sorry I just think I can help your sorry life’s Alora said and went out.
Alora went back to the sitting room and met everywhere silent. “everyone is asleep she said and went to her room.
she was surprised to see Xander in her room.
“what are you doing here” Alora asked.
“I came to wait for my boss” Xander replied.
“did I asked you to wait for me” Alora asked.
“am waiting for you cause I knew you will surely need a shoulder to cry on” Xander said.
“and when did you start giving me shoulder to cry on” Alora asked.
“maybe since you make me do what I haven’t done for past 10years Xander replied.
“you make me laugh h@rd this night, you relief me of the heavy load in my heart, my heart is so free now I really need to tell you thank you for that” Xander said.
“you don’t need to thank me.just go and sleep so you will wake up early for your daily chores and also prepared for office” Alora said.
” okay ma I will leave now Xander said still waiting.
“you said you are leaving but you didn’t move a bit” Alora said.
“I want to asked you something” Xander said.
“just spite it out man I need to rest my brain” Alora said.
“I want to ask if you are not punishing me for what I did earlier”Xander said.
“is good that you know you deserve some punishment but I won’t punish you this time” Alora said nicely.
“really, why” Xander asked. “you ask alot of question” Alora said. “I just want to know the reason you decide not to punish me” Xander said.
“cause you laugh that makes you more cute” Alora said.
“don’t tell me you already fallen for me” Xander said and b!0w her a klzz and ran to his room.
“Alora nod her head in pity, fool he think I would forgive him so easily after making me excreted My intestine , I will make sure I deal with you that you won’t try me next time Alora thought and smiling.
The next day
“Hey you what are you still doing my brother is running late for school”Alora said. and went inside Bryan room to get him.
“Good morning” Mr Cole greeted coming to the sitting room.
“morning Dad Andrew greet.
“darling what are you doing here” Mrs Cole asked.
“I came to see the lady that makes my son laugh again” Mr Cole said.
” so you really what to know her now, I thought you never like her” Mrs Cole said.
“who told you I don’t like her. I love her ” Mr Cole said smiling.
“really, so where are you going to put me” Mrs Cole said jealously.
“darling please just tell me where she is” Mr Cole said.
Alora was coming down from Bryan room with Byran on her side. she stop on her track when she see mr Cole, “why did he look so much like Bryan” Alora asked herself.
“good morning sir” Alora greeted.
“morning sir Bryan greet”.
“Mr Cole move closer to where Alora was, morning dear I don’t know how to thank you but you really surprised me,I can’t believe you make my son laugh again I really appreciate it” Mr Cole said pulling Alora into a p@ssionate hug.
“Sisi am late already”Bryan said.
“Mr Cole released her from the hug. I think you should take him to school first then you come back so we can have time to discuss” Mr Cole said.
“okay sir Alora replied.
Xander Alora yelled.
“am coming ma” Xander replied.
“Xander came out from his room and was surprised to see his father in his house. “and what’s this man doing here” Xander asked Angrily.
“Xander you need to calm down, he is your father and he have every right to be here” Mrs Cole said.
“mum I don’t wanna see this man in my house Xander said.
“I think I will go alone today cause Bryan is running late” Alora said and went out.
“Alora drop Bryan off his school, bye she wave to him,
“bye sisi love you” Bryan said.
“love you too”she replied him.
“Alora was about to enter the car when someone hit her on the head with gun.
” Alora pretend to p@ss out”.


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