Episode 18-22





I was still fast asleep, when charity voice woke me up

CHARITY : Rita, Rita

RITA : charity, what is it

CHARITY : stand up and go prepare something for us to eat

RITA : charity, I just started sleeping, please allow me sleep, I will prepare something when I wake up, but you told me in two hours time, please don’t disturb me

CHARITY : I change my mind, because my husband is hungry, you better stand up

RITA : charity, what is all this na, if your husband is hungry, you prepare food for him

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CHARITY : her you telling me, what I should do in my house, Rita we have a deal, mind you, I still have fuel in my car

RITA : meaning what

CHARITY : I mean anymore argument from you, I will take you back to the village

RITA : you are just too mean

CHARITY : I am in my husband house that’s why

RITA : I can see it, take me to the kitchen

CHARITY : follow me ( I followed her to the kitchen) here we are, (she showed me were to find all the foodstuffs)

RITA : what do you want me to prepare

CHARITY : Rita dear, any food from you taste nice, cook anything

RITA : no problem

CHARITY : let me excuse you

RITA : ok

CHARITY : hmm, come to think of it, I think you will be needing a uniform

RITA : what did you just say

CHARITY : I will sew a new uniform for you

RITA : has what, am I a maid

CHARITY : hahahaha, you need it

RITA : you know what, I am done, take me back to the village, I mean it

CHARITY : hmmm, I was kidding

RITA : I mean it, return me back

CHARITY : calm down, I was just kidding, I am not serious, sorry

RITA : can I just be alone

CHARITY : sure

RITA : hmmm

CHARITY : ok ( she walked away, she went to meet kinsley his husband in the sitting room ) sugar

KINS : I dont understand you

CHARITY : what are you talking about

KINS : why is your sister in this house

CHARITY : but I told you, she will be living with us now

KINS : Yes that’s was what you told me, you never told me, you are bringing her as a maid

CHARITY : and who says I am turning her into maid

KINS : but you just said, you are going to sew her a maid uniform

CHARITY : hahahaha, I am not serious

KINS : really


KINS : you should not joke with that kind of thing to your own elder sister

CHARITY : oh baby please, this is my husband house, and there is no elder sister here, elder sister end up in my father compound, this is my husband house and not our father house, she need to abide to my rules

KINS : really, why are you so wicked to your sister

CHARITY : I am not wicked to her, please

KINS : you are wicked, you don’t love her, look at the bad words coming from your mouth about your own blood sister

CHARITY : kins, will you just stay out of this, stay out of it, his my family issue

KINS : I should stay out of it

CHARITY : Yes stay out of it, is my family issues

KINS : no problem

( after some hours, I was done with the cooking, so my socalled sister requested I serve it, I did as instructed)

KINS : my my my, this food is so delicious

RITA : thank you

KINS : no need thanking me, I should be thanking you for making me eat good food again, is being long

RITA : hmm, so my sister has not been feeding you well abi

KINS : I wish your sister could bring down her pride to learn from you, you are such a good cook

RITA : all thanks to my mummy

KINS : so your mother taught you, why did she not teach charity how to cook

CHARITY : honey please, can we just eat this food quietly

KINS : sure, but Rita thank you

RITA : you are welcome

CHARITY : please Rita excuse us, I want to eat here with my husband alone

RITA : but

CHARITY : no but, I mean it, go to the kitchen and eat or your room

KINS : charity what is wrong with you

CHARITY : baby please stay clear, is my family issues, back off

KINS : but

CHARITY : kins do you want to choose between me and my sister

KINS : what kind of talk is that

CHARITY : then back off



I was in my room in the night, when charity came in


RITA : Yes

CHARITY : what is the meaning of what happened at the dinning room

RITA : what happened

CHARITY : oh please stop pretending as if you don’t know what I am talking about

RITA : I cannot remember what happened, the only thing I remember is that you asked me to leave

CHARITY : Yes I asked you to leave, why did I ask you out

RITA : I dont know

CHARITY : will you stop pretending, I have come to warn you, stay clear from my husband

RITA : excuse me, what is wrong with you, what do you even take me for

CHARITY : I dont like the way you open up to my husband, the way you laughed with him, I am not comfortable, please you have to stop all this attitude with my husband

RITA : charity I have heared you

CHARITY : ok, one more thing

RITA : what again

CHARITY : the dinning, I dont want you to join us at the dinning room again, if you finish serving us, you go to your room and eat

RITA : I have heared you, anything else

CHARITY : no, that’s all for today

RITA : ok, good night

CHARITY : good night too

(She left my room and went to her bedroom)

CHARITY : sugar, you are sleeping already

KINS : Yes, I am so tired, where are you coming from

CHARITY : my sister room, I want to see her

KINS : oh


KINS : talking about your sister, why are you so mean to her

CHARITY : I am not mean to her

KINS : of course you are wicked to her, did she wrong you, that made you to treat her this way

CHARITY : sugar please don’t start this night, I have told you not to involve yourself in my family affair

KINS : I can’t

CHARITY : you have to

KINS : ok fine, what plans do you have for her

CHARITY : plan as how

KINS : are you going to enrol her in school or catering school, any handwork at all

CHARITY : I dont have that plan at all

KINS : why

CHARITY : that is not the reason she is here

KINS : and why is she here

CHARITY : to get married

KINS : married, just listen to yourself, I will give you money to enrol her in catering school

CHARITY : you will not do that

KINS : what is wrong with it

CHARITY : no I insist, you have not tell me what

KINS : is okay before you start accusing me, is height time I stay out of your family issues

CHARITY : ha thank God, stay clear

KINS : good night.

CHARITY : you too

KINS : God forbid bad thing, I have never seen this kind of bad family before

CHARITY : what did you say

KINS : madam, I am not talking to you

CHARITY : okay

( the next day, I was in the kitchen cooking, when Rita called me)

RITA : what is it

CHARITY : please help me to go and buy card for my husband

RITA : I am cooking

KINS : sugar, I already told you not to disturb Rita, because she is cooking

CHARITY : then who will go and buy the card now, if you send Ayo the gate man, two hours you will not see him

KINS : bring the money let me go and buy it, since you cannot go

CHARITY : but baby

KINS : dont worry

RITA : bring the money, let me go

CHARITY : good, sugar give her the money

KINS : dont worry I

CHARITY : baby dont provoke me, give Rita the money

(Kingsley gave me the money)

RITA : charity, the food is almost ready, please help me check on it

CHARITY : no problem, I will, just go and buy the card and be fast about it.

RITA : ok

(I went to buy the recharge card, when I return back, they were already eating, I gave him the card)

KINS : thank you Rita

RITA : no problem

CHARITY : hmm Rita, please you have to go and eat your food

RITA : okay



When I got to the kitchen, I serve myself some food, I decided to eat in the kitchen. I was eating in the kitchen when the gate man Ayo walk into the kitchen to return is plate

AYO: ha! Fine girl, so na house girl you be

RITA : who are calling house girl

AYO: you of course, you are a maid

RITA : do I look like a house girl to you

AYO: Yes na, you look like an house girl, if you are not an house girl, why are you eating inside the kitchen

RITA : hahahaha, you are really funny I swear

AYO: dont pretend, the two of us are in the same category, you see, I have been admiring you in this compound, but I am so scared, I thought you are related to madam, but today I have seen it all

RITA : you must be stupid

AYO: no am not oo, ha! no wonder that prophet told me that, he said my son ” seek no more, for what you seek is right in the same house with you” ha! God is wonderful, I have been seeking for this for a long time, and I never understand what the prophet meant by those words, until now

RITA : and what have you been seeking

AYO: a wife

RITA : hahahaha, you are really funny ooo

AYO: I love you

RITA : ehh, enough of all those your joke, you better drop your plate and leave here

AYO: fine girl, you want to start making shakara for me now abi (he tried touching me)

RITA : (I retaliate with a high tone) are you mad, what is wrong with you, do you think I am joking with you (then charity walk into the kitchen, Ayo became scared when she saw charity)

CHARITY : relax Ayo, I can see you are discussing with her, I did not see anything(she walked out)

AYO: I told you, God has ordained us, madam is leaving the kitchen for us

RITA : (I walk away, and walk up to charity in the sitting room ) charity

CHARITY : what is it

RITA : what is the meaning of that

CHARITY : meaning of what, did I do anything bad, I saw you and Ayo together discussing, and I excused you too, is it a crime

RITA : really, you better warn your gate man, I am not is mate

CHARITY : hmm, dont say that oo, is older than the two of us oo, hahahaha

RITA : warn him oo

CHARITY : ha! calm down now, give him a chance na

RITA : warn him (I walk away )

CHARITY : hahahaha, sugar, you are not saying anything

KINS : say what, you have told me to stay clear from your family issues

CHARITY : baby this one is different oo, hahahaha, kitchen love

(Three days later, I was coming from the supermarket, Ayo open the gate for me, when I want to walk pass him, he smach me on my bumbum)

RITA : are you mad

AYO: see as he soft

RITA : (I slapped him) are you mad

AYO: why will you slap me, if I hit you on your bumbum nko

RITA : you must be mad, if you try this rubbish with me again, you will see what I will do to you (then charity rushed out)

CHARITY : what is it, Rita why are you shouting( I explained everything to charity) and so, is that the reason you slapped him

RITA : what are you saying

CHARITY : dont ever try it again, don’t ever raise your hand to slap any of my staff, you should be happy he hit your bumbum, be grateful to God, that someone is beginning to notice you, you and I know why you are here in the city

RITA : (I was really hurt, I just walk away )

CHARITY : Ayo dont mind him

AYO: Yes madam, if she do anyhow may you sack am

CHARITY : do you like her

AYO: madam I swear, I too go love am

CHARITY : you keep on trying ehn

AYO: madam thank you oo, this one wei you dey support me ehn, I just dey surprised oo

CHARITY : dont worry, all is fine okay

AYO: Thank you oo (charity walk in)

CHARITY : honey my sister and our gate man issue, Is not funny anymore oo


CHARITY : I think Ayo really love charity

KINS : (silent )

CHARITY : honey I am talking to you, hahahaha

KINS : you are laughing, someone is making fun of your sister, a ordinary gate man, small boy and you are laughing

CHARITY : hahahaha



One week later, I was so tired and bored inside the house I decided to take a walk

CHARITY : Rita, where are you going to

RITA : I want to take a walk, walk around

CHARITY : are you sure is a walk, or you want to go and do notice me

RITA : please, I am tired of being indoor, all I do in this house is to cook, I eat, sweep , I am just tired, you and I know why why I am here

CHARITY : Yes to get married, that’s true if you continuing staying inside the house, no suitor will see you

RITA : charity will you try and say something nice, must you joke with all things

CHARITY : is marriage issue a joke

RITA : I need to go out there and look for something doing, staying inside this house all day, will do me no good

KINS : baby I discussed this issue with you before, enrol your sister in any skills at all

CHARITY : no problem honey, I will do just that, Rita what skills do you want me to engage you in, I will pay for it

RITA : wow, thank you so much kid sister

CHARITY : that’s nothing, so tell me, is it catering, hair stylist, fashion designer, or do you want to go back to school

RITA : dont worry charity I dont need your sponsor, I can take care of myself


RITA : I know you very well charity, dont see me through anything, just leave me to follow up my destiny alone (I walk away )

CHARITY : baby did you just see that

KINS : it was when Rita came to this house newly, I adviced you to enrol her in any skills at all, you kept deaf ear to it, she is your sister and she knows you better, she have her reaaons for saying no

CHARITY : hmmm, ok oo

KINS 🙁 phone ringing) please excuse me let me pick this call


( Kins picked the call, after the conversation)

KINS : baby, that’s wesley my kid brother, his coming back to Nigeria next week

CHARITY : to this house

KINS : Yes of course, where do you expect him to go, he have his own house, but I refused him to stay there


KINS : because this house is too big for me alone, I pleaded with him to stay with me, wait a minute, dont you want him to stay here

CHARITY : baby not that, is just that I am scared, I dont know is kind of person, if is troublesome or rude

KINS : you should have known him by now, he came for our wedding

CHARITY : Yes, but it was only on the wedding day I saw him, he was not in this house

KINS : oh so sorry, you are right, he did not sleep in this house throughout is stay in nigeria, he spent all is days in hotel with women

CHARITY : why will he do that

KINS : he said he dont want to disturb the newly wedded couple, trust me you will like wesley. He is a very funny guy, you will be the one looking for him because of the funny thing he says, he plays alot

CHARITY : really

KINS : Yes, you will be begging him to come to the sitting room, but he will not have your time, because he is always with a woman in is room, there is no day woman dont sleep in that room

CHARITY : I can see is blood

KINS : hahahaha, I have changed, I am no longer in the world, even when I was in the world, wesley was the highest woman carrier

CHARITY : you, thank God you are beginning to change

KINS : so you know I have changed, ok is time now, let me go and change I have somewhere to go

CHARITY : honey where are you going to again

KINS : somewhere (he went to is room and change into another clothes and came out with is bag) baby I have to go now

CHARITY : honey, where do you always go with this bag, you always carry this bag anywhere you are going

KINS : because I need the bag

CHARITY : are you going to work

KINS : hahahaha, work, you and I know the last time I visited that company

CHARITY : and that’s not good, you are supposed to be going to work

KINS : work to do what, you know I dont know anything about that company, I dont have any idea on how dey operate it, I never read that in school, I read petroleum engineering, so going to the company is nothing, I get my money in month ending, because I am still the owner of the company

CHARITY : that’s is why you have to dedicate your time to the company so that you can learn

KINS : I am trying, I go to work sometime, my brother wesley that reason business Administration in school, he have not visited is company for one year now, but when he visit nigeria he do go to work sometime to know how far about the company and also look for a fine girl to sex too

CHARITY : hmm, may God deliver the two of you

KINS : hahahaha, I am even trying my best, I am still in the country controlling my own, do you know that the other company my sister control, they don’t know her, she have never one day visited


KINS : she have better things doing in London, he have his own money at the end of the month


KINS : I have to go now, I am late

CHARITY : what is inside this bag, you always carry when going out

KINS: I have told you to stay away from this bag

CHARITY : Yes, I dont know where you normally hide it, each time you return back

KINS : are you searching for this bag,stay away from this bag oo



One week later, wesley returned from London, he and his brother Kingsley just arrived from the airport

WESLEY: I miss home bro

KINS : you are welcome home my brother, I have missed you so much

WESLEY: Yes oo, where is your wife

KINS : she will be inside

(Then I walk pass)

RITA : good afternoon

KINS : how are you, please help me call my wife

RITA : ok, I will do just that (I walk away )

WESLEY : mehn, who is she

KINS : wesley you are just coming, arrange yourself

WESLEY: I am just coming does not mean I will sleep in that room without a girl today

KINS : you have not changed

WESLEY: I miss our African girls so much ooo, I have to go and collect my simcard from my room, so that I can start making call, I need to start calling them oo

KINS : who do you have in mind to call this night

WESLEY: to say the truth ehn, I would have love to call nneka, bro that girl dey too much for bed

KINS : you call am nah

WESLEY: noi mind the girl oo, she don go marry oo, I noi know who send am make she go marry

KINS : ok, she should be waiting for you abi, you don’t want to marry that girl

WESLEY: for where I noi marry oo, I will be going to office tommorow

KINS : why na, you need to rest

WESLEY: no am not complaining, jacob said they have employed a new staff, she said the girl back side dey confuse them for office, e they even dey make dem to do wrong entry when balancing and account

KINS : wesley

WESLEY: Yes oo, even if the girl noi give me do, make I just see wetin she carry for her backyard

KINS : hahahaha

WESLEY: is not funny at all, I need to see it (then I walk in)

RITA : brother, your wife said I should ask you, what you and your brother would like me to prepare for you both

KINS : wesley hafa na, wetin you go chop

WESLEY: vegetable stew and yam

KINS : Rita you heared her

RITA : ok (then I walk to the kitchen )

WESLEY: so kins, this girl na maid

KINS : you dey forbid maid

WESLEY: no o, I can go after a maid na, let me divert my thinking

KINS : so you have started thinking of something before abi

WESLEY: kins what are you and your wife employing a maid for, when you were alone, you did all the house work alone, you have a wife now you employed a maid, is she that lazy or she is pregnant that’s why you have a maid

KINS : calm down bro, let me explain to you (charity walk in)

WESLEY : hmmm, look at my wife

KINS : is not your wife

WESLEY : I hear you, charity how are you

CHARITY : wesley I am fine, how was your trip

WESLEY : it was fine

CHARITY : how about mama

WESLEY : mama is fine, charity you are looking good

CHARITY : are you sure

WESLEY : which one is if am sure, kins dont you Have mirror in your bedroom or bathroom

KINS : he dey na

WESLEY : I am sure you have been seeing yourself in mirror, you where not like this na, you were not like this when my brother came to rescue you from your father house

CHARITY : hahaha, he did not come to rescue me oo, he came to marry me

WESLEY : my brother is really trying, I swear if I see you for outside I go pass you, I will not recognise you

CHARITY : is okay

WESLEY : no, leave me alone let me praise my brother, kins I can see the hand work of your money all over her

KINS : Bros what to do, I have to take care of her

WESLEY : you try, charity oya go and tell your husband thank you.

CHARITY :for what na

WESLEY : for what he did for you, stand up, go and kneel down and say honey thank you

CHARITY : leave me jor

KINS : that’s why you need to settle down and get married too, stop spending your money on street girls

WESLEY : hahahaha, kins, you dey advice me, park well na

KINS : wetin that one con mean

WESLEY : you noi fit advice me na

KINS : I have changed, I am no longer in world

WESLEY : I hear

KINS : you need to settle down

WESLEY : dont even start brother, I am not ready at all, I never ready oo

KINS : why

WESLEY : being married is a big bondage oo, you will no longer have access to the things of the world, all because you want to be faithful, me I noi fit oh

KINS : you noi fit

WESLEY: I noi fit, she might end up seeing me flirting with another girl, and she will start crying wesley my God will punish you, useless man, you know women na, I hate to see them cry

KINS : I know you dont like to hurt girl at all

WESLEY : they are so precious to me, I am not ready

KINS : I understand

WESLEY : you try brother, he noi easy

KINS : hahahaha, may God help you

CHARITY : you have not seen a girl that capture your heart that’s why

WESLEY: abeg my never see am oo, I never enjoy my life at all, please I want to go to my room, let me go and make some calls, I need to know if any girl is available for me tonight, see you, please call me, when the food is ready oo

CHARITY : hahahaha



To be continued. ……….

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