Blood sister Episode 17

I travelled back to the city with charity, when we arrived home, the gate man c@m£ to welcome us
GATE MAN : Madam wellcome oo
CHARITY : how are you
GATE MAN : me I fine oo, madam na who be this girl
CHARITY : dont worry very soon, you will know who she is
GATE MAN : ok madam, aunty wellcome oo
RITA: thank you
CHARITY : let’s us go inside
( we went inside, when we got inside the house, charity husband kins was in the sitting room )
CHARITY : hi honey
KINS: sugar, you are back, so soon
CHARITY : Yes darling
KINS: ha, Rita how are you
RITA : I am fine
KINS: how about mama
RITA : mama is fine
CHARITY : sorry I did not informed you about Rita visiting, that was the reason mama called me
KINS: honey, no problem, take her to the room, let her have some rest
CHARITY : sure, Rita come with me
KINS: Rita, you are welcome to our house, plea-se be free with us
RITA : thank you sir
CHARITY : let me take you to your room
(I followed her to the guest room) this is your room, I hope you like it
RITA : of course, I like it
CHARITY : good, but one more thing, mind the way you laughed with my husband
RITA : laughing with your husband is nothing
CHARITY : Rita, I have told you my mind, I know my husband very well, I know what he is capable of doing, you laughing with him, or getting close to him, he will start using it to get at you
RITA : I have heared you
CHARITY : see him as your boss
RITA : as my boss
RITA : plea-se, charity have heared you
CHARITY : fine, you can rest now, you have just two hours to rest, you have to prepare food for us this evening
RITA : charity, I am just coming
CHARITY : Rita, we had an agreement dont forget
RITA : no problem
CHARITY : good (she walk away )
KINS: baby, how was your trip to the village
CHARITY : fine
KINS : I hope all is well with mama
CHARITY : Yes, mama is fine
KINS : why the sudden call
CHARITY : is because of Rita, she want Rita to start leaving with us
KINS : hahahaha, mama is funny oo, is that the reason she requested to see you so quic-k
CHARITY : Yes ooo
KINS : does Rita nee-d to inform us before coming
CHARITY : she will be leaving with us
KINS : and so, that’s nothing na
CHARITY : mama did the right thing
KINS : ok if you say so, Rita your sister is a very beautiful girl
CHARITY : hmmmm, Kingsley, you better behave yourself ooo
KINS : what, I only said she is beautiful
CHARITY : then I said be careful, that’s my sister we are talking about
KINS : Thank God you know that, is your sister, I cannot go for her
CHARITY : whatever
KINS : I am hungry
CHARITY : have you not eaten
KINS : no I have not
CHARITY : but I cooked before leaving this house
KINS : you call what you prepare food, see, I am tired of eating bad food in this house, is because I love you that’s why I am being patient, if not I would have long time returned you back to your father house
CHARITY : plea-se be patient, I am trying my best
KINS : oh, I hear
CHARITY : dont worry my sister Rita is around now, you will start eating good food
KINS : I am hungry, I was about going out to the fast food to eat, before you c@m£ in, should I go
CHARITY : ok, let me go and wake Rita up, so that she can prepare food for us
KINS : why dont you live that girl alone, she is just coming
CHARITY : why are you complaining for her
KINS : she is just arriving
CHARITY : and so, let me go and wake her up
To be continued. ..

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