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January 22, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 16

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My sister charity came to the village, immediately my my mother called her on the phone to come

CHARITY : mama, I have really missed you oo, I miss Rita too, I miss you people so much

RITA : you are not looking bad at all

CHARITY : my sister, my husband is trying his best on me

MAMA RITA : I can see that, this was not the car your husband gave you as a gift on your wedding day

RITA : mama thats true

CHARITY : that is true, my husband bought this one for me newly

RITA : God bless your husband oo, is really taking care of you

CHARITY : Yes oo, let’s us discuss why mama sent for me, mama I hope all is well

MAMA CHARITY : Yes charity, all is well oo

CHARITY : then what is it, why did you sent for me

MAMA RITA : my daughter, I want to ask beg you for something

CHARITY : mama, you don’t need to beg me, befor i do something for you

MAMA RITA : really

CHARITY : Yes mama, tell me, what do you want, how much do you want

MAMA RITA : I dont want money

CHARITY : you dont want money, then what is it

MAMA RITA : I want you to take Rita to the city with you

CHARITY : hahahaha, I should take Rita to the city with me

MAMA RITA : Yes, please


MAMA RITA : this village is no longer welcoming for me


MAMA RITA : people are laughing at her, they mock her, they laugh her

CHARITY : why are they laughing her.

MAMA RITA : because you married before her, because she turned her marriage proposal down, because of you, they are now call her village fool, they said she should go and get Married

CHARITY : Yes na, let her go and get Married now, is she not ripe for marriage

MAMA RITA : stop talking like that, do you want her to go and end up in the end of all this village farmers

CHARITY : Yes, who will marry her before, Rita is a farmer, she will also marry a farmer

MAMA RITA : God forbid, she will not end up in the hands of all this village farmers

CHARITY : then who will marry her, Rita is not educated, you don’t expect her to marry a rich man. She have to marry in this village, his kind of husband are found in this village, hahahaha

MAMA RITA : you are laughing at your sister, dont forget she gave up everything for you, I just blame myself for everything

CHARITY : mama stop talking like this, even if she goes to the city, she is not going to see a rich suitors

MAMA RITA : I am not talking about rich suitors here, let her just go to the city to start a new life there, there is no future in this village

CHARITY : mama, if she leave you now, how will you cope

MAMA RITA : dont worry, I will be fine, I can take care of myself, we have kids in this village, that can run errand for me, don’t worry I will be fine, she is not going to remain here with me na

CHARITY : hmmmmm

MAMA RITA : is that a yes

CHARITY : mama is not like, I dont want my sister to follow me to the city, but the problem is my husband

MAMA RITA : is she not going to allow your sister stay with you

CHARITY : hmm, she will allow it oo, she will be happy to see her

MAMA RITA : then why are you bothered

CHARITY : just that my husband, is a chronic womaniser

MAMA RITA : so you married a womaniser

CHARITY: Yes, is a womaniser, I dont want her to start going after my sister

RITA : no problem, I understand now, dont worry yourself, thanks for your time, I will be inside (I wanted to go inside, but charity called me back)

CHARITY : Rita, ok fine no problem, you will go with me

RITA : thank you

CHARITY : you are going with me to the city, not to start ordering me around as my elder sister, you have to do everything I say in that house, cook, sweep, wash, clean

MAMA RITA : charity, do you want to turn your sister to your house maid

CHARITY : mama no

MAMA RITA : dont worry again, she is not going anymore

CHARITY : mama why, is not a maid, is only assiting me with the house work

RITA : mama don’t worry I will go with her

MAMA RITA : Rita, no dont go

RITA : I will go with her, all those things is nothing

CHARITY : fine



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