Blood sister Episode 23 & 24

( EPISODE 23 )
The next day, wesley got re-ady to go to work, on is way to work he met us in the sitting room )
WESLEY : bro na movement oo
KINS : I don see am, wesley relax, you just arrived nigeria yesterday, you nee-d to rest, next week you can go to work
WESLEY : I am fine, I am strong, moreover I did not walk from London to Nigeria, I used flight, so I am fine
KINS : I still think you nee-d rest
WESLEY : no o, I nee-d to go to work, is being long I visited my company, and I nee-d to go and see that girl jacob is talking about
KINS : noi let woman go kill you ooo
WESLEY : jacob say if you see her backyard, bro I nee-d to go and see it, and probably try my luck, you know that no one can resist me
CHARITY : and why can’t they resist you
WESLEY : why did you not resist my brother, when he was running after you
CHARITY : are you asking me that
WESLEY : Yes, because he is handsome, so with me, I am too cute to be resisted
CHARITY : for your mind
WESLEY : I will not stay long, let me just go and try if I can do
KINS : dont go and start doing that girl in your office oo
WESLEY : ehnm, ok bathroom na
KINS : no bathroom, bring her home
WESLEY : bros, Bros, I should bring her home, hmm, you want to observe too abi
KINS : not that, I dont want you to go and start fooling yourself in your company
WESLEY : is my company, I can do whatever I like
KINS : na you know
WESLEY : I will come back soon
KINS : why na, you have to check the way they are running that company, is being long you left for London
WESLEY : that will be next time, my woman is coming today
KINS : which of your woman
WESLEY : I did not say babe oo, my woman mean my wife, my love
KINS : Anita
WESLEY : Yes bro, Anita my heart
CHARITY : so you even have a serious d@t£
WESLEY : Yes nah
CHARITY : then you st©p cheating on her
WESLEY : I am trying, I have to go now, kinsley wish me good luck
KINS : good luck on your free entry
WESLEY : thank you
(He left for work, three hours later, wesley returned from work, he met me in the sitting room )
RITA : wellcome
WESLEY : thank you, where are the rest people
RITA : your brother is in his room, his wife has gone to the market
WESLEY : plea-se I am hungry, is there something to eat
RITA : no, but let me quic-kly prepare something for you to eat
WESLEY : alright thank you (I left to the kitchen ) kinsley, kinsley I am home, I am back
KINS : we-tin, why are you shouting my name, is like you really had enough of her
WESLEY : I am hungry
KINS : hungry, wow so you succeed, where is Rita
WESLEY : she is alre-ady preparing something for me to eat
KINS : how far nah
WESLEY : bro na bad market
KINS : we-tin happen, she noi gree
WESLEY : the girl don marry, if you see we-tin God dash am, you go ask God we-tin your wife do am wei make God give am small one
KINS : meaning
WESLEY : meaning say her back side noi be here oo
KINS : so she is married
WESLEY : Yes, when I saw her first, she was wearing a wedding ring, I thought she just placed it there, I started talking to her, she said she is married, I told her she is lying, until she showed me her wedding pictures on her phone
KINS : ayah
WESLEY : he pain me, if I catch jacob I will b!ow that is mouth
KINS : what did he do
WESLEY :He was the one, that kept on telling me about this girl
KINS : maybe he did not know that the girl was married
WESLEY : Yes that what jacob said, he dont know
KINS : that’s it
WESLEY : I just wasted my time thinking about married woman, I did not even sleep well last night, because of this girl
KINS : hahahaha
WESLEY : bro, the girl carry back
KINS : I will like to see her too
WESLEY : Bro, bro, I know you still have feelings for things of the world, I warned you not to get married now, I warned you, you noi listen
KINS : I am not regretting
WESLEY : then you stay home and be observing your wife
KINS : bad boy
WESLEY : I am coming, let me change into something else
KINS : ok na
Wesley went inside to change up, he c@m£ back to the sitting room to meet is brother Kingsley
WESLEY : bro was up
KINS : fine
WESLEY : kinsley, dont tell me you still go for robbery
KINS : you saw it right
WESLEY : and why did you have to keep your bag of weapon on my room
KINS : because of my wife, she has been suspecting my movement with that bag, I know she have also been searching for it, that’s why I kept it in your room, he cannot enter your room
WESLEY : but don’t forget I also have visitors every time
KINS : I know plea-se be watchful for me
WESLEY : I thought you have returned them, you told me if you get married you will change
KINS : I will quit it, but not now
WESLEY : you have to quit it, this was what you did in your university life, you were a very dangerous guy then in school, you go for robbery, despite money enters your account every week
KINS : wesley can you just forget this discussion
WESLEY : I will not, you were complaining then in school that mum dont pay enough money to you in school then
KINS : Yes
WESLEY : then what about now, you have a big company that is un-der you, money enter your account every week
KINS : I know bro, I am having enough money, my boys nee-d money too
WESLEY : you give them a job, open business for them, you have the money
KINS : does all those my p@rtners tell you they nee-d a job, do they look like someone who can work in company
WESLEY : wesley you have to st©p going for robbery, you have enough money
KINS : I am not after the money, I am bored in this house
WESLEY : then you go to work
KINS : office is the worst, I dont always un-derstand them when they are doing business meeting, I just sit with them there looking like a moron
WESLEY : then you have to learn
KINS : I dont go for robbery because of money, I have enough money, I just go to have fun
WESLEY : you steal from innocent people, you are calling it fun
KINS : Yes is fun to me, we steal money from them, I dont take a kobo from it, I leave it for them
WESLEY : you dont take share from it, then why are you still going for operation
KINS : fun, there is fun in it
WESLEY : you have to st©p, you have to return this guns to them
KINS : I will st©p
WESLEY : is risky
KINS : tai, nothing dey happen
WESLEY : what of favour, is she still with you guys
KINS : Yes oo, she still dey
WESLEY : you have to st©p it, else I will report you to mum and your wife
KINS : I know you cannot do it , you cannot expo-se your bro
WESLEY : you have to st©p
KINS : dont worry I will st©p
(I walk in and told wesley that is food is re-ady, I served him the food, after eating he left to bring is girlfriend to the house)
WESLEY : baby you are welcome to my house
ANITA: is being long I c@m£ here last
WESLEY : that’s true
ANITA : baby I am hungry
WESLEY : okay let me call Rita
WESLEY : Rita, Rita
RITA : Yes, you called me
WESLEY : plea-se bring food for my visitor, plea-se add to eat because I will eat, serve it in one plate
RITA : okay
(I walk away to serve them the food in the sitting room, few minutes later, I was pas-sing going to outside, when I looked at them, they were done eating the food, I just ignored them, but wesley girl called me back)
ANITA : hey come back here, we are done eating, come and take away the plate and tidy up here
RITA : are you talking to me
ANITA: Yes I am talking to you, come and tidy up here
RITA : I should tidy up here for you, as your what, so you cannot clean where you eat with your b©yfri£nd.
ANITA: and why will I clean it, are you not the maid
RITA : and so, you are supposed to show your b©yfri£ndsome respect by cleaning up here and removing all this plate
ANITA: I cannot do that, when there is a maid in this house
WESLEY : Rita take away the plate, is that not the reason you are in this house
RITA : I cannot re-move it
WESLEY : are you mad, look at this maid oo, are you going against my order, do you want me to sack you (Kins and charity walk in )
KINS : what is it, wesley
WESLEY : dont mind this your maid oo, me and my woman called her to come and tidy up here after eating oo, she refused, she is asking my girlfriend what happened to her hand
KINS : she cannot re-move the plate for you nah, your girlfriend is here
WESLEY : why won’t she, is she not a maid
KINS : maid, she is not a maid oo, she is my wife elder sister
WESLEY : your wife sister
KINS : Yes
CHARITY: Rita plea-se re-move the plate, anita is only a visitor, try to be nice nah
RITA : nice, then you re-move it for her to show her some kindness, plea-se (I walk away )
KINS : what is wrong with your sister
CHARITY : I dont know oo, she get angry easily this days
KINS : I think all is not well with her , you have to confirm it
CHARITY : I will
WESLEY : your wife sister
To be continued. …