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July 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Beyond the stars Episode 3 & 4

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💫 Beyond The Stars 🌌

Episode 3 💘

Written ✍ By Summer Gold



🍭 Charles 🍭

” Ade? ” I asked in disbelief
” Yeah, it’s me ” she replied

No,,, the lady standing before me right now is like a god,, how can someone be as beautiful as this?

Long hair, pink lips, straight legs,,, oh my God

” Is there anything wrong with the dress? ” she asked checking herself
” No,, no,,, you are so good looking in that ” I said stopping her from checking herself out
” Okay, thanks ” She said pulling her hair from her face

I couldn’t help but to continue starring at her

” Sir,,, you’ve got an important meeting with the Vice president ” Vera said giving me a file
” When? ” I asked
” In thirty minutes sir ” She replied
” Oh,,, okay. You can leave ” I said and she left.

” I will be back,,, make sure you wait for me hun? ” I said tapping her shoulder
” Remember I have nowhere to go ” she said
” That’s better for now,,, ” I said and went in

But why will Ana call me for an important meeting? Gosh,,,,

I put on a trouser and a round neck shirt,,, I went out of the house.

” No,, I’m going alone ” I said as the guards rushed toward me
” Okay sir ” they replied

I entered the car and drove off to her house


I got to the house and entered,,,, she’s in the sitting room

” Hey Charles ” she said and walked to me,,, and peck my cheek
” Hi Ana ” I said pulling her away softly from myself

I walked to the couch and seat

” You called,, why? ” I asked
” Charles,,,,, don’t you think it’s time to make everything work? ”

” What do you mean,,? ” I asked

She walked to me and sat down on my laps,,, I looked up at her shockingly, what the hell is she doing?

” We love each other Charles,,,, I know that. And besides people believe we are actually dating,,,, ”
” Stop Ana ” I stood up immediately
” I never told you I love you ” I said
” But Charles, I love you alot ” She said and held my hand

” I don’t love you Ana ” I said and walked out of her house

I shouldn’t have come here in the first place,,,,

🍭 Adelaide 🍭
Why is he taking so long? I’m really hungry right now,, I don’t even know the way to the kitchen. This house is just too big for my liking.

I opened my window and I saw his car coming in,,, a slight smile appeared on my lips, thank God he’s back.

I waited patiently for him, I know he’s gonna come here first

A knock came on my door, I rushed to open up immediately

” I guess you’ve been waiting for me ” he said coming in and I nodded
” You must be hungry ” he said and I replied with another nod
“Come with me ” he said dragging my hand after him

” Where are we going? ” I asked
” Just follow me, i’m not gonna sell you ” he said
” Of course you can’t,, you know I can break bones right? ” I smirk
” Oh shit, I forgot you are a warrior ” he said

” Not yet,, but very soon ” I said and he stopped
” You are gonna become a warrior? ” he asked turning to me
” Of course ” I said with a smile

He sigh and continue walking until we got to the car.

” Just the driver ” he said as almost all the guards rushed to us
They left immediately leaving the driver who quickly got into the car.

After what seem like forever,The car finally stopped and we both got out.

He took my hand again dragging me along with her inside a building,,,

” What is this place? ” I asked looking round
” Restaurant ” he replied, I saw people taking pictures of their president,, that’s cool anyway

But what type of president will never allow bodyguards follow him around?

We both sat down and a girl in something like uniform came to us

” Hello ” she said with a bow
” Hi ” Charles replied
” What do I offer you Mr president and girlfriend? ” she asked

” Fried Rice And chicken will do ” he said and the girl went away
” What’s fried rice? ” I asked
” You will see ” he said
” And what’s girlfriend? ”

” Gosh, you really have a lot to learn ” he said itching his neck
” Do I need to learn them,, next time I leave this place, am not coming again ” I said

” That’s better warrior ” he said and I rolled my eyes

🍭 Ana 🍭

” What? ” I shouted as I read the heading of the news,,


What the fuck is happening right now? Who the hell is the girl? No one messes with me Ana.

I took my phone immediately and dialed Vera’s Number

She picked the call

📲 I just read the news right now, who is the girl with Charles?
I asked angrily

📲 She’s a stranger, I don’t know anything about her ”
She replied

📲 What do you mean by she’s a stranger? The news said it’s his girlfriend ”

📲 That’s rumor

📲 Are you sure of that?

📲 Yes mam, very sure

📲 Okay good, I want you to keep an eye on that girl

📲 Consider it done ma, I don’t like the girl rugger

I ended the call

I can’t believe Charles rejected me because of that Thing? I will get you soon



Episode 4🏵🏵


🍭 Adelaide 🍭

We walked out of the restaurant after eating,, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the meal

” Do you like the food? ” he asked and I nodded
” Yeah, it’s nice ” I replied and smiled
” Good ” he said and pat my back

We entered the car and the driver started driving home,, my mind went to Father and Logan. I’m sure they will be waiting for me right now,,

And I am stuck here, how do I get back home?


We finally got home,,, I went to my room and laid my head on the bed. I took my sword like I have a mission to do with it.

Maybe I really missed fighting already,,, I closed my eyes and sleep took over almost immediately.

🍭 Charles 🍭

” What do you mean by she’s not in her room? Then where is she? ” I asked almost yelling

” Sir, I have no idea ” Vera said
” Move ” I said and walked upstairs

I entered the room and could not find her,, I checked the table

” What? Her sword is gone too,,, has she return to where she came from? But how? ” different questions rushed through my brain

I roughed my hair and walked out of the room,,, she’s gone and will never come back here.

I sat down in my office thinking about her,,, how can she just leave like that?

🍭 Adelaide🍭

I opened my eyes slowly,, I hurried out of bed at what I see.

I am back,,, but how did I get here?

I ran out of my room immediately,,,

” Mam? ” Alia called looking at me with a surprise face
” What happened? ” I asked

” Your dress? ” She said
That was when I remember that,, oh God.

” Where have you gone to? We have been searching for you all over the places ” she said and hugged me
” I will explain everything to you later,, but I need to see father right now ” I said

” Definitely not in this ” she point to my cloth again
” Oh yeah ” I said and went back to my room

I changed into my normal outfit,, and went to father

” Father ” I called, he turned to me.

I can see he’s worried

” Adelaide? ” he called and I ran to him and hugged him with tears
” I’m sorry father ” I said weeping
” Where have you gone to? Everyone has been worried about you, I thought something bad happened to you ” he said holding me more tightly

” Am sorry father, but I have no idea ” I said unlocking from the hug
” What do you mean by you have no idea? ” he asked

” Before I can tell you anything,, I need to find out somethings coz I am also confused right now ” I said and bite my bottom lips.

” Okay,, I trust you ” he said

” Thank you father ” I said with a smile
” Go on and tell the soldiers that you are back ” he said and I went out.

” It’s Young Master!!! ” they chorused as I walked to them
” I am sorry for the problem I’ve caused,, am really sorry ” I said with my head bowed

” De!!!!! ( Okay.)

They all left while Logan stayed starring at me suspiciously

” Where were you? ” he asked

” I don’t know ” I replied
” What do you mean by you dont know!! ”
” You are shouting Logan ” I said

” Am shouting? Do you know what I passed through,, thinking about you?? Now I’m shouting? ”

” Am,,,, am,, sorry. I don’t know if you will believe me ” I said
” Tell me, I will believe you ” he said

” Actually,,,,,,,, I went to,,,, ”

” Mam Ade,,,, Master called for you ”
” Okay ” I said and left

Gosh,, how do I explain?




She’s back 😁😁

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