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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Beyond the stars Episode 1 & 2

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Episode 1 🔥🔥

Story by : Summer Gold
@Summer’s Library 📚



🍭 Adelaide 🍭

” Mam Ade,, it’s time for your sword fighting practice ” My personal maid said waking me up

” Oh yeah, thanks Lilah ” I said yawning

” And after that, you need to go to the Third master’s house with Young master Logan ” she said

” Gosh, for what? ” I asked with my eyes wide opened

” I think it’s urgent ” She replied

” Is father aware of this? ” I asked

” He asked me to give you this information ” she said and I sigh

” Okay,, sword fighting first ” I said getting up and took my sword.

I walked into my practice room and started my job 😁

Okay a little introduction will do

I am Adelaide Taylor,, the only daughter of the Fifth Master here in our Asia Melons gate

The Masters consists of 10 brave Soldiers who have win different wars back in their days

So they were named according to how powerful they are,, and fortunately for me, my father is the Fifth master.

These 10 masters have young soldiers under them,, mainly for wars. So as the only daughter,, I am also strong. I have gone on so many wars also,, am glad my father has so much confident in me. Forgetting the fact that I’m a girl.

And besides,, many people believe am a boy, due to

the way I dress always in my sword art clothes.

So he have just four masters powerful than him,,,, it’s cool anyway.

I really don’t know the reason why we need to go to the third master’s house anyway,,

” Hey Ade ” Someone called and I stopped my practice

” Hey Logan ” I said

Logan as being my best friend from when we were young,,, his father ( The sixth Master ) died when he was two years old

Since he was my father’s best friend,, my father took Logan into his house and we’ve always train together.
” You need to stop,, we are gonna be late ” he said

” Okay,,, I should take my bath now ” I said and rushed into my room

I took a quick bath and dressed up,, I weaved my hair in my normal style,, no body ever find out I have a long hair,, funny though.

I took my sword,, yeah I take my sword with me any where I go. I walked out of the room and went to father’s room.

” Father, how are you doing? ” I asked

” Am good,, are you ready for the visit already? ” he asked

” Yes father ” I said with a bow

” Good,, you can leave now before you get there late ” he said and I rushed out forgetting that I wanted to ask him what the visit is all about.

” Hey Logan, let’s leave ” I said and we started walking to the third master’s house (

This story is an old Asian story,,, no car in this village,,, and they dress in the old Asian culture. Happy reading 😘)

” What do you think the visit is about? ” I asked Logan

” I don’t know,, Master never told me ” he replied

” Gosh, father is unbelievable. How can we just go to,,,,, ” suddenly I saw a large view of people in front of us, they seem different, are they aliens?

I blinked and I couldn’t find them again

” Logan,, did you see what happened just now? ” I asked in shock

” What happened? ” he asked

” I saw crowds just now ” I said and he laughed

” Did you use your medications? I didn’t see anything ” he said
[ This story is written ✍ by Summer Gold ]

” Oh,, maybe I was just day dreaming ” I said

” Yeah ” he replied

But,,, I really saw crowds

Shut up Ade,,,, it’s not real. You are just weak

” The young masters are here ” one of the soldiers announced immediately we got there

” Gosh, when will they get the fact that I am a girl? ” I asked Logan

” Maybe when you stop beating up boys ” he said and I scoff

We walked into the Guest sitting room and sat down waiting for the master to come out


” Wow,, I can’t believe the Arching festival is coming so soon ” I blurted as we walk back to our dorm

( Arching Festival is the popular festival in which young trainee Soldiers come to fight against each other to know those who are capable of going to the next war.)

” Will you fight this year? ” Logan asked

” Of course,, I love fighting remember? ” I said showing off my skills

Actually, I don’t know the best between Logan and I.

” Ade,, you are a girl “..

” You don’t have to remind me,, I know ” I said knowing where exactly the topic is leading to

I promised to make my father proud no matter what, I don’t want him to feel like he doesn’t have a son .

” I have to take a nap right now,, tell Lilah that I don’t want any disturbance ” I said as we got home

” Okay ” he replied

I entered my room and locked the door,,,, I turned toward my room and suddenly Saw the crowd again,,, yeah I knew it. But what is this?

I moved closer and touched what seems like an entrance to them,,, wow I can touch it.

And I walked in,, I looked back and I couldn’t find my room again,, oh no how do I go back?

I saw people starring at me and saying things

👥 Oh my God!!

👥 Who is he?

👥 Why is he dressed like that?

👥 Oh no, he’s holding a sword 🤺

👥 Is he an alien?

👥 See what he’s wearing, what’s that?

👥 So strange, where is he from?

Am so lost right now,,, these people are weird. I should be asking those Questions

Where is this? Why are they dressed like this? Are they aliens? And what are those things moving around? ( Cars And Bikes ) they are so strange

I started walking and walking checking everything out while people run from me when I get close to them

Weird,, they are scared of sword? I wanted to laugh but I could not coz,, I don’t know what’s going on right now.

” Hey dude,,, ” somebody tapped me and I turned back only to find the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen

His hair look so long and black, the hair covered half part of his eyes

But what cloth is he putting on? So strange

” What are you doing! You are scaring the people with this ” he said pointing at my sword

I brought out the sword and he moved backward,,, what? He’s scared too?

” You are not gonna hurt me with that right? ” he asked and I shook my head sideways

” Where are you from? ” he asked and I kept quiet

” You can’t talk?”

” Dude? ” he called again

” Follow me ” he said and started walking while I followed him..

He entered something ( Car )

” Come in” he said and I entered looking at it strangely

” You’ve never seen a car? ” he asked

” You are so weird dude ” he said and laughed

Finally he drove into a compound with a gigantic building,,, the house is so huge compared to the one I live.

We came out of the car and started walking into the house

” Welcome sir ” Different maids bow their heads

Who is he anyway?

” Have a seat ” He said and I sat down

” President Charles we have some,,,,, ” She stopped immediately she saw me

So this guy is a president? He doesn’t look like one, he’s so young

” Who is this? ” she asked pointing at me

” An illegal citizen I guess ” Charles said.

” He’s so scary ” she said dropping a file on the table.

” You can leave,, I will call you later ” he said and she walked out immediately

” so dude,,,, ”

” I’m a girl ” I cut in

” Excuse me? ”

” I am a girl ” I repeated

” Okay cool,, where are you from? ” he asked

” Asia Melons gate ” I said

” Are you crazy? This is Asia Melons gate ” he said and I sigh

I hate explaining myself,,,

” I am from another world called Asia Melons,,, I am only stuck here and I need to go back to where I belong ” I said

” gosh,, why can’t I understand a thing? ” he said and rough his hair

The truth is,, I don’t understand either

The likes and shares are not complete oo 😒,


Episode 2 💜


🍭 Charles 🍭
” What do you mean by she’s staying here tonight? She’s nothing but a stranger,, and besides she’s weird ” Vera said almost sounding angrily

” Vera, this is my house and I take in whoever I want. You are just my PA and nothing else, stop telling me what to do ” I said calmly even though I wanted to yell at her

” I am sorry sir, but,,, ”

” No buts,, take her to the guestroom and make sure she lacks nothing ” I said and walked out of the house.

I have an important place to go right now,, ten guards followed me immediately

One opened the car and I entered,,, two followed me in the same car while the others got into another car.

” What time is the meeting starting? ” I asked Vera on phone

” 4:00pm sir ” she replied. I checked the time and it’s 3:50 already

” Okay ” I said and hang up

” Can you increase the speed? ” I asked politely

” Yes sir ” the driver replied and I rested my head on the seat cooling down my tension.

A part of me wanted to believe her,, but it’s odd.

” We are here Mr President ” The driver announced the guards behind me

💋 The president is here!
💋 Looking so cute
💋 Clear the way

I smiled and waved at the people, they gasped at my action.

I got into the meeting hall and everyone stood up,, I sat down and gave them order to sit.

” You are welcome ” The VP ( Vice President.) Said since she’s sitting next to me

” Thanks ” I smiled

And then the meeting started

🍭 Adelaide 🍭
I keep on pacing around the room,, what the fuck is happening? Why can’t I go back home?

Father will be searching for me already,, what do I do?

I checked the window and four cars drove in, I guess the guy is back or should I say president?

A guard opened the car for him and he came in, he walked in with his hands in his pocket.

I rushed and sat down on the bed immediately, I am sure he’s gonna come here.

Someone knocked the door and I went to open the door

” Hey, how are you doing? ” he asked and came in

” I am not doing fine,, I need to go back ” I said with my finger in my mouth

” Then you can leave, am not asking you to stay ” he said

” That’s the problem,,, I don’t know how to go back ” I replied

” Wait,, I don’t understand you. Where are you from? Korea? China? India? Where? ” he asked

” I already told you where am from ” I replied

” I am totally confused,,, there is no other Asia melons than the one we are right now, how do I believe you? ” He said and I held his hand

” You don’t have to believe me ” I said and he seem surprised

” Gosh,, but you really need to change your cloth right now. You can’t dress like this here,, you are scary ” He said and I nodded

” I will be back ” he said and walked out

Gosh, I really don’t know what to do right now.

🍭 Charles 🍭

” Get her some clothes from the mall ” I said to Vera

” This is unbelievable ” she said

” Vera,, just do what I said. Stop murmuring ” I said

” Can you go now? ” I asked raising an eyebrow

” Okay sir ” she grumped and walked out

I shook my head sideways,, she’s something else

A call came on my phone,, I checked the caller and it’s Ellis

📲 Hey Ellis
I smiled,, he’s my most closed friend

📲 my president
He teased

📲 I thought you’ve changed,, I told you not to address me as that

📲 But you are,,,,

📲 Oh please,,, why are you calling anyway?

📲 I’m back,, expect me in your house in 1 hour

📲 That’s cool, can’t wait to see you

📲 Then fly to me
He said

📲 Idiot

I end the call immediately

I walked to the strange girl’s room,,,

” Hey ” I said and she nodded, am sure she’s thinking about going home

” What’s your name? ” I asked

” Adelaide ” she replied, wow cool

” So Ade,, I ordered Vera to get some clothes for you. Am sure she will be back in a,,,,, ” I was interrupted by a knock

” It’s Vera ” the voice said

” She’s back ” I said and opened the door

Vera stare at me before dropping the bags and walked out,,,

” You should take your bath and put one on ” I said and she nodded

I went out of the room,,,

” Hey ” I called one of the maids

” Yes sir? ”

” I want you to go to the guestroom,, help me take care of her. She’s an important guest ” I said

” Okay sir ” She said and went away

I went back to my home office,, I really have more works to do than I thought.

” Hey Charles ” Ellis came in with a grin

” Hey ” I said and we sidehug

” Have your seat ” I said
” You don’t have to tell me that ” he said and I scoff

He’s still crazy like our secondary school days, such an asshole

🍭 Adelaide 🍭

” What is that? ” I asked pointing at something

” Its called a shower ” The maid replied and I nodded

” And the one you are in is called a bathtub ” she said and I nodded

” Cool ” I said

I moan in sweetness as she rub my body with the liquid she called cream,, after that she help me put on something on my body

” This is called a top ” she said ” And this is a trouser ” she added and I nodded

” Top and trousers ” I said and she smiled

” Now let’s do your hair ” she said trying to touch my hair

” Wait,,, I’ve never removed the band from my hair in from of anyone ” I said holding her hand

” Just trust me ” she said

I released her hand and she removed the band while the long hair loosed,,,

” Wow,,, your hair is so long ” she said with a smile

” Thanks ” I replied

She used a brush on them,,,

” Just leave it this way ” she said

” What? I can’t ” I said

” Mr president love long hairs ” she winked

” What? Why do I need to impress him? ” I pouted

” Just trust me ” she winked

” You don’t need make up, you are pretty this way ”

” What’s your name? ” I asked

” Leia ” she said

” Am Adelaide ” I said

She wear a shoe on my foot and we both walked out of the room

🍭 Charles 🍭

” So sad you are leaving already ” I said seeing Ellis off

” I need to do something right now ” he said

” Okay good ” he entered the car and drove off

I walked back into the house,,,,

” Hey, ” Someone called and I looked up only to find a stranger

” Who are you? ” I asked

” what do you mean? Its Adelaide ” she said and I was shocked

” Ade? ” I asked in disbelief




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