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July 30, 2021


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Beyond the stars Episode 5 to 7

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Episode 5 🌹

By : Summer Gold



🍭 Adelaide 🍭

” Father,, you called? ” I asked as I entered his room
” Yeah,, I want us to have lunch together ” he said walking out of the room

” Really? ” I smiled and followed him
” Yes,, I guess since you’ve matured, the distance is much. You always do one thing or the other ” he said and sat down as we got to the dinning table

” Not really father, I’m fine. I just want to make you proud of me ” I replied sitting down

” I am proud of you Ade,,,, but still I want you to remember that you are a girl ” he said with his mouth filled
” Father? You don’t have to remind me about that, I know ” I said chewing on my food

” Don’t worry,, I will make arrangements on your wedding soon with Aaron ( Third Master’s Son.) ” he said and I laughed

” No Father, am not getting married now ” I said
” You have serve me all your life,, you need to bring out the woman in you right now ” he said and I dropped my spoon

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” But,,, father,, I’m fine ”
” No Ade,,,,, Get ready. Your marriage preparation will be starting soon,, from now. You won’t be wearing these ” he pointed at my clothes,, ” You should learn how to behave as a girl ” he said

” Yes,,,,,, father ” I said sadly


” You are getting married? To who? ” Logan asked wiping my tears

I sniff in

” Aaron ” I replied and burst into tears
” What? Aaron? What about me!! ” He half yelled and his eyes turned red
” What do you mean? ” I asked

” I love you Ade,, you should have noticed this for a long time ” ” So,, why don’t you tell me? ” I asked
” I couldn’t ” He replied

” It’s too late right now ” I said

I stood up and went into my room in tears,, I can’t believe am getting married. And my best friend is in love with me?

” Mam,,, It’s Alia ”
” Come in ” I said

She came in with a strange woman, in her early fifties

” Who is she? ” I asked.”
” Your trainer ” Alia replied and went out

” Hi,,, Am Nora ” smiled
” Yeah ” I said

” Firstly,, wear this ” she threw a dress to me
” What is wrong with what I’m wearing? ” I asked

” You should dress like a lady from now ” she said and I scoff
” I’m doing this because of my father ” I said and took the cloth, and my sword

” Where are you taking that sword to? ” she asked and I smirk
” Trust me,, she’s my best friend ” I said and winked

” You will stop that very soon ” she said
” Tell I will feed your bones to the gods ” I winked

I went to the bathroom to change,,,,

🍭 Charles 🍭

” Who is she? ” I asked Ellis who continue to grin
” I don’t know,,, but I’m gonna find out ” he said

” Is she pretty? ” I asked
” Of course,,, long hair, and all that ” he smirk and my mind went to Adelaide

Where is she right now? Is she okay? When will I see her again?

” You are lost ” Ellis said snapping his finger
” Oh,, yeah. I really need to go home right now ” I said standing up

” Okay,, see you later ” he said and we shook hands

My guards opened the car and I went in,, the driver started driving home but all I was thinking about is Ade.

Stop thinking about her,, you won’t see her again,, yeah I should stop thinking about her. She’s not coming back.

I got home and come out of the car

I entered my room and rested my head on the bed

🍭 Adelaide 🍭

I put on the dress and smirk,, do I even look good in this? It’s uncomfortable on me.

I took my sword and opened the door

” How do I look? ” I asked but kept quiet almost immediately

What the fuck!!! This is not my room,,,

I turned around,,, oh no it’s Charles House.

What???? Again!!!


Episode 6 👅👅


🍭 Charles 🍭

I walked out of my office and went to the room where Ade stayed,, I was tempted to open the door.

I was shocked to find Ade standing right before me looking confused,,, I checked her out. She’s putting on another type of clothe.

Her sword is still with her anyway,,

” Charles,,,, ” she called softly

I rushed to her almost immediately and hugged her tightly,, why do I miss her so much?

” You are back ” I said and smiled

” No,,, I don’t know how it happened again ” she said and I release from the hug

” I think it’s good anyway,, I really miss you alot ” I said

She ruffled her hair,, I touched the hair and loosed the band in it

” What are you doing? ”

” I love it this way ” I smiled

” I will be in trouble if I stay a night here ” she said with her finger in her mouth

” But,, why? ” I asked

” I’m getting married!! ” she yelled angrily as tears rushed down her eyes

” What,,, what do you mean? ” I asked

” See this? ” she said pointing at her dress

” I will be putting on this from now,,, I am starting my training on how to be a bride,, I went into the bathroom to change, I took my sword and opened the door,, I suddenly found myself here. Right now,, I am confused ” she said and sat down on the bed

” I don’t understand a thing ” I muttered

” You are really getting married? ” I asked again and she nodded

I faked a smile, ” That’s good ” I said

” You are happy for me? ” she asked without smiling

” of course,, why not ”

” But I don’t want to get married ” she blink out tears

” Why? ”

” I don’t know ” she replied and looked down

My eye went to her sword,, it’s shining 🌟. Like some sort of gold,, is it?

I was about touching it but she suddenly disappeared

Whaaaaaat,,,, she disappeared?

🍭 Adelaide 🍭

” oh my God oh my God, how did you get here? ” Nora asked with her hands on her chest

I ignored her and looked round the room,, I am back again

Right now, I think I am out of my mind.

Am confused 😖,, really confused!!!!

” I’m sorry,,, you wasn’t looking when I sat ” I lied

” It’s okay ” she said,,,, I’m glad she buy my lie

” Firstly, you are learning this ” she brought out a bead and some rope

” What is this? ” I asked

” Right now, we are making a waist bead ” she said and I scoff

” For who? ” I asked.

” You can also use it, you are a girl ” she said causing me to laugh

” What’s funny? ”

” How can I use this? Fighters don’t use waist beads ” I said

” You are not a fighter anymore, get that into your small brain ” she said using her finger to touch my head

I brought out my sword angrily and point it at her,, she gasped and moved back

” Try that again and I will behead you ” I said and keep the sword

” Let’s continue ” I said since she’s not ready to move

A guard came in almost immediately

” What’s happening my lady? I heard a sword,,,, ” he said breathing hard

” Its nothing,, ” I said and grin at Nora

” We are good ” I said

He bow and left ( 😂😂😂)

” Let’s continue!! ” I yelled

” Yea ” she said and moved closer making sure there is space between us

I don’t care right now, but I’m confused about what is happening to me


Episode 7 🍭🍭


👅 Ade’s Father 👅
Some weeks later 💫💫

” Why are we here? ” I asked as the third master and the fifth master stare at me

” It’s time ”

” For what? ” I asked looking confused
” We have to get ride of Ade’s Sword before things get out of hand ” One of them said and I sigh

” I am trying my best,, right now she’s getting married and she’s gonna stop all those things. Then,, I will be able to take that sword from her ” I said.
” It’s not that easy,, I know her, she’s a very determined person. She’s a fighter, a good one at that ” he said

” I will try my best ” I said ” And besides, she’s getting married in two days ”

How will I tell Adelaide that I have to take the sword from her? I’m sure she’s gonna refuse.

That sword was given to me to present it for her because she was destined to be a warrior,, but now the sword was discovered to be magical and not safe to be with her.

I really need to tell her something that will change her mind,, but how?

I got back to my house and went straight to my room,,

” Master, do you need anything? ” My personal guard asked
” Call Ade for me ” I said resting my head on the pillow
” Okay master ” he replied and rushed out of my room
” I wish you listen to me Adelaide ” I said to myself

Few minutes later he came in, alone.

” Where is she? ” I asked
” Sir, my lady,, is missing again ” he said and I stood up immediately
” What? ”
” Yes master ”

Gosh,, where is she again!!!

I roughed my hair angrily,,

” Get the guards right now,, search everywhere in the village!! ” I yelled
” Okay master!! ” he said and ran out

Where are you? Why do you always disappear when I need to see you?

💋 Adelaide’s Pov 💋

I keep on thinking about him,, it’s like am charmed already. He really is my dream right now.
And here I am, getting married to someone I don’t even love?

I don’t know why!! Why can’t I come to you again!! Why!!!

Why can’t I come to your world again? Please,, let me come into your world,, and your heart too

” Charles!! I miss you so much!! ” I yelled angrily with tears rushing down my eyes

Suddenly I heard some sound,, I blocked my ear instantly. My eye caught with my sword that is on the bed

It’s shining and making some noise,, the light coming out from it almost blocked my sight.

I Bend down and took the sword,,,, what is happening right now?

And then I met myself in Charles’s room,,, what the fuck just happened?

I took my sword up,, the light is out already.
Oh my God,,, my sword!! My sword is,,,,,,

Suddenly the door opened, I turned and it’s Charles

” Charles!!! ” I shouted running to him in tears

Why are you crying? My inner mind asked
” I don’t know ” I said as I finally hugged Charles

😇 Charles’s Pov 😇

I entered my room weakly and met someone whose back is like Ade, wait is she the one?

She turned,, a tear dropped from her eye

She ran to me and hugged me tightly,,,,,

” Did you miss me that much? ” I asked

” Am I not allowed to miss you? ” she asked in tears
” Of course,,, you can ” I said and hugged her back.

We finally unlock from the hug,,, she smiled and blink out tears

” Why are you so hurt? ” I asked wiping her tears with my palm
” I’m getting married in two days,, to someone I don’t love ” she broke down
” Then call off the wedding ” I said

” I can’t,,, but there is only one way to call it off “. She said

” What is it? ” I asked

she put her sword on the table and moved closer to me,,,

” Take my dignity ” she said





What will happen now?

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