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The bad boys nerdy Episode 8 & 9

🎀 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀
Written by Author Dammy 🔥🔥
Episode 8
Asher’s POV
School was finally over, I sat down at the balcony of my house, waiting for Ella Mia ,I was still very annoyed with everything Jake said, I know I don’t love Mia, it is not a crime to care about a girl without loving her, I was so de-ep in thought and I didn’t hear Ella’s voice call me
“Hey, Asher “she called and waved at me, I waved back and watch her climb the stairs, she got upstairs, which a load of textbook, I scoffed as I watched her unpacked it on the table
“Mia” I called and held her hand as she was about to open the text book
“why are you opening the text book ” I asked
“what sort of question is that, obviously I need the textbook to decide on what project to do ” she answered and I sighed, how do I tell her to stay away from Jake, that mother fv¢king bastard, I sat close to her as I watched her open the pages
“have you gotten the chemical I said you to bring ” she asked and I chuckled as she brou-ght out a suitcase full of medical equipment, Mom [email protected]£ out and greeted us, especially Mia, she greeted her like crazy, giving me that knowing look, I su-cked in my breath and rolled my eyes at her
“Mom, you have to get going ” I said and she insisted on staying with us,she is such a pain in the n£¢k
Mia arranged the equipment on the table properly ,all she did was boss me around, Hand me this, give me that, I was getting bored, I gave her the wrong chemical and it rumbled and splashed every where ,on her [email protected] and on her face
“Asher!!”she screamed and hit me with a textbook
“how could you ” she said and hit my che-st
“Ella Mia, st©p it ” I uttered Amidst laughter
“it is really not funny, I don’t know why did that ” she mumbled checking her time, “it is almost six pm, and I almost got it right, but you gave me the wrong chemical ” she said and i smiled
“Asher, it is really not funny “she uttered with a teary eyes and my mood changed, she sniffed and wiped her tears, I looked at mom and she chuckled and walked away with the “deal with it ” look
“Mia, I am so sorry ” I begged ,wiping her tears off, she is really a weirdo, she gets hurt easily, it was supposed to be fun
“I’m so fv¢king sorry, it is a prank ” I begged and she had this sad look on her face
“st©p using the F word ” She
Begged with a faux smile
Ella Mia’s POV
I checked the time and I realized it was time to go home, I packed my textbook and wiped the chemical off my [email protected] ,Asher walked me out of his house and left me in the middle of the street
“No, courtesy ” I muttered and walked on the silent street, I tr!pp£dand fell on the floor, my [email protected] fell off and I couldn’t tell where it was, I was straining my eyes, trying to find it
I felt someone’s hands wra-pping my face, Holly Molly, Christ save me from who ever he is
“what do you want? ” I asked,still looking for my [email protected]
He held my [email protected]!st firmly and wore the [email protected] on my eyes
It was Jake, I sighed as I watched him
“let’s me go ” I cried out as he pinned my hands behind my back, I screamed as I felt hisl-ips close to mine
I lifted my knee to attack his groin, I remember that Asher was in pain when I did it ,he caught my th!gh in his
“ohh, Asher alre-ady taught you how to attack me ” he asked with a sm-irk plastered on his face
I closed my eyes, expecting the worst, but I heard Asher’s voice
“you bastard!! ” he yelled angrily and punched him [email protected], Jake returned the punch and the fight started
I screamed as I watched Asher fought
Asher’s POV
I smiled as I hit his abd0m£n repeatedly, all Mia did was cry
“Don’t you ever t©uçhed Mia !!” I yelled still punching his face, I was alre-ady wounded, I fell on the floor as he pushed me [email protected], he took a plank and raised it at me, I closed my eyes expecting pain, but I felt Mia’s arm wra-pping my head, her b©dy went limp as Jake hit the her head with plank, I held her ti-ghtly and watched Jake running
“Mia” I called repeatedly and tapped her cheeks, blood trickled down her forehead, she opened her eyes breathing slowly
Episode 9
Asher’s POV
I raised Mia in my arm, That son of a bit-ch escaped
“Mia, plea-se wake up ” I called and tapped her cheeks repeatedly
Goddammit it is pointless and I knew I had to take her home, she was breathing quite slow, I don’t know why she risked her life to save mine
Thankfully, she is not too fat and I could carry her, I got to the entrance of her house and it was quite big
“Damn, she is a rich dumb four eyed innocent weird nerdy girl ” I thought and ranged the door bell, it took quite a while before I was answered
Everything seemed extremely weird, her dad had this look on his face
“Holly Molly, v!rg!nMary, what happened to my daughter ” Mia’s mom asked ru-bbing Mia’s face
“she got into an accident ” I answered and her Dad scoffed
“Thanks, I will take it from here, now If you don’t mind leave our house ” he uttered, carrying Mia on his arms, she mumbled some words and sobbe-d in pain
Very good, no thank you, he is being rude to me as well, I sighed and took a step forward
“Hey, you are Mia’s friends, aren’t you? ” Mia’s mum asked and I smiled
Is she my friend or my [email protected] and my project [email protected]
“Yes ” I answered and she smiled, handing a plate of freshly baked pancakes and a bottle of milkshake to me
“Thanks, for bringing Mia home safely ” she said and walked me to the door and bade me a good bye
I sighed as I got out of her house and walked towards mine ,That bastard would pay for everything, Mia hair oil and blood had soa-ked my shi-t , I walked into my room and taking a bite of the pancakes Mia’s Mom gave to me
Now I get why she is so innocent and calm, that was the way she was brou-ght up
Jake’s POV
I sat on the chair, taking de-ep breath, I really hope she is okay, that damned Asher Byron won’t let me have a taste
She is so innocent, I shouldn’t have refused her in the first place, I sat down, ru-bbing my £r£¢tion
“gawd ” I sighed as I took my phone and called Stacey, that arrogant mean bit-ch
She picked up my call and I smiled ,thankfully she is my project [email protected] ,I heard a knock on the door and it was Asher, that idiot! ”
“What do you want from me ” I gro-an ed
“what do I want from you, remember we have an unfinished business ” he answered and I scoffed
“I won’t repeat it Jake [email protected],stay away from Ella Mia, okay? ” He warned
“And why should I stay away from her ” I asked sarcastically and he [email protected]£d my n£¢k, with a smile on his face, A mean scornful smile to be precised
“Stay away from her ” He yelled
“Are you afraid I would take her away from you like I took Chloe ” I asked sarcastically and he ti-ght£ñed his grip on my n£¢k
He pushed me and sat on my be-d
” we were best of friends before Chloe [email protected]£ to our life ” he uttered and I sighed
“you broke our friendsh!pand turned me into a [email protected] ,that sleeps with different girls and take drugs and when I have this girl I wanna protect ,you are planning to take her from me ” he asked calmly, knowing I couldn’t resist guilt
“Asher! ” I called and he rolled his eyes
“I thought I had alre-ady ask you not to call my name ever again” he barked and I looked away
“I’m sorry but I can’t resist her” I uttered and he scoffed
“The same way you couldn’t resist Chloe and thanks to you, where the hell is she, she is dead ” he retorted
“I @ssure you, she won’t die, maybe I never loved Chloe but I want Mia ” I answered and he chuckled
“you can never love anyone Jake, you are selfish and inconsiderate, Ella Mia is still very innocent and I won’t let her fall in bad hands ” he retorted
“You are the bad influence here, she doesn’t know you sleep with different girls, does she? ” I asked sarcastically with a sm-irk tugged at the corner of myl-ips
“I am not planning to sleep with her, listen to me you block headed bastard ” He yelled and bu-mped into Stacey
“is she one of your night flings ” He asked sarcastically
“good luck then ” he uttered walking out

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