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The bad boys nerdy Episode 10 & 11

🎀 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀
Episode 10
Ella Mia’s POV
I sat up gently, watching mom and dad glaring at me, why are they glaring at me, I sighed recalling everything that happened
“A Guy brou-ght you home, saying you had an accident ” Dad voice uttered calmly
That is a lie, I wasn’t in an accident, inside I was in a fight, I shouldn’t lie and I shouldn’t tell them the truth either, cause I will be in a very big trouble, I sighed, holding my head, pretending to be in pain, I should rather avoid it
“Will, you can ask this questions later, let Ella Mia rest ” Mom asked politely, I sighed as he left the room, he is so scary ,even Mom is scared of him
“Do you mind telling me the truth, Mia ” mum asked and I sighed
“Mom, the truth is that I wasn’t in an accident, Asher, the guy that brou-ght me home got into a fight with Jake, Jake is always bullying me, he was about to hit a plank on Asher when I saved him ” I uttered truthfully
“I thought you said you were in pain ” Dad asked and I froze
“I asked you to stay away from boys, you have been betrothed since you were a little child ,if you fall in love with any guy, I’m sorry you will still get married to him ” Dad uttered before walking out of my room, I wiped off the tears that had welled up in my eyes
Mum hvgged me and patted my back
I la-id on the be-d and sle-pt back, I woke up very early as usual ,I took my bath and wore a long baggy [email protected] and I white shi-t, I don’t know why Jake is so obsessed with me and I really don’t want to know
I walked towards the kitchen, taking my lunch box, before walking out of the house, I decided I will be taking a stroll, I don’t wanna get into the hands of Jake this morning, I wondered why I had a crush on him in the first place
Now that I think of it, it is very disgusting
I held my head and leaned on the wall, what’s up with this headache
Asher’s POV
I walked towards Mia’s house and I saw her leaning on the wall, holding her head, I got up earlier than usual today, I know that Jake would be up waiting for her
That bastard!, I tapped her shoulder and held her hand
“Mia, are you okay I asked and watched her smile at me
“Good morning Asher, why are you here? ” she asked and I chuckled
“To get you killed ” I uttered jokingly, she glared at me
“I [email protected]£ for you obviously, I got worried and I don’t want Jake…. ” My voice trailed off as I watched her teary eyes
Why the hell is she crying, I held her hand and we walked to school together, on getting to the [email protected], it was filled with [email protected] s, Mia was obviously ignorant of what was going on, I st©pped her from entering the [email protected]
“why? : she asked innocently and I sm-irked
“Do you seriously wanna know ” I asked sarcastically, tucking her hair behind her ears
She st©pped and took a step backward, she looked at me and before turning back to run, I held her hand and walked her to the school roof t©p, she sat down on the bench, taking her chemistry textbook out
“Do you enjoy re-ading this much, isn’t re-ading boring to you ” I asked sarcastically
“it is kinda boring, but I am alre-ady used to it ” she answered
“okay, Mia, I have this song that I am willing to sing, it is all about heart break and pain, will you do me the favor of being the first person to listen to it ” I asked and watched her close her text book
“Of course ” she answered and smiled
“Alright ” I said and cleared my throat
“🎶You never texted me, all you did was reply 🎶
🎶I asked you about your feelings, yet you lied 🎶
🎶I wanna move on but it seems I’m out of my mind 🎶
🎶I tried all I could to make you mine , I kept trying to make you mine, it seems I was blind 🎶
🎶You asked me to move on yet, I haven’t seen any of your kind🎶
🎶I have tried to be humble, so I swallowed all my prides 🎶
🎶I knew I tried to endured the pain, but I wanna ask you if you have seen any of my kind🎶
🎶Is that why you are doing perfectly fine, while I am not 🎶
🎶I know this seems crazy, but I am going nuts 🎶
🎶I keep looking at our past, hoping I would be happy🎶
🎶But sadly 🎶
🎶I just wanna stay at the corner of my room, crying 🎶
🎶Why?, Love is considered the greatest feeling 🎶
🎶But it has left me with nothing🎶” I sang melodiously and watched her smile and cheer me
“Wow, Asher, that was amazing ” she uttered and hvgged me from behind
“are you perhaps heartbroken ” she asked
Ella Mia’s POV
I asked and watched him smile, he looked at me and chuckled
“I’m not heartbroken ” he answered and I smiled
“the song has no chorus, yet you sang it amazingly well, you are a pro at singing ” I uttered and he smiled
We sat at there, he took my picture while I hid my face in my book, I really hate taking pictures, he smiled and I laughed
We walked into the [email protected] and we met Jake as well as other members of the [email protected], Stacey and her crew, sat beside me, I knew she was up to something
She offered me a drink and I sighed,unable to believe the fact that she gave me a drink
“this is for helping me with the math test ” she said and walked away
I kept the drink in my bag and focused on the math lesson
Asher walked out of the [email protected] with Jane, a female member of the [email protected], why is he always doing this, Jake sat beside me wra-pping his hand around my [email protected]!st, I squirmed on my sit uncomfortably
“you wanna know what he is up too? ” he asked with a sm-irk tugged at the corner of hisl-ips ,I looked away, ignoring him, I felt his nails boring into my [email protected]!st and I winced in pain
“Go to the roof t©p ” he ordered and I stood up, he had alre-ady left me with no choice but to go to the roof t©p, after all, I was there this morning
I walked towards the rooft©p, hearing stuff I should here, sinful words, I got to the rooft©p and screamed before running
I wasn’t expecting it from Asher, what was that on his hands, A cigarette and that girl?
Is he really not the good boy type ?
I walked away angrily as I heard his voice calling me from behind
He [email protected]£d my hand and chuckled
“Ella Mia Lopez, I believe I owe you no explanations ” he uttered and walked away ,I stood, gobsma-cked unable to believe he was the same Asher Byron that I have been following
Episode 11
Ella Mia’s POV
I shuddered trying to recover from the shock, Asher had put me throu-gh, perhaps he wasn’t who i thought he was , I watched Jake walking close to me, of course I had [email protected]£ his item, I am subjected to his punishment and rude behavior towards me
I sighed ,walking towards the [email protected], I felt his hand on my arm and I took a de-ep breath, I was definitely very annoyed, I could raise my hands up to him if he crossed his bound, I am not a good fighter but I won’t allow this, I felt his hand wra-pping my [email protected]!st and I [email protected] him [email protected] on the face
“What the fv¢k” he screamed and held my arm
“I won’t allow it, I have had enough of this bullying and humiliation ” I screamed
“Who fv¢king cares, it is so nice to feel your palm on my face ” he uttered, holding my hands, I squirmed and got my hands free
“you will fv¢king pay for [email protected] me, you bit-ch ” He yelled and I winced at his words , these words are actually not right, they should not be coming out of anyone’s mouth
I walked into the [email protected] ,adjusting my [email protected], what a day, I am so stressed out and I still wanna visit Asher
“God, plea-se save your daughter ” I muttered, lost in thought, staring at my desk
“Ella Mia ” The teacher’s voice jo-lted me out of my thoughts and I sighed
Asher’s POV
I watched Mia secretly and she wasn’t herself, she was so lost in thought, have I done something I shouldnt have done, but I still don’t owe her any apologise
“Solve this ” The teacher said and she walked towards the board obviously confused, it took her a while to solve the equation after some minutes of observation
What a genius, she could still solve it despite the fact that she is distracted, she tr!pp£dand fell directly in front of my desk, I watched her wince in pain before glaring at Jake, she adjusted her [email protected], trying to stand up, I offered my hands in an attempt to help her up, but she didn’t even look at me, what must she be thinking about me, she has every right to think ill of me though
I smiled and watched her limp towards her sit
Stacey’s POV
“why isn’t she drinking what I gave to her ” I thought ,pacing to and fro ,I am so worried sick, Jake will re-lease the S-x tape of I and Miller, I will be ruined
“Ella Mia, plea-se take a sip, plea-se ” I prayed silently, the bell ranged and it was time for break
I walked towards her sit and smiled at her
“you don’t trust me and that is why you don’t want to have a taste of the drink I gave to you ” I uttered with a smile on my face
“Of course not, I trust you, it is just that you are being nice to me suspiciously ” she answered and I took the drink faking a sip
“Now do you believe that I have nothing against you ” I asked sarcastically and she smiled taking a mouthful, gulp it down with a smile on her face
My phone ranged and I walked away from her, it was Miller, I hope he has found a solution to this
📱”Stacey, I found a way to get the tape deleted, but we have to be careful 📱
📲 okay, thanks darling, you are the best 📲 I answered and hanged up
I looked at Ella Mia and she was fast asleep, now I have to save this nerd from Jake’s stupid obse-ssion,i walked towards her and I felt a ban-g on my head, I winced in pain before blacking out
Jake’s POV
I smiled as I locked her in the school locker, she won’t be able to save Ella Mia and if she could, it would be alre-ady to late, I won’t have gotten what I wanted
I lifted Ella Mia on my arm and dropped her in the car, tonight would be a lot of fun, I and my [email protected] would be having a lot of fun
I drove her off to an abandoned old warehouse, so fv¢king innocent, I thought l!çk!ng myl-ips
Asher’s POV
I looked around and Mia was no where to be found and so was Jake and Stacey, I ruffled my hair angrily, I hope Jake doesn’t have anything to do with this, I walked towards my locker, beside it was Stacey’s locker
It has been up to an hour since I can’t find those there I heard some weak knock on Stacey’s locker and some muffled noise, coming our of it, it was repeated and I was f0rç£d to open it, Stacey fell out , sweating profusely, he mouthed was gagged with clothes, she looked extremely worried, I raised my up slightly
“Ashe… Asher….Mia…. Ella Mia…. save her… Jake…. He… Ella… ” she uttered incoherently before [email protected] out ,Eliza and Marianna held her up and took her to the school clinic
I gro-an ed, trying to figure out where he could have hidden Mia
This is outrageous, how far would he go to sleep with Mia
Ella Mia’s POV
I opened my eyes slowly, watching Jake and three other strangers, they were all male, I winced trying to get my hands freed from the rope he had tied ti-ghtly
“let me go ” I screamed, bringing their attention towards me, Jake chuckled as he walked towards me
“baby girl, screaming won’t help you, cos you are miles away from anyone ” he uttered, holding my n£¢k, trailing k!sses, I screamed and kicked his groin, this time I hit my target
He gro-an ed in pain and [email protected] me [email protected], I screamed and bit my stingingl-ips
“who do you think I am, Asher?, baby girl, you have to corporate and I promise, it won’t hurt ” he uttered, ripping my shi-t off, yanking it over, leaving me in my pink Hello Kitty singlet, I cried out as I felt hisl-ips on my shoulder ,k!ss!ngme lightly
I screamed and squirmed knowing they are just getting started, I prayed for my hero
“Asher, plea-se save me!!! ” I screamed in pain ,trying to black out
“I won’t allow it, I want my woman awake and willing ” Jake yelled
“though you are not willing, but you are awake ” he uttered, ma-king me shudder
I prayed for death, this is the last way I imagined losing my vir-ginity
Asher’s POV
I walked out of the [email protected], thinking about everything and where Ella Mia could be, I really hope she is fine
I suddenly remembered I checked every where [email protected] from the warehouse , we were always up to mischieves there, that’s my only hope
“Ella Mia ,plea-se stay strong for my sake ” I thought, taking my car keys, before driving off

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