My pla-ymate Episode 14 & 15

🌼❤️ MY pla-yMATE
(Against all odds )
“Thank you.” I said at the end of the pres£ntation, and all the board members began to cl@p. Some even stood up.
“That was a very nice piece Mrs Progusten Silver.” The Chairman said and I felt so so happy. My boss also looked extremely happy.
“Thank you Sir.” I said feeling so fufiled.
” We take the next piece tomorrow. Dismiss.” He said standing up and walking out. The others began to walk out too, while some c@m£ to congratulate me over the successful pres£ntation.
“That was wonderful. I don’t regret having you here.” My boss said and I smiled.
” Thank you sir.” I replied happily.
“We should go take a coffee.” He said walking away and I packed my stuffs quic-kly walking behind him.
I picked up my phone as I walked and switched it on. I switched it off before the commencing of the pres£ntation.
It c@m£ on and I dailed Luke’s phone number. It rang and rang but he didn’t pick up.
“That’s strange.” I mumbled ma-king my boss look back.
” What’s wrong?” He asked and I shook my head.
” No, nothing. Am good.” I stammered and he nodded facing his front.
I tried his number again and this time he picked up.
📱Baby, am sorry I couldn’t pick up on time. Was busy in the bathroom.
📱 I thought as much. How are you?
📱A little hor-nyI guess.
📱Come on Luke. No jokes. Guess what?
📱The company here really loved our pres£ntation. I am so happy.
📱I trust my wife. You are best at what you do.
📱Thanks Luke. We are done and we want to gr-ab a coffee.
📱Really? Just make sure he doesn’t t©uçh, cos I am going to come there and skin him alive.
📱 Luke this is my boss *whispering*
📱And your boss shouldn’t try anyfu-cking trash with my wife cos I will kill him myself.
📱Okay. St©p asking funny. What of Salomeh.
📱She is good. She is ma-king dinner.
📱Wow i love the sound of that. You look good now.
📱 Anything for my darling wife.
📱 I got to go now Baby. I love you.
I hung up the call running to catch up with my boss which had really gone far. I miss Luke so much but what can I do. I nee-d to finish up what I have started and then go back home to meet him with Victory and pride.
🍡 LUKE 🍡
I dropped my phone and walked up to the closet to pick up a casual clothing to wear in the house. I picked up a vest and short and wore it.
I picked up my phone and headed down the stairs to the dinning table feeling very hungry.
“You look very hungry. Dinner would be served in 20secs.” Salomeh said from the kitchen and I nodded putting my head on the table.
Geez I was damn hor-ny. But I nee-d tofu-cking control it, cos there is no one around to help me.
She walked out of the kitchen with two bowls in her hand and placed it on the table.
“Thank you. I am so starving.” I said raising up my head to look at the food.
“I know if Silver was here you would have eaten earlier. Sorry about that, I will get used to you soon.” She said and I smiled.
” It’s okay. I un-derstand.” I said picking my spoon re-ady to devour the portage.
“I hope you like it.” She said and I smiled packing some into my mouth.
“Wow, it’s delicious.” I said as I drank.
” I am happy you like it. I would be in the kitchen if you here anything.” She said walking away.
” Salomeh.” I called ma-king her st©p.
“Yes.” She said looking back.
“Won’t you eat?” I asked.
“Of course I will. I will in the kitchen.” She said and I furrowed my brows.
” Why in the kitchen? Come sit here.” I said and she smiled.
” No,I will be…” She said but I cut her short.
” Do you still hate me for what I did. I am de-eply sorry.” I said and she shook her head.
” I ain’t angry Luke.” She said.
“Then come ear your food here.” I said and she smiled.
” Are you sure?” She asked smiling.
“Of course I am 100% sure.” I replied and she nodded happily.
“I will be back soon.” She said runner and back to the kitchen while I kept eating.
I watched him devour the porriage in hunger. He must have been really starving.
“I can see you are this hungry.” I said spre-ading my hands ap@rt like describing a large stuff.
“I told you earlier. And trust me, this tastes like heaven.” He said as he kept eating.
” Heaven?” I asked in awe.
“Yeah. It’s amazing. I am so happy for your future husband. He will so love your dishes.” He said and I smriked.
” I hope so.” I said and he looked at me.
” What do you mean? Don’t you plan on getting married?” He asked looking at me.
” I do plan it. But it would take lot of time.” I said looking at him.
” Why? You are old enough.” He said and I smiled.
” Me being old doesn’t make me re-ady. I am waiting for the right guy.” I said and he raised his brows shaking his head.
“Well everyone is waiting for the right p@rtner. I hope you find yours soon.” He said and I nodded.
” Just like Silver found you.” I said and he smiled.
” If you say so. We are meant for each other.” He said and I nodded facing my food.
” I wish I had the luck she had. She always had nice and wonderful guys around her.” I said and he looked at me furrowing his brows.
“She had?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yeah. She is as beautiful as she was then. Thousand guys wanted her, and I guess you were p@rt and she chose you. You are one lucky man.” I said and he smiled.
” That’s why I do say we are meant for each other.” He said and I smiled before sighing sadly.
“I really wish my own meant for me would come soon. But it seems it’s going to take time.” I said sighing.
” Why do you feel that way? Why not give them a chance.” He said and tears heat my eyes.
” I did give them a chance and then they took advantage of me. Taking me as a fool.” I said and tears rolled down my eyes.
” I am so sorry.” He said and I tried to st©p crying cleaning my face.
“Can I get a drink?” I asked and he nodded.
” Of course you can.” He said and I stood up walking to the fridge.
I picked up a bottle of Whiskey and then two cu-ps. It will be so boring drinking alone, so we will drinking this together.
I walked back to the table and placed it on the Table.
“Why are you having two cu-ps?” He asked looking at me.
” For me and you.” I replied and he shook his head.
” I don’t think that is a good idea.” He said.
” Why?” I asked.
” Don’t want to get drun!k.” He said and I smiled.
” You can just take little. Right now I feel my life is miserable and I nee-d to drink it out. But it will be extra boring doing that alone.” I said pouting my mouth as I poured myself some whiskey.
“I un-derstand you and…..” He said and I shut him up.
” Try to make this Miserable life in front of you happy for some minutes.” I said shutting him up.
” Fine. Just few glas-ses. Very few.” He said and I smiled pouring out some for him.
He took it and Zi-pped it as I sat on the chair again.
“So tell me how marriage life is. Experience is the key you know ” I said trying to start off a conversation.
“Marriage life is the best with your p@rtner. When you are with the right person, you enjoy every bit of it. But when with the wrong person. You keep having issues,and issues over and over again and again like that.” He said rolling his hands as I helped him pour another glas-s.
“Is r0m@nç£very important in marriage? I mean going out to the movies, going to the beach together, dancing?” I asked and he smiled.
” Of course, those should come in once in a while. Without this the marriage will be extra boring.” He said placing the cu-p down and I filled both of our cu-ps again.
“But I don’t like those things.” I said and he laughed.
” You are the first lady to say this. What if your p@rtner loves it?” He asked and I sighed.
“I guess I will have to learn.” I said and he nodded.
” Yes. You really nee-d to.” He replied.
“Do you mind teaching me?” I asked and he looked up.
” Sure. You are my wife’s sister. I should help you secure your marriage yet to come.” He said smiling.
” Thanks.” I replied filling our empty cu-ps again. I guess he has forgetten his statement.
“Just a few cu-ps.”