My pla-ymate Episode 16 & 17

🌼❤️ MY pla-yMATE
(Against all odds ❤️)
🍡 LUKE 🍡
After some minutes I began to feel a little dizzy. I think I had a lot to drink.
“Luke?” Salomeh called but she sounded far away.
“Hey, i should go to be-d now. I ain’t seeing clearly anymore.” I said standing up from the couch I sat. Immediately I was on my feet I felt I began to stagger and I couldn’t control myself.
“Luke I will take you there, you look so tired and I think you nee-d to rest.” She said.
” No I’m fine.” I said walking away and then I almost fell.
“Luke.” She said rushing to me and holding me up. She put my hands across her shoulders and led me up the stairs.
“I guess drinking is very bad for you.” She said and I laughed.
” It’s very bad. And you caused it. I told you few cu-ps and then it got to three bottles. How come you aren’t drun!k?” I asked in awe.
” Let’s just say I am stronger than you are when it comes to whiskey.” She said and I nodded.
” Fair enough.” I said as she opened the door to our room. She walked me to the be-d and placed me on it breathing ha-rd .
“You must be so stressed out right now.” I said as my eyes began to close up.
” Yes I am.” She replied.
“Then sleep too. We nee-d good rest for the week ahead.” I said and that was the last thing I remember saying.
I couldn’t st©p smiling as I stared at his sleepy face. This was a great time to examine his b©dy.
I moved my hand over the side of his face shaping out it’s structure. Gosh🍑🥵, he is so handsome.
After few seconds, I began to see sweat gather at his forehead. He must be very h0t right now.
I reached for his shi-t and began to un-bu-tton it. He sle-pt like he was dear and that was very very tempting.
I un-bu-tton his shi-t and began to re-move it. I tried removing it from his arm but it wasn’t working. He sle-pt on it and I nee-ded to turn him over.
“Just a little.” I said pu-lling his hand out of his back so I could get access to it.
It was out and I moved the shi-t down his shoulders.
“Now the time to reach for his back. I pushed his side so he could face his right. He did that and I pu-ll-ed down the shi-t in that manner and soon it was off.
“Good.” I said and I saw hisl-ips curve into a smile.
“Thank you.” He said raising his hand up and to my surprise it landed on my b .I knew very well, he didn’t mean to but that turned me on.
He moved his hand back to the be-d starting another race to the Dreamland.
I smiled and moved my face to his planting a k!sson hisl-ips. He smiled again trying to open his eyes.
“What are you doing? You are my in-law. You shouldn’t do that okay?” He said smiling and that alone turned me on.
” You said you were going to teach me how to be ro-mantic right?” I asked and he nodded.
” Yeah I did say that.” He said.
“It’s high time we started practicing right?” I asked and he sighed closing his eyes.
“Not when I ain’t in my right s-en-ses. We would do that tomorrow.” He said as his eyes closed again.
I moved to sit on his th!ghs and moved my head to his che-st as I began to plant k!sses on it. Tracing his abs with my ton-gue.
He gro-an ed right in his sleep and I knew I was beginning to get to him.
I moved up again k!ss!nghisl-ips. I slid my ton-gue into his mouth tasting whiskey.
I moved my hand to his trou-sers and was Zi-pping it down when a call c@m£ into his phone.
I checked it and I saw it was Silver. I rolled my eyes and switched off the phone. They can do the talking Tomorrow. This moment is mine.
I dropped the phone and then pu-ll-ed off his trou-sers showing me his rigid hvge co-ck. It looked so beautiful.
“Wow, so this is what silver has been enjoying?” I thought b!tt!g myl-ips. I wra-pped my hand around it and I saw him move his head.
“What are you doing?” He asked with his eyes looking very heavy.
“I want you.” I said as I wra-pped my mouth around his cap ma-king him gro-an .
“St©p it Salomeh.” He said but i refused as I kept moving my mouth up and down his beautiful microphone.
I reached for his ba*ls and began to pl@ywith them with my other hand. He kept gro-an ing and gro-an ing and before I knew it, he pu-ll-ed me up with great f0rç£ and stood on t©p of me.
To my surprise he reached for myl-ips and we began to k!ss.
Being drun!ksometimes is necessary, this would never have happened if not for whiskey.
🍡 LUKE 🍡
I opened my eyes slowly looking around to see someone right beside me on the be-d. All my thought was that it was Silver.
I sighed and then my br@in cells began to work. I looked beside me again and alas, it was Salomeh. slee-ping soundly beside me.
“What? Salomeh? What are you doing here?” I said in amusement and my head began to ban-g so ha-rd .
I held my head wincing in pain.
“Luke are you okay?” She asked holding me from behind. Then I saw she was n-ked.
“What? Salomeh, what are you doing n-ked on my be-d?” I asked in shock standing up.
“Why are you asking me all these?” She asked sighing, and then the memories of last time rushed down my head and my mouth dropped open.
“Oh no!! Sh*t!!!” I yelled holding my hair in anger. I hated myself so much. This is what I have been trying to avoid and now it has happened.
I couldn’t think straight anymore and my head kept spinning.
“Luke you don’t look good at all. You nee-d to take your bath.
You are looking so h0t.” She said and I stretched my hand forth telling her to stay away.
“Don’t come near me. Get out.” I said holding my head.
“Luke. You don’t nee-d to be ha-rd on yourself ” she said and that was it. I got damn angry.
“Get the hell out of this place!!!!!” I yelled ma-king her flin-ch in fear.
“Get out!!!” I yelled as tears heat my eyes. She hurriedly reached for her clothes and ran out of the room.
I breathed out with my head bent. I just destroyed my relationsh!pby my stupidity.
Why would Ifu-ck my wives sister? I knew she was evil right from the beginning, but Silver would have never believed me if I told her.
She trusts her so much.
“Now how do I face Silver? She is going to kill me for good.” I thought in tears. I walked to the bathroom to pour some water on my head.
I nee-d to calm down because right now, I am not thinking straight and I feel like I am caged by Salomeh. Now I won’t be able to talk to her.
She will surely use this against me. That b*t*h.
I stood un-der the shower as tears kept rolling down my eyes.
“I have made a very terrible mistake. How do I tell this to Silver. I have never kept secrets from her in my entire life.” I thought resting my head on the bathroom wall.
I walked out of the bathroom and wore a casual clothing before heading to the living room. I picked up my phone that was on the drawer and I saw it was switched off.
That’s strange. I didn’t switch this off before I got drun!k.
I got to the living room with my phone in my hand to see Salomeh busy in the kitchen.
“I thought I made myself clear. Get out of this house.” I said and she giggled.
“Afterfu-cking the hell out of me?” She asked and I swallowed ha-rd .
“You and I knows that I didn’t do that on purpose.” I said and she laughed.
“Well Silver won’t be so gentle to hear your explanation.” She said and I felt so angry with myself.
I dailed Silver’s number re-ady to tell her everything without wasting time.
“You really want to tell her? I am so sad you want to throw this amazing marriage away.” She said and I st©pped the call looking at her.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Can’t you just act like this never happened? And let’s move on. We both enjoyed it, a little secret between both of us won’t hurt.” She said and I sighed.
“Just shut thefu-ck up.” I said slamming in the couch thinking of what to do now.
If I tell Silver she will surely hate me, and I would lose her. And I don’t want that. So should i just keep it to myself?
To be continued
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