My mind as a teenager – episode 36

My mind as a teenager
episode 36
I went home on a Saturday. As
usual,everyone was at home to welcome me.
My sister got admission to study mas-s
communication in IMT that year. After the
welcoming ritual,we were all informed by
daddy that we won’t be travelling to the
village. My siblings were not happy but I was.
My sister would be coming home the
following week.
After dinner,I went to my room and brou-ght
out my phone. I turned it on and called all
my contacts(except Vivian and Raymond). I
told them I was home and they were happy.
They all wanted to hang out but I told them it
won’t be soon because I had work to do
(meeting and reconciling with Raymond). I
had planned to use Chidimma as an excuse
to get him to talk to me. I wasn’t going to
talk to Vivian. I don’t know why she st©pped
talking to me and I don’t care to know. We
were beefing so let it remain like that.
Frank called me around 11pm.
Frank: Runaway girlfriend.
I smiled.
Me: I’m not your girlfriend o.
Frank: That’s your business. Junior told me
you c@m£ back today
Me: Yes.
Frank: How was school?
Me: Fine o.
Frank: Hope you’ve made good friends?
I couldn’t help but smile. I told him how
difficult it was for me to cope in the new
school at first. Someone who saw was
listening to our conversation wouldn’t guess
it was Frank. And if anyb©dy had told me
that I would be that cool with Frank,I would
have sl@pped the person. I don’t know if it’s
because he joined the rescue team that
looked for me or because I had a soft sp©t
for him,I don’t just know. We fixed a day to
hang out and it was to be on Monday. We
wished each other goodnight and I sle-pt.
The next day,I joined the family to church. On
our way home,we drove past Raymond’s
house and memories of that night c@m£ back
to me. He had scolded me for leaving
home,yet he still accommod@t£d me,he didn’t
even take advantage of me that night.
This thought made me love him the more.
I vowed to make up with him no matter what
it takes.
We got home and while mum got busy in the
kitchen,I got busy with my phone. I s£nt a
message to Raymond;
“met a girl in my new school,Chidimma
Onyebuchi by name and she asked about
you.Do you remember her? How are you
doing? I miss you a lot.”
I wanted to write more but I decided to see
his response first. I clutched my phone to my
che-st and waited. My younger brother c@m£
to my room to inform me that mum nee-ds
my help in the kitchen. I dropped my phone
on the be-d and left for the kitchen.
After lunch,I c@m£ back to the room and
found a message on my phone.
“believe me when I say that I hate you.”
I checked the name of the contact,Raymond.
Tears left my eyes immediately. I sat down
on the be-d and did a flashback on what my
life has become since Lawrence pla-yed me. I
wasn’t going to breakdown again. I have to
fight whatever it is even if it is Raymond.
He hated me right? so I have to forget about
I wasn’t going to apologise or ask him to
take me back. He knew how helpless I was
then, yet he said he hated me. I quic-kly
deleted his number from my phone and
dialled Franks’ number. He was the only
person that was close to me a that moment
and he was the only person that could st©p
me from  breaking down from another
heartbreak…………….that was my thinking,and
yes! I was wrong.
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