My mind as a teenager – episode 35

My mind as a teenager
episode 35
And so,one week later,I found myself in a
new school. It was more of a convent
because it was an only girls school which
belonged to reverend sisters. It was the same
school where my sister wrote her waec. I
found it very ha-rd to cope. You know girls
and their life nau.
They were waiting for me to approach them
and I too,can’t be the first to go to them.
I bec@m£ an island. The only consolation was
that I bonded with the teachers immediately.
The maths and economics master,the Igbo
mistress,the literature mistress,they all loved
Why? I was good in their subjects. Yes! Let
me answer your question,I’m a science
student but I did literature. I hated geogra-phy
because of the map re-ading so I went for
Two weeks after resumption, a girl in my
clas-s walked up to me. I didn’t even know her
name so she introduced herself as
Chidimma: Rose.
Me: Yes?
I looked up from my book.
She sat down on my locker.
Chidimma: You schooled at (she called
Vivian’s school) right?
And did I mention that my new school was
just #100 bike from my home and maybe #70
bike from Vivian’s school? Okay. I think I just
So I apologise.
I looked at her and nodded but didn’t fail to
tell her that it was just my primary school
and I didn’t even finish.
Chidimma: My name is Chidimma. I was in
primary five when you were in primary three.
I smiled sheepishly. So finally,I’ll have a
friend in this school,I thought to myself.
Me: Sorry,you may be right but I don’t
remember you.
Chidimma: Ah! I un-derstand. Besides,we
never spoke.
Me: Thank you.
Chidimma: So why are you in ss3?
I looked at her and we laughed. I had to
repeat the story of the clas-s jumping.
Chidimma: How can I forget that you were
the best then?
Me: Go joor. Thank you. Ehe! I even went for
holiday lessons there before I was registered
Chidimma: Serious?
Me: Yes.
She was full of smiles.
Chidimma: Tell me the names of people you
met there.
Me: I didn’t bond with them very well o. I met
Raymond,Emeka,Patrick,. . . . .
Chidimma: Wait,Raymond Akuma?
Me: Yes yes.
Chidimma: Eminem. Handsome boy.
She kept talking and talking but I was no
longer in the mood to listen. Memories of my
last moment with Raymond c@m£ back to
me,how we just separated without
goodbyes,the hatred and anger I saw in his
eyes. I shook the tear off and continued
gisting with Chidimma.
As time went on,the rest of the girls started
being friends with me,maybe because they
saw how free I was with Chidimma or that
exams were approaching and they realised I
would be of great help. Anyhow,I didn’t
care,so long as I had lots of them to talk to
and ra-por with.
The terminal exams c@m£ and went and we
all went home for the Christmas break.
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