My mind as a teenager – episode 34

My mind as a teenager
episode 34
I heard ban-ging on the door that led to the
t©p floor of the building. Ahn ahn! I thought
Raymond said nob©dy comes upstairs.
What’s the knocking for nau? I la!d still.
Few minutes later,the door to the room I was
in was flung open. Who did I see? Raymond.
I smiled…..but hey,who was that behind him?
I strained my n£¢k to see. It was Frank.
Goodness gracious! I’m finished. I looked at
Raymond and d–n,his eyes were filled with
anger and hatred.
Raymond: Better get up from there.
Your dad and my mum are at the door.
You should have seen the shock on my face.
Me: What?
Raymond: Yes! Your b©yfri£ndhere and your
dad c@m£ and fetched me from school and I
had to bring them here. plea-se get up.
I looked at Frank and he was full of smiles.
He sat on a white plastic chair in the room
and looked at me.
Frank: Why do you like doing things that will
affect everyone around you? Look at the
stress you’re putting your dad throu-gh.
Raymond; See eh,no nee-d for too much talk.
Come and start going.
He led the way while Frank and I followed.
He opened the door and what even st©pped
his mum from hitting me? She shouted
nonst©p. Was I not the girl she met at the
gate? What was I doing with her son? And so
many questions that I can’t even remember.
My dad must have being very much
embarras-sed because he asked me to follow
him home immediately. We were alre-ady
halfway home when we met my sister.
There was love in her eyes as she hvgged
She asked questions from if I’ve eaten to if I
had taken my bath. She held my shoulder as
we walked home.
Mum wasn’t herself. She was soa-ked in
She kept on hammering on how shameless I
was to leave home and run to sleep in a
guy’s house. She didn’t spare me with her
ton-gue. But when dad started flogging
me,she bec@m£ the mother I knew. Dad
flogged me with cane,his belt and his foot.
Mum kept on holding him and begging him
to forgive me and st©p the beating but he
wouldn’t take any of it.
Raymond c@m£ to my house with his mother
some minutes after the beating. His mum
kept talking and apologising. Raymond just
kept mute because I didn’t hear his voice.
She must have used the word “adolescent” a
lot because till today,mum and my sister still
calls Raymond “adolescent” , though,behind
his back.
I think they settled because they finally left.
Dad quic-kly left for the village. Mum c@m£ to
where I was and cu-mddled me. We cried
together while Ella did the consoling.
I apologized to both of them and Ella
apologized for reporting me to my parents.
Mum gave me a warm bath and I cried at
how much she loved me despite my
We had lunch after which I called dad and
apologized. He forgave me anyways(I’m his
favourite). That night,mum told me that I
should get re-ady, that we’ll be going to
register me in a new school by Monday(the
next week).
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