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My mind as a teenager – episode 34

My mind as a teenager
episode 34
I heard banging on the door that led to the
top floor of the building. Ahn ahn! I thought
Raymond said nobody comes upstairs.
What’s the knocking for nau? I la!d still.
Few minutes later,the door to the room I was
in was flung open. Who did I see? Raymond.
I smiled…..but hey,who was that behind him?
I strained my neck to see. It was Frank.
Goodness gracious! I’m finished. I looked at
Raymond and d–n,his eyes were filled with
anger and hatred.
Raymond: Better get up from there.
Your dad and my mum are at the door.
You should have seen the shock on my face.
Me: What?
Raymond: Yes! Your boyfriend here and your
dad came and fetched me from school and I
had to bring them here. Please get up.
I looked at Frank and he was full of smiles.
He sat on a white plastic chair in the room
and looked at me.
Frank: Why do you like doing things that will
affect everyone around you? Look at the
stress you’re putting your dad through.
Raymond; See eh,no need for too much talk.
Come and start going.
He led the way while Frank and I followed.
He opened the door and what even stopped
his mum from hitting me? She shouted
nonstop. Was I not the girl she met at the
gate? What was I doing with her son? And so
many questions that I can’t even remember.
My dad must have being very much
embarr@ssed because he asked me to follow
him home immediately. We were already
halfway home when we met my sister.
There was love in her eyes as she hugged
She asked questions from if I’ve eaten to if I
had taken my bath. She held my shoulder as
we walked home.
Mum wasn’t herself. She was soaked in
She kept on hammering on how shameless I
was to leave home and run to sleep in a
guy’s house. She didn’t spare me with her
tongue. But when dad started flogging
me,she became the mother I knew. Dad
flogged me with cane,his belt and his foot.
Mum kept on holding him and begging him
to forgive me and stop the beating but he
wouldn’t take any of it.
Raymond came to my house with his mother
some minutes after the beating. His mum
kept talking and apologising. Raymond just
kept mute because I didn’t hear his voice.
She must have used the word “adolescent” a
lot because till today,mum and my sister still
calls Raymond “adolescent” , though,behind
his back.
I think they settled because they finally left.
Dad quickly left for the village. Mum came to
where I was and cuddled me. We cried
together while Ella did the consoling.
I apologized to both of them and Ella
apologized for reporting me to my parents.
Mum gave me a warm bath and I cried at
how much she loved me despite my
We had lunch after which I called dad and
apologized. He forgave me anyways(I’m his
favourite). That night,mum told me that I
should get ready, that we’ll be going to
register me in a new school by Monday(the
next week).
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