Love or lvst episode 10 & 11


💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋

(A collaboration story brou-ght to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)
💗Episode 10💗

Phoenix’s POV💋

With tears streaming down my cheeks I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and then stared at myself in front of the mirror..

My legs ached,myl-ips were so-re,i couldn’t feel myself and in a second i was reeking my guts out into the bathtub…

Be strong Phoenix..

Just 24 days left and this whole nightmare would be over..

‘Uhmm good evening ma’am the boss asked me to attend to you’..A maid said from behind me and i turned around..

‘I don’t nee-d anything just leave me alone’..I grumbled un-der my breath wiping my tears away…

‘Sorry ma’am if you nee-d anything I’ll be here for you’..She muttered and turned to leave..

‘I..I..I’m sorry just that I’m going throu-gh a lot right now,do you have any pain relievers I could use’..I st©pped her and asked in a much more polite way and she nodded..

‘I’ll get you one now ma’am I’m sorry if you’re going throu-gh any trouble’…

‘Yeah thanks’..i murmured and then gr@bb£d my phone from my pocket to call Mitchell..

📲:Phoenix I’ve been trying to call you for ages what’s up??’..She exclaimed in an annoyed voice and I sighed de-eply..

📱:It’s a long story honestly,how’s Elena??’..I asked

📲: That’s what i wanted to say!! The doctors are putting in effort now like someb©dy paid the bills or something’..She replied and i f0rç£d a smile across my face..

📱:Thank you Mitchell,i wouldn’t know what I would’ve done without you’..I said and then bur-sted into h0t tears…

📲:Hey enough with the tears will you?? Where are you anyway??’..She scowled..

📱:You don’t really nee-d to know,plea-se take care of Elena for me I’ll be back in 25 days’..I sniffed..

📲:Hmmm okay,she s£nds her love’..


I hung up immediately and then cleaned myself up in the bathroom before coming out…

‘I was thinking you’d spend the whole day in there’..I heard and jo-lted sharply seeing Cephar by wall..

‘What..what do you want from me?? Haven’t you put me throu-gh enough??’…I asked staring at him in hatred and he sm-irked..

‘24 more days Phoenix and and you claim I’ve put you throu-gh enough?? Come with me’..He gruffed and I followed him from behind into another room..

‘You’d be staying here except when I nee-d you’..He said and walked away without saying anything else…

‘I want to see my sister!!’..I hollered and he st©pped dead in his tracks..

‘You’d see your sister when your time with me is up,now go to be-d’..

Cephar’s POV💋

She loves her sister no doubt but i love her b©dy more which is why i haven’t thrown her out for being a vir-gin…

It’s been long since I sle-pt with a girl that’s so ti-ght like her..

‘Your highness Casper is here’..Once of my goons announced…

‘s£nd him in’..i blurted out loud taking a cigar from the jar..

Minutes later Casper Romero walked in with his entourage and sat down oppositely..

‘You summoned me Cephar what’s the problem??’..He asked as i lit my cigar…

‘What’s wrong?? You owe me Casper and you owe me big time’..I replied..

‘My boys have paid their dues Cephar what more do you want??’…He asked..

‘I want my cash complete Casper!!! Youfu-cking still have $300,00 left!!!’..I yelled angrily…

‘Fine plea-se i nee-d more time Cephar,I’ll pay you i swear’..he started pleading and a de-ep frown crea-sed my brow…

‘A month Casper,you have one bloody month to pay up or else you’re a dead man’..

‘A month?? plea-se i nee-d more time Cephar’..He pleaded again..

‘A month and nothing more Casper now get out before i loose my own temper’…

Phoenix’s POV💋

The Next Morning🌥️
I opened my eyes shortly after a brief sleep only to realize that it was alre-ady morning…

‘Good morning ma’am breakfast is re-ady’..The maid said as she opened the door and i yawned loudly…


I can’t even remember the last time i had breakfast…

My normal routine is to wake up in the morning,gr-ab a pretzel from a food truck and then go to the club for a morning shift…

Life is really ha-rd ..

‘Ma’am?? Breakfast’..the Maid said again interluding on my thoughts and I sighed de-eply…

‘I’ll be right down..uhhh what’s your name??’..i asked…

‘Danica,Danica is my name ma’am’..She replied and walked away..

Minutes later I went down to the dining room and my eyes almost popped out of it’s sockets seeing the humongous amount of food on the gold and glas-s plaited table..

From egg salads,to fresh oats and strawberry pudding,bacon and eggs to freshly golden brown toast and cranberry sauce…

Oh my…

The last time i saw this hvge amount of food was at a politician’s p@rty which i had to str!p at but never got to taste…

‘Don’t t©uçh anything’..Cephar said as he walked towards me..


‘str!p for me Phoenix’..He cut in and I almost felt like staking his throat open..

‘But I’m hungry!’..A whimper c@m£ out instead…

‘You str!p,you eat’..He muttered and the tears glazed my eyes all over again..

How can someone be this heartless??..

I haven’t eaten any good food in two days…

💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋

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💗💗Episode 11💗💗

💋💋 Phoenix pov💋💋
str!p at the dinning table? This man is really a beast who have no conscience and atom of pity for someone!!!

“But… I… I am hungry!! ”
“You str!p you eat, its your choice”he muttered alre-ady feasting on his own food

I gulped looking around the maids and guards around us, seriously they will see me n-ked or what?

But I nee-d to eat am so hungry coupled with the pain I’m still feeling at my lower abd0m£n

I held my sweat shi-t which had a Zi-p infront and started unZi-pping it
He st©pped eating to look at my bøøbs which can now be seen as I Zi-pped down my shi-t and it fell of my b©dy
With only my br@ on, I shivered cuz of cold

His gaze met mine and looked away to another direction
“What happened to your lower clothe or aren’t you taking it off”
I sighed and loos£ned the belt of my jean p@n-ts and the jean fell off my b©dy to the ground leaving me with only a br@ and my p@n-ties
“Wow! Like what I see, you’re so cheap! A cheap bit-chy v!rg!nto say the fact” he cursed
Did he just call me cheap! Am I cheap? Yes I might appear like that because am only trying to help my sister… I will look cheap and I don’t care!

24 days and I will leave this damn place for good

“Put on your clothes! ”
“You said I should… ”
“And my new order from me to you is to put it on”

This man is a bone on the n£¢k, a bit shy cuz of the maids and guards around I wore my clothes and sat down quietly to eat

💗💗Cephar’s pov💗💗
She’s power drun!kenly beautiful and heavily built and a v!rg!ntoo
I’m really the first man to have scre-wed her even though I hate vir-gins

She loves her sister which makes her a S-x toy to me for 25 days, I chuckled at that thought standing up to go look for my c0nd0ms from my personal bag

I found it and counted off how many they were remaining, it were many to do for tonight, I shuffled as much as I could into my p@n-t pockets and left for the room I asked her to stay earlier

I entered into her room to hear her sniffs and little gro-an s which made me as-sume she was crying
Like I care if she cries her as-s off

I walked into the room and stood behind her as she cried on not knowing that I was in alre-ady in the room

“I hate myself so much! Cephar is such a cruel man and I will make him pay for this he’s doing to me!!! Am a cheap bit-chy vir-gin? Right?? I will kill him!! I swear to God I will end her life”

Hunh! Kill me?
I boiled in anger immediately I heard that and held her f0rç£fully by her hair drawing her up too in that position

She wants to kill me right? Maybe I should kill her first before she could even see her sister

She struggled still not knowing the person holding her hair and drawing her like that until she turned only for her gaze to meet mine in surprise mixed with pain

“Let me go, you’re hurting me!! “She gro-an ed as I threw her to the be-d in full f0rç£
“I’m sorry I didn’t know you were here with me”

“You want to kill me right? You better do it now that you have the chance else be re-ady to say goodbye to your sister soon! ”

Her eyes wi-de-ned in fear
I walked over to the be-d, climbe-d on t©p of her and shred her clothes off her b©dy not minding her mind b!owing screams and muffles

I made to k!ssher but she was ma-king it difficult for me so I hit her with my fist
She gro-an ed
“I’m sorry plea-se don’t kill me, don’t r@p£ me”she begged

“Who told you I was going to r@p£ you ”
I held by her hair again shaking her head badly

“Who told you I was going to r@p£ you hunh! You cheap as-s butch! “I sl@pped her face ma-king her whimper

I pinned her hands to the be-d and started k!ss!ngher from her mouth down to her ear-lobe, I traced my ton-gue to her n£¢k and li-cked it….

“Boss boss boss”
“What! How did you get in here like that?? “I roared at him

“Emily is here”….

Emily is here? How did she??
I rushed down hurriedly from the be-d and followed John out of the room

Emily is my big cousin sister whom I grew up with, she’s harsh to me all the time especially if she finds out I am maltreating anyone

I st©pped abruptly in my steps and turned to look at her as she was whimpering in pain

“Wear some clothes, appear clean and come out in ten minutes time” I ordered her before I turned to move again

“Hey big sister you’re so beautiful! “I hvgged her tenderly as she smiled at me

And then she pushed me away slightly running her eyes all over me, she jumped up to reach up to my face and sl@pped me ha-rd on my cheeks

I ru-bbe-d my face wondering why she sl@pped me
“What did I do again this time? ”
“You smell and reek of something bad ”
Oh jeez! Is that she sl@pped me hunh! She stretched her arms to my ear area and boom! She held my ear and twisted them so badly ma-king bend to her size gro-an ing in pain

“Aaargh! This is painful Emily, so painful! ”
“Follow me, tell me the deed you’ve done this time”she dragged me to god knows where

Aaaargggh! My ear is h0t and painful
She still held onto it as we pas-sed many guards, they looked in awe as she held me past them

“Anyone who looks at me will be fired later! “I yelled in pain at them
“Look all you want! Don’t mind this pig headed boy of mine! “She replied ti-ght£ñing her grip on my ear

This is a bully, a bully married woman actually

She walked in to same room that I kept Phoenix and let me go
“Ta -da”she said knocking my head
Ouch! Ouch! My head again

“I know you were upto some mischief and I am sure you were”
She crossed her arms around her che-st area and stared at the poor girl on the be-d

I gulped watching her next reaction to me, of course I can’t beat her, she’s one person I never t©uçh even though she’s rude to me and bullies me a lot

“A full grown man like you treats women like this hunh! “She made to hit me again but I dodged her and ran to the be-d sitting beside Phoenix

Our eyes met and I looked away so ashamed

“No I didn’t bully her,”
“You didn’t bully her then why was she shouting all over disturbing every one”

So she heard her voice when she c@m£ in
John is gonna be killed by me for not keeping a proper eye at when she would come

“Cephar! Am taking to you must you be harsh “she said advancing to the be-dside
I stood up and hid behind Phoenix to protect me from her

“Cephar am talking to you! And get down from there and stand before me now! ”
Fear gr!pp£dme, I don’t know why am always afraid of her, so afraid of her especially when she talks while most her agemates don’t dare talk to me outside

“I’m sorry Emily”
She looked and laughed hysterically
“Not to me but to her… Say sorry to her now! “She yelled

What! Say sorry to her?

I stared at Pheonix till our eyes met amd her gaze were that of surprise
💋💋 Pheonix pov💋💋
So there is someone he’s really afraid of upon all his harshness and rudeness he’s afraid of this woman

Who is she to him? He hid behind me nervously his eyes ha-rd ly meeting hers

I was still in shock seeing him act all babyish until she told him to apologize to me

My mouth fell open in a daze, I can’t believe this Cephar will really apologize to me
“Say sorry I said now! ”

“Emily I… ”