Love or lvst episode 8 & 9

💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋


(A collaboration story brou-ght to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

💗Episode 8💗

Phoenix’s pov

Where the hell did the doctor went to for goodness’ sake. Even Cephar too?

I ran out of the hospital trying to look for them when I heard voices in the garage. A pleading voice and an angry voice.

I g@sped when my mind drifted to the doctor and Cephar.
Oh no!

I ran towards the place and truly, it was what I’d expected.

“How dare you t©uçh what’s mine.” Cephar growled at him, giving him one punch that made him land on the floor.

The doctor spouted out blood and I couldn’t help but g@sped loudly.
“Am sorry, it was just a mistake. I promise never to do that.” The doctor winced, begging for his life.

Somehow I pitied him. His face has been disfigured.

Cephar looked up and saw me, he st©pped what he was doing and walked to me.

He gr@bb£d me by the arm and stared at me with a furious look.
Am dead. Really dead.

“You really wanna give your b©dy to him huh?” He asked while I shook my head.

I know in his mind, he’d be calling a who-re, slut and all that.
Tears threatened to fall from my eyes.

“No…am not trying to. He was the…….” My voice was failing me.
“He was the one who’s forcing himself on me” I completed.

He scoffed and took a quic-k glance at the doctor before dragging me f0rç£fully to his car.

My arm was hurting and I dare not say a word.
What’s he gonna do to me?
Sarah told me no one annoys him, else, the person is dead.

He pushed me into the car and ordered the driver to drive. He obeyed and ignited the car engine and soon, we hit the road.


My heart was beating fast than normal when we got to his house. He c@m£ down before I could and asked me to follow him in his harsh tone.

I trailed behind him like an obe-dient dog.
He was actually going to his room. To do what?

He twisted the door knob and opened the door wi-de while he entered and also, me.

“How dare you leave this place to the hospital?!” He thun-dered while I flin-ched.

“Am sorry” I managed to say.

“Really? You’re sorry? Did I ask you to leave this place? Did I? You know what? You won’t be leaving this place till after 25 days. If you do, I won’t think twice in b!owing your head off with gun” He snarled and pushed me to the wall r0ûghly.

gr-abbing my chin and ma-king me face him.
“What …about my sister….won’t I check on how she’s fairing again?” I stuttered as I gazed into his eyes but quic-kly looked away.

He smile slyly and said, “I will take Care of that”

“I wish to see my……..”

“Just shut up!” He fired, using his hand to cage me to the wall.

He trailed his f!nger down to my cheek then myl-ips. He smiled at it and mumbled “Softl-ips”

He brou-ght his face closer and k!$$£d my n£¢k which made shivers run down my spine. He trailed k!sses to my shoulder and used one of his hands to hold my w@!st firmly.

The Crazy s-en-sation I was feeling was ma-king me go nut. Hisl-ips went back to k!ssme on thel-ips.
Oh! What a lushlyl-ips he got! Damn ju-icy .
Am actually k!ss!nghim.

I didnt know when a m0@n escaped from my mouth. Did I just m0@n ?

His hand sli-pped un-der my t©p and it st©pped right at my br@ cu-pping my brea-sts.
I wish I could st©p him but am just here to do my job. A who-re for 25 days. He owns me now.
Am all his.

He st©pped k!ss!ngand didn’t even give me a glance before tearing my t©p off. I g@sped and tried to cover my br£@st which were visible to him but he yanked them off me.

“You don’t try to cover what’s mine” He gritted and un-hooked my br@.

I was feeling scared. Am gonna lost my vir-ginity to him now.

My br@ fell off and gulped down my Saliva as I watch him stare at me lvstfully. He’d gr@bb£d one of them and held it into his mouth.

He su-cked on it and tweaked the other one. I threw my head back to the wall in plea-sure.
He’s driving me crazy. Have never felt sparks like this before.

“Hmm……” I bit my l!pm0@n fully.

His hand sli-pped down to my Sk-irt and raised it up to my w@!st. Am getting n-ked in front of him.

Am eventually giving my b©dy to him. All I nee-d is the money.

His f!ngerst©uçhed my p@n-t and ru-bbe-d it with my V. I let out another m0@n and gr@bb£d his hair ti-ght as he went back into k!ss!ngme again.

He sli-pped a f!nger into me, I yelped and pushed him away. I was surprised I just did that.

Is loosing one’s vir-ginity that painful?

“Sir……..” I bec@m£ dumb cause I lost words but all I did was shook my head.

He frowned at me and gr@bb£d me by the hair with his eyes burning red.

“Don’t try to do what you just did. You’re mine now and I can do anything that plea-ses me with you for 25 days.” He roared.

“I can have S-x with you anything, any day and you mustn’t deny it.” He added and pushed me to the be-d.

“p@n-t off and legs spre-ad!” He commanded then I knew I was done for.

Am doing this for my sister.
I closed my eyes waiting for him to come on t©p of me and use me like a who-re.

💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋


(A collaboration story brou-ght to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

💗Episode 9💗

Phoenix’s Pov
Am doing this for my sister.
I closed my eyes waiting for him to come on t©p of me and use me like a who-re.

I felt his f!nger on my n-ked th!ghs, but I still kept my eye closed.

I heard a lady’s first S-x is always painful as hell and that’s one of the reasons why am still a vir-gin.

Yes am one of those ladies who are scared of the pains of losing there vir-ginity.

But yet here I am lying on the be-d of the most feared mafia king as his who-re not just for one day but, 25 days.

Minutes past and yet he did nothing and I started feeling even more scared than I was before.

My thought bec@m£ wi-de.
why is he not doing anything? or is he planning on how to kill me?

Now am thinking I made a bad decision by accepting his deal.

I would have just accepted the stupid doctor’s offer, it just one night.

But staying with this monster for 25 days I don’t think is a good idea.

What if he kills me or something.
then I won’t even be alive to see my sister healthy.

I slowly open my eyes only to see him removing his trou-ser with a stick of smoke in between hisl-ips.

And my heart started racing, I thought he wasn’t going to have S-x with me anymore.

I started hearing footsteps coming towards the be-d and shiver ran down my spine.

Oh lord if you save me from this guy today I will be grateful.

“Open your godamn eye and get off the be-d…” I heard his angry voice and I immediately opened my eyes and left the be-d.

I was feeling so uncomfortable because this is the first time am n-ked infornt of a guy.

“Come closer…” he said calmly and I f0rç£d my feet towards his direction.

“kneel!…’ he said in a commanding tone and I obe-diently did, wondering what he wants me to do.

“Now do your work…’ he said ma-king me even more confused.

or does he want me to give him a b!ow job but I haven’t done it before although I have seen people do it in the club house.

I quic-kly too my hand into his p@n-ts and brou-ght out this mas-sive di-ck and immediately my eye c@m£ in contact with it shiver ran down my spine.

So many thoughts c@m£ into my head, things like will he fit in me.

I sighed softly and started smoking his di-ck with my both hands and immediately a m0@n escaped him mouth.

I guess his enjoying it.

I took his di-ck into my mouth and started su-cking on it, although it my first time I don’t want him to think am naive.

‘fv¢k !…’ he m0@n ed gr-abbing my hair f0rç£fully and forcing him large size dee-per into my mouth, ma-king me chuck.

This is my fate and i have to accept it.

He re-moved his di-ck from my mouth and pushed me ma-king me land ha-rd on the be-d.

He c@m£ on t©p of me and k!$$£d me hungrily and my fears increa-sed.

He trailed k!sses to my n£¢k and just like a flash he took one of my full sized bre*st into his hand, fondling it a bit.

He lowered his head there and took my n!ppleinto his mouth and su-cked on it then gave it a little bit.

“Ahhh…” I g@sped lightly because it gave me a shocking vibr@tion all over my b©dy.

Without any warning he f0rç£d his large size inside me without mercy ma-king me scream in pain.

He started ri-ding me.
and it was like the was damaging my pu-ssy.

“you’re hurting me plea-se…” I cried piercing my f!nger into his shoulder.

“plea-se…” I winced.
But my plead was on deaf ears.

Instead he started ri-ding me even more fas-ter than before.

“Argh!…” I yelled in pains.
My f!ngerspiercing dee-per into his skin as I wept.

“plea-se…. st©p…” I whimpered.
The pains was too much for me to bear.

I felt my v p@rts expanding as his large size rested in me .
So de-ep and painful.

While I was crying in pains, he was busy m0@n ing in plea-sure without even acknowledging my pains.

Then it occurred to me that am nothing but an instrument.

An instrument use in satisfying his S-xual urge for 25 days.

He t©uçhed myl-ips smiling lvstfully and k!$$£d on it.

“plea-se… st©p alre-ady” I m0@n ed with tears rolling down my face.

Oh my God!
My legs were hurting.
Not only my legs but my w@!st and every other p@rt of my b©dy.

He placed his both hand on the be-d and lean close to my ears.

He did a rou-gh movement with his di-ck inside me and I screamed in pain.

“Arghhhh…” I cried like a baby, his the first man to make me feel so much pain.

“You’re hurting me…” I cried but I didn’t even get a sorry from him.

Now I know this guy is a heartless demon.

Instead he placed one of my legs on his shoulder.

He moved his di-ck back and pounced into me and this time I felt like dieing.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I let out a loud scream.

I pierced my f!ngerseven more dee-per into his skin ma-king him bleed.

“Let go of me…” I cried and tried struggling out of his grip but he pined my both hands about my head.

I felt like I was gonna pas-s out any minute from now.

started shivering and soon I felt a cold liquid on my legs.

I looked only to see blood running down my legs.

I started wondering if his aware his hurting me.

“plea-se…” I continued begging him.

He waited for a while.
but all of a sudden it was like he got possessed by an evil spirit.

He started pouncing into me even more rou-gh than before, ma-king me scream even more.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Don’t worry you’re gonna be alright…” that was the last thing i heard before I blacked out.

💗Cephar’s Pov💗
I looked at the lady unconscious on my be-d and I got confused.

How can she be a v!rg!nand a str!per, is that even possible.

Oh God I shouldn’t have done this.

I don’t like having se-x with vir-gins because vir-ginity is a bond between to people that my mom thought me.

But I just took her vir-ginity because she’s in nee-d of help.

And I most say she’s sweeter than any other lady I have ever had se-x with.

I immediately got off her and covered her b©dy with a duvet.

And went into the bathroom to take my bath.

After freshen up and wore my red night robe and slide my feet into my flop and left the room.

I feel like killing someone right now.

That’s one thing about me if am angry at myself, I kill to make myself feel better.

I walked into my torture room were the stupid doctor was tied up on a chair.

Immediately my men saw me they all bowed there heads.

“Good day your Highness…” they all greeted in union.

And I just nodded.

“Well well well who do we have here? the stupid doctor who tried tampering with my property…” I said with an evil smile.

“Am sorry sir it wouldn’t happen again, plea-se have mercy on me…” he cried.

I immediately lost my appetite to torture him.

I took a gun from one of my men and sh0t him twice on the forehead.

“What do we do with his b©dy your Highness…” one of my men asked.

“Throw his b©dy into the ocean…” I replied and they nodded and took him out.

“One day gone, 24 days to go…” I said l!çk!ng myl-ips.

T. B. C….
One word for cephar?😒😒
Don’t you think he was too ha-rd on our dear Phoenix?🥺🥺🥺