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July 24, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 27 & 28

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 27

By: Kebby. NG




I am so glad he agreed on letting John drive me to school after much persuasion but it was hell because John won’t stop talking and taking his chances.

I wish I had listened to Bryan and follow him instead but I don’t want too much attention especially now that Cynthia is definitely out there trying to defame me for no reason and in addition to spoil my reputation.

I just had my first lecture and was heading to my locker to get my textbook. Nina had forsaken me for Liam since morning and I really wish I have a friend as a single soul to accompany me around the school.

I haven’t seen Cynthia in school today and no one is talking about their breakup which make me doubt Bryan for the first time in my life. What if he actually break up and Cynthia didn’t accept or is she cooking up something again?.

I hope she doesn’t come for me right now because I am so down and doesn’t even have time for all that. My eye widened when I felt an arm round my waist.

“What are you doing someone might see us”
I smiled at first one thinking it was Bryan until I felt the hand and realize it isn’t Leo hand.
“What the hell”I push back forcefully only to realize it John.

“What wrong with you”I am seriously angry right now because doing all this won’t solve things that are going through my mind right now.
“Sorry I wasn’t trying to scare you off”he apologized and the anger vanished.

“It fine”I quickly grab my textbook and was about to walk away but he stopped me grabbing my wrist.
“What again?”
“Are you hiding something from me?”He asks.
“Hide? for what?”I stuttered because I didn’t plan for this.

“Nevermind”he let go off my wrist and I turn to leave only to sight Bryan from afar staring at us with fist clenched in balls, eye reddened and he looks like he is going to explode anytime.

This is totally non of my business because he isn’t staring at me instead his eye are on John who was also staring back. What wrong with this two.

I quickly walk away and head straight to my class. I need to talk to Sean right now but I don’t know when I will be chanced to see him again I still need to see him.

I walk pass Bryan and glad he didn’t pull me back or stop me.

“Mare”I heard my name and I look ahead to see Linda waving at me. Finally.

“Finally I am able to find an accompany after Nina ditch me”I said and she chuckled.
“Just give her time she will come around”She said and wrap her hand round my neck.

“Where are you heading too?”
“Geography class”
“Same”She replied and we both burst into laughter as we head to our class.
“First time having a class together so excited”She said excitedly and I smile just that moment my phone beeped and I bring it out to check my notification.

“My eye are on you and your end is near”my eye almost popped out when I saw the message and I staggered back a bit.
“Are you okay?”Linda asks.
“Yeah I am fine”I replied.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah totally, I guess”I look around probably the person behind the message may be around but it doesn’t look like anyone care.

It a private number there is no way I can get any information from it. Whosoever send this message I am definitely going to root out for you.

I was heading to go get Mare so we can have some time together before our next class starts.
“Bye”I said to Leo who has been sticking himself to me for no reason throughout today and talking in parable.

I am so happy when he finally have physics which isn’t on my schedule work today recently replaced by geography the subject I hate most. I don’t need school it just like I am been force here by my parent just to believe I am responsible too.

I know I am the only entitled heir to my father properties and the only reason they are avoiding a big fight or issue between us was allowing us to leave with each other and get use to ourselves for time being.

I took the last turn to Mare locker when I sight John snaking his hand round her waist and my fist clenched. I know the game he is playing but I will never be involved in it he is trying to make me bet so he wins over her but he doesn’t know I beat him to it just last night and she is fucking mine.

I clenched my fist tight when I saw her laughing and smiling at him. Didn’t she assure me last night that she was all me and loves me?. I didn’t know what to do at that moment because I hate creating an unnecessary scene and she wants it to be secretive for a reason best known to her.

She walk pass me and a smirk form on John face. I had the urge to pull her and kiss her but she will definitely hate me forever so I watch her leave before I approach the bastard I call my brother.

“I know you are trying to let me play your games but it won’t work especially when I know she is mine”
“How sure are you”he scoff.
“I am so sure of myself”
“Your dreams I already beat you to your game”he smirk and I try to control myself.

“The fact is she doesn’t like you and I am okay with that”
“L_M_A_O”he read out.
“She only sees you as a friend and if I were you I will appreciate that opportunity and won’t crave for something that will land me in trouble”

“Stop all this I won’t fight it if she chooses you”
“It a deal”
“Fine”I scoff as I walk away but my phone beeped at that moment and I look around before checking the message out.

“My eye are on you and your end is near”
What all this? It’s a message from a private number or is someone joking with me?. I shove the phone back into my pocket ignoring it.

Probably a prank someone is pulling up and I won’t fall for it because it unnecessary.


It was the end of the next day and I was stood at my locker, getting books out so I could do some studying at home tonight. I have tests ocoming up and I need to study ahead; I just like to be ahead of things and I am still yet to forget my mother sacrifice her life for me to live a perfect life.

“Hey girlfriend”

I close my locker and turn around to face her

“What do you want Nina,” I say.

“Oh, Mare. Seems like you’re getting moodier and moodier but I am sorry it a new relationship so I had_?”
“Does that include dissing me for the whole day all thanks to Linda”

“Atleast you have Linda” I narrow my eye at her

“If all you wanted to do was bug me then I’m leaving”I walk away but when I felt her hand on my shoulder and she pull me close I didn’t know when a smile tugged on my lips.

“You are still not forgiven”
“Yes ma’am”She saluted and we both bursted into laughter.
“So gist me about how things are going with you and Liam”
“Just normal and he is so cute and sweet”She said.

“That all?”
“Yeah, what else are you expecting?”
“He doesn’t whisper to you every time that you are mine?or cuddle like he is going to lose you? he doesn’t buy you lunch whenever you are starving or let you into his arm every time?”I blabbered and she just stare at me with her jaws dropped.

“Nevermind”I walk away when I kinda feel uncomfortable with the way she is staring at me so I walk away but she caught up with me again.
“Does Bryan do all that with you?”She teased and I push her away from me.

“Hell no!!”
“Actually when a guy does that he is really into you and might soak himself in the dark when he sees you with someone else. That a characteristics of a protective guy”
“Yeah but how did you know? I thought you’ve always been single all your life or things is finally working out between you and Bryan?”She hit my arm a bit.

“No! Why does everyone think I am the perfect girlfriend for Bryan”
“Because no guy will ever stare at a girl they don’t love the way he stares at you. Everyone knows but we dare not say”
“How does he stare at me?”
“Why do you care?”She teased.

“Just forget it”I walk fast again cupping my cheek in my palm trying to hide my red cheeks.
“Are you two dating?”She stopped right at my front with a serious face.
“I will be so mad at you if I find out myself”She cross her hand round her chest.

What should I tell?

Episode 28



I seriously don’t know what to say right now. Nina is my best friend and she is the reason I am still in petraka but can I really tell her about my relationship with Bryan after I told him to let us keep a secret for now?.

“No, I can’t date him no matter what. I am not going to stay here forever and his level is way higher than mine”I discover an excuse.
“Fine, I don’t want you two together though because he will definitely hurt you”
“Hurt me?”

“He dated a lot of girls in the past and how sure he isn’t going to do the same with you when he find another sweet innocent girl”
“I don’t think of Bryan that way”
“Don’t be blinded by love girlfriend”She said and we start to make our way to the park.

I still don’t know why everyone thinks of Bryan in that way when he is totally opposite of all that or am I the only one that sees it that way because I love him?.

“Hey love”Liam and Nina hug, they don’t even care anymore but that is not my business.
“Hey”Someone tap my shoulder and I turn to see John smiling for no reason.

“What’s up with you today?”I asks.
“Nothing let go”he pull me by my wrist and drag me to his car. He open the door for me and help me with the seatbelt even after I insist on doing it myself he is extra kind to me today and I don’t know why he is doing it.

The text message I received at the hallway today is still a puzzle I am yet to solve so I don’t need to be bothered by anything for now. I look around but I couldn’t find Bryan neither his car and John drive off out of the school straight home.

“What your favorite food?”he asks,
“Why are suddenly Interested in things like that?”
“We are friends right? so I need to know”
“Are you going to prepare it for me?”
“I don’t cook I don’t clean”he sing a version line in this popular cardi b song making me laugh at how terrible his voice.

“I am not going to tell you so don’t bother asking”I replied.
“It totally useless”I replied as I stroll through my phone trying to ignore him but his questions keep coming.

“Do you want to visit a place with me after school tomorrow?”
“No!”I blurted out instantly.
“Why? that a quick reply”he said as he took the last turn to the house and I am glad we are approaching very soon because I’m tired of him already.

“Test is in few days so I need to prepare”
“But you agreed to a party”
“That because it taking place in the house and that doesn’t mean I will join”I shrug.
“If Bryan was the one that asks you out will you agree?”

This is getting serious he had been comparing himself with Bryan since yesterday and I don’t know why.

“You both are different with different personalities so stop stressing yourself over things like that because I don’t think there will any situation of choosing between you two because you are two different people.

He stop the car and I alighted without waiting for him to reply before I dash into the house and I head to my room instantly before he comes back to interrogate me again.

If there is any situation of choosing the both of them i will walk away because I won’t be the reason two brothers would fight by grace.

I unlock my door and was about to go in when I was pulled back by an hand.

“Bryan”I called in surprise but he grab me and hug me so tight.
“What wrong, someone might see us”I try to push him away but he tightened his grip round me.
“I miss you”he whispered to my ear and my body ease down at the moment and I hug him back.

“It fine things would work out very soon”I whispered back as I pat his back and move my hand to his shoulder.
He finally pull away and I gave me a reassuring smile.
“Are you okay Bryan?”I asks as he looks so off but he wasn’t like this in the morning.

“Yeah totally”he replied trying to find the right words but my phone beeped again and that instant his phone beeped too.
We stared at each other weirdly as I bring out my phone from my pocket and I realize it another message from the same private number.

“Quit it or I will upload the video”I read out and raise my head up only to see him staring at me weirdly.
“What yours?”I asks him as I peeped into his phone only to realize we got the same message.

“What’s this?”I muttered.
“I don’t know”he shrug.
“I don’t want to freak out but I got a text this morning saying my end is near. I think someone is after me…..us”
“Calm down dear, maybe someone is pulling a kinda prank on us or something”

“No I don’t think this a prank and what video is the unknown saying?”I request.
“Video”he repeated and I nod.
“Shit”he hit his forehead.
“Do you know anything? talk to me”I whimpered.

“It fine, stay in I will be right back”he gave me a quick light peck and ran out of the hallway.
“Bryan”I called but he isn’t even listening so I ran after him.
“Wait for me!”I yelled as I climb down the stairs only to reveal the rest staring weirdly at me.

“What going on?”Liam asks holding unto Nina on the couch. When did they all arrive?.
“Nothing”I replied ignoring them all and I ran back into my room.
I throw my bags and stuff away as I sit on bed staring at the message I receive in school and few minutes ago.

Why do I have a feeling Bryan know the source and doesn’t want to tell me. What video exactly because I remember Cynthia talking about the same thing the day she ruin my breakfast that morning.

What if Bryan had gone to her place again, I thought they end up things with each other already.


I have been friends with Cynthia for years now and I know what she is capable of doing. She wasn’t like this until she started seeing Mare as a competitor and to me they are both different.

Seeing Mare as a competitor is so dumb and I don’t expect her to be sending private messages just to scare her away from me. I drive into her compound still boiling in anger.

“Cynthia”I yelled as I barged into her house and she jumped up from a guy I don’t know who it is. She is already fucking another guy already what a bitch.
“Bryan”She called in surprise as she dress up and the guy pick up his pant.

“Excuse us Philip”he said to the guy who Instead of walking out head to her room. So he knows she has a room and still fuck her on the couch.
“What are you doing here Bryan?”She asks.
“I am here to warn you”

“Stop sending messages to Mare again just to scare her or I won’t take it likely with you”I point my car keys at her.
“Are you kiddin’ me? am I kid that will threaten you for that?”She questioned.

“I know it one of your games right but it not going to work but this is my last warning if you ever threaten me or Mare again I will do what you don’t like”
“Are you for real? you’ve known me for quite a while now and you think I will do that to you?. Even if I am sending texts to Mare will I send to you two?”

“What do you mean?”
“I know I was crazy over you and all that but I don’t care anymore and in addition I don’t have the video anymore because it got deleted”
“Are you saying someone else is behind this?”I ask.

“Someone might be out there for you two so what my business?”She questioned folding her arm around her chest.
“So you don’t know about this?”I show her the text on my phone.
“I am not dumb and I know a better way of getting you”

“Then why aren’t you at school today”
“As you can see I have a business to deal with”She scoff.
“Did you give your phone to someone else or_”
“Bryan leave”She ordered.
“You are sending me out of your house?”

“I have no business with you anymore so leave my house already so I can resume back to my business”
“Whatever”I walk out her house slamming the door beside me.

If Cynthia isn’t the one behind those threatening text then who else knows about this?.

TBC.. ❤😍💋
Do you think Cynthia is saying the truth⁉️.
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