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June 20, 2021


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Finding mr perfect prologue

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Have you ever imagine all those hot and classy looking ladies

Well that was me

My name is Jennifer Damien

I’m an African American

I’m beautiful and fully endowed,,some people call me figure 8

I’m a working class lady ,a banker to be precise,am like one of those rich single ladies

My parent are on my neck to bring home a man they even hooked me up with some of their friends son which also didnt end well

All my life i always imagine myself in this perfect family

But i’m clocking 30 in two months and nothing to show for it my parent are going to kill me

Every weekend i attend one of my friend wedding or the other

Only God know how many bride maid i have done,,i have dated some guys and lets just say it ended in tears

So i have made up my mind to find my mr perfect or maybe find mr left and drag the idiot to the right

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