Wrestle of love episode 6

Episode 6
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Ariana’s POV
I thought so much about what happened the previous night, “so cruise left me stranded and went to fv¢k that daughter of a bit-ch”
I decided to stay away from Cruise, I wouldn’t talk to him again, he is a bad boy just pretending for me.
I woke up the following morning, I dressed, ate and head off to school
I entered the clas-s and sat, I saw Cruise but I didn’t greet him, he didn’t either, we didn’t speak to each other till it was time for recess
As soon as the bell rang for recess, I noticed the pres£nce of Deccan, he c@m£ inside and offered me a treat, I humbly accepted me .
I stood up from my place, I didn’t say anything to Cruise, he didn’t say anything either
I then followed Deccan to the cafeteria, we talked, he try to make mention of what happened yesterday, but I shunned him off
“I don’t wanna talk about that” I replied him
“Its alright” he said
I followed Deccan to the cafeteria to make Cruise feel jealous, I surmise that he will be hurt and that makes me happy.
The bell of “recess over” was rang and we dep@rted to our various clas-s
I entered the clas-s and to my surprise , Cruise was busy writing a note, It looks like he didn’t even miss me
I was desperately expecting him to say something so I can shun him off, but No, he just kept on doing whatever at his place as though I do not exist
It hurt me more that he couldn’t even apologize for what he did yesterday
I decided to make him pay, I will let him know that the Ashers’ are not to be joked with.
I decided to make a plan with Deccan on how to punish him for hurting me.
I couldn’t even concentrate in clas-s, all the teachings were entering my right ear and leaving throu-gh my left here
The lecture went on and on
When It was long break, I placed my head on my locker, I wasn’t happy, that Cruise still didn’t say anything to me.
I brou-ght out my phone and texted Deccan
“Deccan where are you at the moment”
“Clas-s of course, he replied”
“I wanna deal with Cruise, don’t ask me why, can you help me” I texted back
It took a while before Deccan finally reply me
“I’m sorry Ari, I can’t help you, Cruise is our friend”
“What!” I exclaimed.
This Deccan must be out of his mind, I felt rejected, I felt like crying at the moment but I controlled my emotions
“I thought Deccan had some sort of feelings for me, why is he not helping me?” I thought to myself
I couldn’t confide in anyone again. I decided to text my mum
“Mum, I’m not happy”
“What is wrong Ari” she texted back immediately
“Cruise hurts me” I texted back to her
“What! I will be in your school in a minute, how can an ordinary commoner hurt you?” She texted
Its obvious my mum is angry, I’m happy that my mum will help me find a way to punish Cruise
My mum c@m£ in an hour time, she went straight to the principal’s office and I was s£nt for.
The message was delivered to me in clas-s and I went to meet her in principal’s office
She stood up to welcome me, she hvgged me and sat me down gently
“I’ve reported to your principal that an ordinary commoner in this school is hurting the daughter of ‘Asher’
“Miss Ariana, can you tell me what Cruise did to hurt you? The principal asked
” I can’t Sir ” I replied
“If you do not tell me what he did, I’m sorry, I cant help” The principal said
“Well, you are just a principal, must you care to know what she did to my daughter, that commoner must have done something secretive that she doesn’t want to say, but it hurts my baby so bad” My mum said
“Mrs Asher, If you insist on keeping what she did to your daughter to you, I can’t help”
“Oh! You wanna dare me, get re-ady to loose your job” my mum said
My mum stood up to leave but the principal called my mum back.
“Mrs Asher, I know what you can do, come and have your sit”
My mum eyed him and went back to sit
“You should have dared me and see what I’m capable of” my mum said
“St©p threatening me Mrs Asher. What did you want us to do?” The principal asked
“Good”, my mum said and feigned a smile.
” Ariana, plea-se excuse us” she said
“Alright ma” I went out wondering what they are planning for Cruise
My mum c@m£ to join me at the secretary’s office where I sat waiting for her.
“Ari” my mum called
I stood up and attended to her
“I’m done, don’t worry, I and the principal had come to a cons-en-sus, don’t worry”
“Thanks mum” I said like a baby being pet
I esc-rted her outside, we dep@rted at the school garage
I do not know what is about to happen to Cruise, but I know its something crazy, I trust my mum
I was able to listen and as-similate some of the subsequent lectures
Just about thirty minutes to close for the day at school, The principal rang an emergency bell in his office.
We all knew what that meant, we went to the school as-sembly hall to wait the school principal
On my way there, I have carried my bag, most student too has carried their luggage, just for them to leave the as-sembly ground and go to their various home
A junior student c@m£ all of a sudden beside me, he handed me a letter
I smiled and looked at the small boy
“So this small boy too wants to d@t£ me, so disrespectful,” I took the letter and put it inside my bag
I promised myself to re-ad it at home with my mum, so we can mock the young lad together
We got to the as-sembly ground, we waited few minutes for the principal
The principal stood in front of every student and said;
“Distinguished student of Horace Greeley high School, we apologize for the inconvenience.
I will be brief in my speech because I have few t©pics in front of me
First of first, Cruise of grade 4, can you come outside
Everyb©dy was wondering what could have being happening
In few seconds he c@m£ out
Mr Cruise, you were reported to be a student without conscience, you take plea-sure In subtilty hurting students
I guess you have being doing it for a long time, but here, your secrete lie with us
You are hereby suspended for three weeks, the exam is starting in two weeks time, I’m sorry that you would not be able to p@rticipate
The whole school felt so pathetic for Cruise after the speech of the principal
Cruise was asked to go back to the as-sembly ground, the principal dismissed everyone after he talked briefly on some other subjects of concern on the school
Everyone dep@rted, many people stared talking about Cruise, they have never heard anything negative about him.
I felt bad for Cruise, but I also think he deserves it right.
On my way to the school garage, Deccan c@m£ and join me
“I do not want to believe that that the predic@m£nt of Cruise is your handiwork ” Deccan said
“Why did you care to know? Can you excuse me plea-se?” I said.
I was still angry at his reply the last time we exchanged text messages
“Well, Ari, If this is your handiwork, I really feel so sad for cruise and so sorry for you” Deccan said
“Whatever,” I said and walked fas-ter, leaving him behind.
I entered my Cadillac’ and drove straight home
My mum gladly welcomed me, “mum I saw your handiwork” I said
“Anything for you, my baby” she said while smiling
“You don’t fv¢k with Asher’s family” my mum said while sitting
“Yes mum, He must have learned his lesson the ha-rd way now” I said feeling comfortable too
“Ari, any gist for me?” She asked.
“Yes mum, always” I said smiling
I drew my bag closer to me, I Zi-pped it open and brou-ght out the letter
“Mum, one junior student saw ‘a fine girl’ today and decides to try his luck” I said mockingly
My mum smiled and laughed mockingly
“he wants to to be friend with the Ashers, bad boy everywhere” my mum said
Bring me the letter, let me re-ad it aloud” my mum said
“No mum, we are gonna re-ad it together, I said
I drew closer to my mum, we opened the letter and it re-ads;
“Ari, I’m sorry for what happened yesterday, I wanted to apologize, but I’m scared that you may insult me, I’m so sorry, Nothing happened between the slut and I, plea-se believe me. I like you.
Signed: Cruise