Wrestle of love episode 5

Episode 5
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Deccan’s POV
The p@rty has started and I was expecting Ari and Cruise.
I was having a discussion at the center of the club with my manager, I suddenly sighted Cruise and Ariana entering the club.
I walked swiftly to welcome them
I marched them gently to the exclusive VIP section
They sat down gently, they were staring round the club as though they were on an excursion
I sat with them and signaled for drinks, In a few second, the drink was brou-ght
We started discussing, drinking and having fun.
I stood up a few times when my attentions were nee-ded in the club.
It was time to dance and I requested to dance with Ariana.
She stylishly obliged , I took her gently to the red carpet for a dance. We started dancing
To my surprise she danced very well, while we were dancing, I was staring at her face to decipher if she has some sort of feeling for me
But her face does not show any expression. I still didn’t know what feeling I had for Ariana.
We dance for few minutes and I led her back to her sit
Cruise POV
Ariana narrated her dream to me, we decided to pl@yalong, I promise to watch her keenly at the p@rty. She also promise to be very careful with Deccan
As soon as Deccan c@m£ to offer Ari a dance with him, I decided to watch them keenly, just as I was tracing them with my eye, a str!pper c@m£ to offer me a l@p dance
She was blocking my view and smiling se-ductively
I had to find a way of getting rid of this str!pper, I told her I didn’t have the money to pay her for l@p dance
She said I’m cute and she will do it for free, I couldn’t even see Ariana again, she was blocking me and s£dûç!ng me.
I was frustrated, I stood up to leave that sit, but to my surprise, she charged closer at me like someone that wants to devour me, I was scared, I stood still and watched her carefully
“So, you wanna avoid me because you know I’m a prostitute.” She said looking at my face for any expression
But my face didn’t show forth any expression, I couldn’t even think anything at that moment.
“You really think this is what I wish for myself? She asked looking sorry
She shook her head and walked away.
I sunk back at the couch I was sitting on
Her words pierced my heart, even though she left me, her words stick with me
I was lost in thought that I ha-rd ly realize my original purpose of keeping an eye on Ariana
I remembered all of a sudden, just then, I saw Deccan leading Ariana to our sit
Ariana was sheepishly smiling, Its obvious that they both enjoyed the dance
I welcome them with a smile too.
” Cruise, why don’t you pick up a dance? Deccan asked
“With who? I retorted carefully
” There are many str!pers here of course, just hook up with one.” Deccan said
“No, I don’t fv¢k public pvzzy, ” I replied like a religious bad boy
I was just trying to escape Deccan’s question, I do not want to sound too good to Deccan neither do I want to sound too bad for Ariana.
“Did you just say public pvzzy” Deccan asked in surprise
“Yeah, I…I.. ” I was diligently thinking for what to say
Deccan left us all of a sudden.
“What do you mean by public pvzzy? Ariana asked. I can see from her facial expression that she was very curious
” ermm…like …I don’t fv¢k prostitute” I said sluggishly
“So, who do you fv¢k?” Ari asked
“Well… Its complicated” I said
“What is complicated”? Ari asked
Just then, Deccan c@m£ with a str!pper, It was the same girl that has come and request for a l@p dance from me.
I knew I had to stand up and dance with her, at least to know few more things about her and catch some fun
I stood up recklessly without looking at Ariana’s face to confirm If I should dance with the str!pper or not
She walked me to the red carpet and we started dancing, we were just watching ourselves as we kept our hands intertwined, dancing and moving in circles
I can see her face clearly, the shape of her face triangular , she is slim and S-xy, her nose is pointed and her face is as fresh as that of a new born baby’s face. Her teeth is as white as snow.
She began to appear like a woman to me other than a slut
I broke the silence between us after a series of dance styles
” My name is Cruise and you?”
She just smiled and kept on dancing
I felt insulted at first for refusing to answer me, but my desperation to know more about her made me wanna press for more
“Can I know few things about you? I asked in serious anticipation for an answer
” You wanna know more about me?” She asked
“Yes dear” I retorted like a gentle man, I was trying to hide my desperation but I know its obvious
“Follow me ” she said and walked towards a blue hallway
I hesitated at first, then, I thought she is just a lady, she cant harm me.
I followed her from behind
I saw her enter a room, my heart skipped, I decided to take the risk
I followed her inside
“Can you tell me more about you now?” I asked
“Well, I’m Cindy, ”
“Cindy, its nice meeting you”
We were staring at each other for a while, I decided to ask her about what she told me earlier
“Cindy, what led you to become a str!pper?” I asked, carefully selecting my words
“I nee-d to take care of my parents and my younger sister” She said
” can you tell me more about your family?” I asked
“Not now Cruise,” she retorted
She went to the be-d and lay
“Cruise, I’m tired” she said and in few minutes, I knew she had sle-pt off
“What sort of a girl is this?” I asked myself
I was imaging what just happened when I realized that a message popped on my phone
I checked the phone message box and realize that it was from Ariana
What could have happened to Ariana, I asked myself
I opened the message box and it re-ads
“Hey nigga, you don’t fv¢k public pvzzy, but you can allow that bit-ch to lure you into a room to fv¢k you. fv¢k you Cruise”
What the hell is this? I asked myself innocently. I nee-d to leave these room now to explain myself to Ariana.
I was about to leave, but I thought that I may not be able to see the girl again, I took her phone and dialed my number, I saved her mobile on my phone and went out of the room
I got to our sit and I couldn’t find Ariana there, my heart beat increa-sed ra-pidly.
“Where is Ariana? I asked myself in surprise
I quic-kly brou-ght out my phone and dialed her number
She didn’t pick the call
I dialed it a several times but the call wasn’t answered
I sank on the couch and a message popped on my phone, I quic-kly opened it and It was a message from a telecom
I hissed and relaxed back, I was frustrated.
Just then, another message popped, I quic-kly check my phone to confirm if it was from Ariana or not
She is the one, I quic-kly opened it and it re-ads;
” Hey Cruise, why calling me? I’m on my way home”
What! I exclaimed on re-ading the message.
I quic-kly retorted by s£nding her a message
“Hey Ari, you left me here, are you vexed ?”
I waited long for her reply but I didn’t see any
After a while, I saw Deccan discussing with a woman
I carelessly called him
“Hey Deccan?”
He faced back and looked at me
“Cruise, I thought you followed Ari”
“No, Ari is vexed?”
“Yeah, she thought I fv¢ked that girl”
“You mean that slut?”
“Didn’t you fv¢k her?”
I didn’t? ”
“My gosh! Are you impotent or what?”
” Of course I’m agile
“Amazing, so what were you guys doing?”
” Just erm… I was trying to bring up a lie , but I couldn’t find any
“Anyways, I wasn’t even aware that Ari was angry, she texted me while I was attending to some guest that she is going home, and I replied her saying ‘Alright’
And that we will meet in school tomorrow.” Deccan said
Oh my days! I exclaimed
But why is Ari Jealous of you? Deccan asked inquisitively
” she isn’t jealous, she is just trying to protect me” I retorted
“Really?” Deccan said raising his brow
I nodded and squee-ze my face
“Will you like to stay here over night or I ask one of my driver to drive you home” Deccan asked
“I wanna go home Deccan”
He ordered one of his driver to take me home.
I got home and I felt so bad, the p@rty is suppose to be a glorious one, we couldn’t even take a selfie together, I thought as I l@yon the be-d.
In a few second, I wander off to dream land.
Question: Did you think what Ari did is right?