Wrestle of love episode 7

Episode 7
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Ariana’s POV
I felt bad yesterday after re-ading the letter with my mum, my mum felt bad too but she encourage me to just forget about the fv¢ken commoner. She told me that commoners shouldn’t attend the same school with the rich in the first place.
I simply nodded my head and went straight to my room, I feel pathetic for the poor boy, I neglected the thought for a while, watched game of thrones and sle-pt off afterwards
I dressed , ate and head off to school
Cruise POV
Yesterday wasn’t plea-sant, I never imagined it, It was like a film when I was called outside the as-sembly.
“What in the world have I done?” I asked myself while marching out of the as-sembly to meet with the principal
I was surprised when he gave me a baseless accusation, suspended me and told me to walk out
It was such a big shame, I couldn’t ba-re it, I felt like coll@psing, I’m just recovering from the saga of my mums death, thanks to Ari that stood by me all along.
But whom did I offend? Could it be Deccan? I’m sure it cant be Ari, Ari can’t do such a thing, It must be Deccan, he is probably trying to get the full attention of Ari
But, I didn’t st©p Deccan, moreover, the look on Deccan’s face speaks of innocence
yes, he might be a pl@yboy, using and dumping ladies, but he has a conscience, I confirmed it that time we went for his p@rty
Who could it be then?
I thought to myself.
I’m sorry for myself that I would have to repeat grade 4
I cried the hell out of my eye ba-lls, I refused to inform dad, I didn’t want to spoil his mood.
I will get a job somewhere for myself, I will leave house early in the morning as usual , then to work instead of school, with that, he wouldn’t suspect anything.
Deccan’s POV
I’m sure that Ari must have pla-yed that painful game with Cruise, Ari looks like a good girl, If I should confirm that its Ari, then I’m dropping my feelings for her
For crying out loud, if she could have done that to Cruise , her closest friend, she could have done worst for another
I dressed up to start going to school, but a thought popped up in my heart,
“What If Cruise thought its my handiwork”
I nee-d to see Cruise, even if it means not going to school today
“But I didn’t know Cruise place”
I entered my car and wanted to drive to school, but I feel more sorry for the poor boy
I suddenly remembered that my driver aided him home when Ari left him at Club
I picked my phone and called my driver
“Hey salvador” I greeted
“Good morning sir” he replied from the other end
“I hope you do remember the last time you drove Cruise home?”
“Yeah, Cruise, my special guest that c@m£ with Ari, remember you drove him to his place*
” Oh Cruise, I remembered clearly Sir, I totally forgot him by his name”
“Did you still remember his place?”
“Yeah, sure”
“Good, drive straight to my place now, I nee-d to see him”
“I will be there in few minutes Sir”
After the call conversation between Salvador and I, I might be stranded before he comes, I started pla-ying “moon light” by xxx Tentacion
I was vibing with the cool song and I was enjoying it.
“Hey boss”
Someone called while approaching my car
I peeped out the tinted glas-s window of my car and realized that it was Salvador
I c@m£ out immediately
“Oh man, I was lost in the song” I said
“I’m sure its that of XXX tentacion, because I know you like the nigga so much” Salvador replied
“Yeah, man was listening to moonlight” I retorted
He esc-rted me to the car he brou-ght and we head off to Cruise place
On getting there, Salvador pressed the visitors bu-tton at the door entrance, and in few minutes, someone c@m£ out
He looks like a man in his 40s
“Sir, we wanna see Cruise” Salvador asked the man
“Well, from where?” The man retorted
“From Greeley high school” I replied the man before Salvador could talk
“Oh, his clas-smate, I guess”The man said
“Yes sir” Salvador replied
“Well, I’m his father, Cruise has gone to school
” which school…I mean.. ” I carelessly responded
Its obvious that his dad is yet to know that Cruise has been suspended
I won’t be foolish to break the news either
“Sir, can you give me his number?”
“If he is your friend like you claimed, why didn’t you have his number” The man said
This is getting tougher than we could imagine
“Sir, we mean no harm, If you are finding it ha-rd to trust us, we better take our leave” Salvador said turning back
I pretended like I want to start going too
‘Hey boys, don’t get pissed , I just wanna be sure that you are his friend ” The man said
We faced back and in few seconds, we collected Cruise mobile
We walked to the car and entered.
Then we placed a call to
In few seconds, Cruise picked up
Cruise: Hey
Deccan: Boy, wats up, this is Deccan
Cruise: Hey nigga, I’m cool, how did you get my mobile
Deccan: I collected it from your dad, I’m in your compound
Cruise: oh! What an honour
Deccan: I wanna see you, Dad said you went to school, I guess you haven’t broke the news to him
Cruise: I haven’t, the poor man will be sad
Deccan: I un-derstand, where are you then?
Cruise: Trying to speak to the manager of Christmas canteen, I wanna work as a chef there
Deccan: Cruise, you cant, I’m gonna help you, I will Pick you up there in a moment so we can talk better
Cruise: Thanks man, guess you skipped school today
Deccan – yeah, I did, bye
I informed Salvador to take me to where Cruise said he was
In about twenty three minutes, we got there.
Cruise was alre-ady waiting for us, Salvador opened his side door and signaled for Cruise to hop inside the car
Cruise entered, we greeted.
I informed Salvador to take us to a h0tel where Cruise and I can have the time to talk
In few minutes, Salvador drove to a nearby h0tel,
Salvador waited for us inside the car, while I went with Cruise and sat
Deccan: Cruise, You care for a drink
Cruise: maybe after the discussion
Deccan: Alright , I’m sorry for what happened yesterday, I feel so sad for you, I didn’t know the heartless bit-ch or bit-ches that orche-strated that for you
Cruise: well, Its crazy, but I have to move on
Deccan: Yeah, did you think its Ari?
Cruise: I do not think so, Ari cant do such
Deccan: Really, well, Ari texted me that she wanted to deal with you yesterday and I objected
I showed the texts to Cruise, he was surprised , I could see the expression of shock in his face
Cruise: You mean, It might be Ari
Deccan – well, I haven’t confirmed , but I’m gonna confirm
Cruise: What do I do now?
Deccan: The principal and I aren’t in talking terms , I can’t inform my dad as well because he has a lot of things on his mind at the moment.
Deccan- you are gonna be working as my as-sistant club manager for now, Once I confirm that its Ari, I will talk to her to speak to the principal to change his mind
Cruise: I’m stunned, I really didn’t have any experience in clubs
Deccan- My manager will put you throu-gh
Cruise- I’m glad, thanks Deccan
Deccan: Since, I’m not going to school today, lets go to club and catch be some fun
Cruise: Thanks
We stood up and went to the h0tel garage where Salvador packed our car
“Drive us straight to hell” I commanded Salvador
He knows that by hell, I meant club
Ariana’s POV
Lectures have being fun, I must confess that I miss Cruise, but I’m happy that in time, I will st©p having feelings about him, change my sit and forget about him.
The bell for long break rang, I decided to go to the Cafeterias to catch some fun
I felt someone trailing me but I ignored, I didn’t look back, I went straight to the exclusive VIP section , I ordered for snacks and drink and sat
The person c@m£ and sit opposite me, It was Mindy, my ex b©yfri£nd
Mindy: Hey Ariana
Ari: Mindy, Is anything wrong?
Mindy: Of course not, I’m sure you did receive my letter
Ari: Sure, so what?
Mindy: Ari, (he whispered) I still Love you, I knew I made a mistake then, I knew I’m wrong, find a place in your heart to forgive me
Ari: Mindy, Its a split milk, I don’t want you anymore, I’m fine, plea-se leave
Mindy: I can’t
He brou-ght a flower and pres£nted it to me.
“What kind of an embarras-sment is this” I thought to myself
Before I knew it, he knelt down and pres£nted the flower for me
His face looks so pathetic, The old feelings I had for him rose inside of me, I felt like pouring my drink on him as a payback for how he hurt me then, but I couldn’t
Tears start to drop from my eyes, I helped him up with my left hand and collected the flower with my right hand
Ari: I still Love you Mindy(I said and gave him the ti-ghtest hvg)
Everyone in the cafeteria started cheering us, wi-nking at us, few were cl@pping, a lady was even crying
Mindy: Ari, Thanks for accepting me back, your Love has hunted me for years, I can never st©p Loving you
We loosed ourselves gently and planted a soft k!sson ourl-ips
We started staring into each other’s face, we were totally engulfed by our emotions that we did not know when we started k!ss!ngwith ourl-ips locked up inside our mouths.
We dis£ngaged after a while and I led her to her clas-s, i promise to come and join her in her clas-s after the school has closed for the day
Mindy’s POV
Crazy men! I’m Mindy, You will know more about me later, It’s so fv¢king crazy that I once d@t£d Ari and I didn’t even have a taste of her
I know she is still flowered, I wanna be the one to break the hy-men.
Yeah, I wanna earn more marks with my crazy nigg@s
I’m gonna record the S-x tape life without her knowledge and post it in “The baddest boy” site to earn more marks
A beautiful girl like Ari will earn me more marks, and I might probably collect my mantle of number one back
“The baddest boy” site is a secrete site for the riche-st boys in new York city
You upload the nûd£ S-x tape with a girl and you earn mark
The mark you get depends on how beautiful the girl is and how fun the S-x is.
I used to be the number one baddest bit-ch on the site before one crazy Deccan took it from me
I’m glad the fool accepted my offer