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June 20, 2021


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Wrestle of love episode 4

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Episode 4
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Deccan’s POV
I Felt so bad with the way Ariana reacted to me yesterday , I was sober when I got home. I couldn’t go to club at night as usual.
My father noticed and called me to his room
“Deccan, you didn’t go to club today, why?
” Dad, I’m sorry, I’m not feeling too cool
“Yeah, I know, tell me ,I might be of help”
I sighed and deliberated for seconds if I should tell my dad or not.
I finally decided to share my burden with him
I explained my encounter with Ariana to him, Starting from the time I sighted her at the cafeteria.
I told him how bad I felt when Ariana treated me like a piece of junk at the school garage where I waited anxiously for her
“Son, you did not need to be disturbed with the way she reacted you, I know you are not used to people rejecting you or not showing you so much value, however, I want you to up your game, do all your best to win her over to your side” my dad replied
I sighed, took a cup of drink and relaxed on the chair.
Dad, I really don’t

want to fall in Love with her, how do I do that” I said carefully
“Are we talking about Love here? My dad asked with his eyes glowing fury
” Of course not dad”
“I thought you just wanted to win her over to your side so you can have a taste of her and dump her” my dad said with a straight face
“Yes of course dad” but…
“But what?” My dad asked with a serious face
I realize that my dad can not understand the feeling I’m having towards Ariana, the feeling is not the ordinary feeling I have with ladies I use and dump
“Dad nothing”
. Since he can’t understand me, I stood up and went to my room.
I got to school the following morning, I couldn’t even concentrate in class, I just wanna see Ariana, when I heard the bell for the long break, I went straight to her class
Luckily for me, she is inside the class .
I saw her conversing with that commoner of a guy
“Hey Ari,” I greeted
” Hi Deccan, I’m sorry for yesterday, Cruise mum had an accident, I had to hurry to his place to
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aid him”
I felt relieved with what she said, at least, she did not do what she did yesterday to me intentionally.
‘By Cruise,’ I knew at once that she is referring to that commoner of a guy.
I greeted Cruise with a gentle Smile, he responded gently too
pretended as if we have never met before, I’m sure, she hasn’t tell Ari about the last time we met, because if he does, Ariana would have said something about it.
“Can I take you guys to the cafeteria?” I asked like a gentle man
Ariana looked at Cruise to know if Cruise is comfortable with it.
Cruise confirmed by nodding his dead and smiling
We headed to the cafeteria.
We went straight to the exclusive VIP section of the cafeteria, the place meant for the ‘rich’ alone
Ariana and Cruise sat at a three sitter couching chair, while I sat opposite them on a singular sitter couching chair.
I ordered snacks and drinks…
The silence between us was getting horrible.
They might be expecting me to be start off a conversation, I thought as I sipped the first drip of my drink
“So Cruise, Ari said your mum had an accident” I asked facing cruise
Cruise had his mouth filled with snacks as at the time I asked, he gently chew it all and took a sip of his drink, he used is hanky to clean his mouth and responded
“Yeah, It was terrible”
“How is he now?” I asked
“Well, she is …he looked down gently and a jot of tear dropped from his eye, he quickly cleaned it with his hanky
Ariana looked at him and petted him like a baby.
” His mum is dead” Ariana replied helping him complete his statement
“Oh! I’m so sorry cruise, so pathetic. I said feeling sorry sincerely
I kept quiet for a while because the atmosphere between us is not too cool at the moment
I didn’t say any more word till we are done eating
” Well, can we observe one minute silence for cruise mum” I said
“Yeah, Ariana said sluggishly looking at Cruise face to confirm
She realize that cruise was cool with it.
We observed a minute silence
After which the bell rang, we stood up and left the cafeteria.
Before we patted ways to our various classes, I told Ariana and Cruise that I will come and join them in class after I’m done in my own class for the day.
I left to my class.
The lecture went on and on
We closed for the day
I packed my luggage and I went to Ariana’s class, I met Ariana sitting on Cruise Desk, while Cruise was sitting on the chair
I entered and they greeted me in unison , Its obvious they have being expecting me
We moved together from the class to the school garage, I parked my car just beside Araina’s car. I placed my hand on my car and said
” Guys, I’m throwing up a special party at my club , I will be glad If you can come”
“How much is the ticket?” Ariana asked
“I will hand over the ticket to you now, you guys should just agree, Its an exclusive VIP ticket anyways
“I will be glad to be there, I’ve always be longing to visit the biggest strip club in New york” Ariana said
What about you Cruise? I asked
“I will come as well.” He said
“Good” I said
I brought out the ticket from my car and gave it to them, we bade each other bye and we departed.
Ariana’s POV
I’ve being eyeing Deccan’s strip club since I was young, I will like to attend the party, I thought to myself as I drive home.
As I got home, mum welcomed me, I went to the bathroom and took a shower, I proceeded to dinner to eat what mum has prepared
Of course, we ate it together, after we finished eating, I hinted her that I have a gist for her.
I went to the sitting room and sat, I switched on the T.V to while away time, just then, my mum came
“Awwn, baby. She said like a kid
” Mum, I said as I looked at her and switched off the TV
“She sat very close to me, pecked me and requested about the gist I wanted to tell her
I gist my mum about what Deccan said
She was happy, but she became sad when she realized that I’m going with cruise
” why would that commoner be invited? She asked without expecting an answer, he should have just invites you alone”
“Mum. I called her
” yes daughter, you know I’m saying the truth, the poor shouldn’t have anything to do with the rich, they will corrupt them” She said warning me.
“Alright mum, but Deccan gave Cruise the exclusive VIP ticket himself” I said
“She raised her brow in surprise, I just hope he won’t embarrass you guys there”
Mum” I called again
She gist me about her work place after which I went to my room to sleep
“I entered the party with Cruise, we were dressing in red and white, Cruise was so cute, I was adoring too, Deccan gladly welcomed us.
“we sat at a table, after a while, Deccan request if he can dance with me, I gladly accepted
I stood up leaving Cruise at his sit
I started dancing with Deccan, Deccan kept saying the sweetest word I’ve ever heard into my ear, I was enjoying it, my emotions were taking over
After what look like at a while, Deccan looked me straight in the eye, our faces were closed, our lips weren’t far from each other
I wish he can grab me and give me my first lip kiss
I closed my eye gently, after some seconds , I opened my eye and I saw Deccan looking at where Cruise sat
Cruise just fixed his gaze at us, in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable.
I guess that is the more reason why he couldn’t plant a kiss on my lips
Deccan took advantage of the moment, and told me to follow him to a private room.
I obliged like a sheep about to be slaughter. He opened the door and I entered, he followed me inside the room and locked the door.
He grabbed me at once and threw me on the bed. He began to remove his cloth violently like somebody under a spell
I started getting scared
“Deccan, what are you about to do? I asked fretfully
He didn’t reply, this time, he has stripped himself half naked, just his boxer was left
I realize what he was about to do, I quickly stood up from the bed , I headed off swiftly to the door in a bit to open it.
Before I could get there, he quickly take swift steps after me , he carried me and threw me back on the bed, he was about striping me naked when a knock was heard on the door
He listened attentively at first to know who it was, the knock continues.
But this time around, he totally ignored the knock on the door.
He placed his two hands at the lower edge of my gown to strip me off naked when I suddenly opened my eyes’
What! It was a dream, It looks so real, I was very sacred even after I woke up, I sat down very well on my bed, I placed my back on the wall and my pillow on my lap with my stretched leg on the bed
I gently recalled the last incident that happened before I slept
After I finish gist with mum, I came to my room to rest and I slept off
Then I had the dream
I started contemplating If the dream is a warning for me not to go to the party or It’s just a ridiculous dream
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