Wrestle of love episode 3

Episode 3
Writer: Feathers.
Cruise POV
I dressed up, took a cab and hurried to school.
I headed off to clas-s and gently sat at my place, I brou-ght out my books to do a quic-k revision of what we were taught.
I noticed that someone walked in, “It could have being anyb©dy ” I thought
The plea-sant aroma keeps getting stronger as the person keeps approaching me
I looked up only for me to realize that it’s Ariana, I gently greeted her and she responded.
She sat at her place after we exchange plea-santries.
As soon as it was recess, I tapped her at the back
“Hey Ari”
” Hey Cruise”
“How was the lecture?”
” A little boring”
“Yeah , me too, I really didn’t enjoy it too.”
” Well…I have something to tell you Ari”
“And what could that be?
Just as we were conversing, someone entered, the person c@m£ directly to our sits, It was Deccan
Deccan’s POV
I really can’t wait for the first lecture to be over so I can see that beautiful lady. As soon as I heard the bell of recess.
I thought at first if I should go to the cafeteria to wait for her, on the other hand, I reasoned that she might not come. I decided to check her clas-s first.
I went straight there and saw her conversing with that commoner of a guy
“Will this commoner really deliver my message?” I thought at the entrance of their clas-s
Well, who the hell is she? I asked myself in anger, I summoned courage to approach her.
I entered her clas-s and went directly to her place
” Hi”
“Ermmm…I’m Deccan”
” Deccan? She asked in surprise
“Yes, Deccan White
” oh my days! Deccan!” She called my name with so much honour
So, you have being the guy eyeing me all this while, she asked stylishly
“Yeah”, I said trying not to let her find any emotions in my words
And whats your name? I asked
“I’m Ariana”.She retorted
Oh! Ari! It’s nice meeting you.
“We will meet some other time” I said to her and walked out.
I didn’t have to ask for her mobile , She is in my school, I know her clas-s, I can always check on her.
I was extremely happy, I was able to have a clear view of her beautiful face. She is just so beautiful.
I’m having some sort of emotions towards her, “I will ensure that I did not fall in Love with her anyways”! I thought to myself
“But what is this feeling I’m having?” I asked myself
Ariana’s POV
So, the mighty Deccan has being the one eyeing me all this while. “But what did he want?” I asked myself
Well, I really don’t want to be friends with anyone though, but Deccan, the owner of the largest str!p club in New York, I might consider that
I was lost in thought, but I was j£rked up to reality by the pretense cough of Cruise
I looked up to him
And whats that for?” I asked raising my brow like a kid
Well, I can see that you got caught up by the charming plea-santries of Deccan” He said
“Well, he is cute and rich”. I said eyeing him while I faced front
“I am poor and ugly”? he whispered from behind
But I didn’t reply him again.
Then I suddenly remembered that he wanted to tell me something
I looked back pla-yfully and called…Cruise”
He was just writing whatever, he didn’t respond
Cruise now” I called again
What is it Ari?”
What did you want to tell me”
Nothing, let us forget about that
Hummn..whatever …” I said and faced front.
The lectures went for hours and we ended the clas-s for the day
I cant wait to break the news to my mum, I entered my Cadillac’ and drove home.
“You welcome my love” she greeted me as I entered the house
She could see that there is an happy expression on my face.
I dropped my bag on the chair in the sitting room, I went straight to where she sat, I sat on her leg and the following conversation ensued;
‘Mum, guess what?”
“Ermmm… Its ha-rd , I don’t know, what is it, tell me?”
” Mum, I was approached my Deccan today”
“Deccan? Deccan?
‘yes mum, Deccan White
” Oh my!” She said covering her mouth in surprise
“What did he say,’ she said in serious anticipation
” Mum, we just exchanged plea-santries”
“Cool, He must be up to something positive, don’t sound so cheap, control your emotions, but once he asks you out, don’t even think twice”
“Awwn mum”
Yes my daughter, your dad will be happy to know that you are d@t!ngthe great Deccan”
“Mum, I don’t have any intention of d@t!nghim though”
“You have no choice, she said and win-ked
I happily ran to my room
The next day in school, I couldn’t find my desk p@rtner, Cruise’ he isn’t around.
I didn’t even have his mobile number to check on him.. I was very concerned about him, I don’t know why, I decided to ensure that I check up on him somehow.
During the long break, I went to the secretary to the principal’s office to ask for Cruise’ number
The secretary stunningly gave me without asking any question
I got his number and called him
These conversation ensued on phone :
“Hey cruise?”
“Hi, who am I speaking with?”
“Ari! ”
“Oh! Ariana,” he said and sniffed
” hope all is well?”
“No, My mum had an accident ”
“Oh!what! So sorry, which of the hospital is she now”
He sniffed again, “mum isn’t in the hospital, we cant afford hospital bill, I’m at home with her.”
“s£nd me the address of your house , I’m gonna come to check you’
“what!” Ari! Don’t bother, I will be fine”
“No, I insist”
“Alright fine, I will be expecting you.”
Few seconds later , I saw Cruise house address on the message box of my phone.
I cant wait to go and see him, I really feel sorry for him
After we close for the day at clas-s, I was hurrying to the garage to drive to Cruise place
On getting there, I met Deccan staying behind my car
“Hey, Ari,” he waved
“Yeah, Deccan”
“How are you?”
“Cool! Deccan, I’m hurrying somewhere plea-se, we will talk some other time”
“Oh! Fine..but can I get your mobile”?
” Deccan, I’m sorry, I don’t give out my mobile
I said and hopped inside my car and drove to Cruise place
I entered the shabby building, I can’t imagine myself in this kind of building
Cruise c@m£ to welcome me at the entrance, we entered and went straight to where the mum is lying
“Cruise, let’s take her to the hospital for proper treatment, I will foot the bill”
“I will be grateful Ari”
He carried his mum in a bridal style to the back sit of my car
We got the hospital, the doctors attended to her while we stayed outside
“Hey miss ” someone called from behind
It was a doctor
“Can you come to my office “? He requested
” yeah, I stood up and followed him
He informed me that the woman got wounded in her heart and that she should have being attended to earlier than this.
“I’m sorry to say this, the woman is gone”
“you mean she is dead? I asked in shock
” yes miss
I closed my eyes, heavy tears gushed from my eyes.
I went to cruise after few minutes of crying and putting my emotions un-der control.
As I approached Cruise, I saw him pacing around the patients hall
“Hey cruise?” I called out to him
“Ari”, he called and c@m£ straight to me
Is everything alright? He asked
“No, Cruise, mum is dead.” I broke the news bluntly
He fixed his gaze at my face, he closed his eye, found a wall to rest on, he gently sat down on the floor and silently cried
I sat beside him in silence, I feel so sorry for him
He picked his call and announced the bad news to his father who is at workshop
I esc-rted him home with my car, I decides to stay with him for a while, I called my mum that I won’t be around for a week, I want to be his companion for a whole week till he is back to himself and then we can resume back to school
I stayed with him for a solid week, during those times, I have grown to like Cruise, he is always cool as usual, I sle-pt with him on the same be-d but he never t©uçhed me.
We gist , laughed, pla-yed and I found solace in Cruise
He is really fun to be with, I’m beginning to having some sort of feelings for him.
I went back home after a week to meet my mum, I really missed her
I explained all that happened to her, she felt pathetic too. She then advise me to stay way from Cruise, she doesn’t want me to grow any feelings for him
I resumed back to school, I was happy to see that cruise was doing fine too.
I sat down on my chair, I was about placing my hands on my desk when I saw a letter on my desk
‘Hey Ari, I want you to know that I never st©pped Loving you, I knew I made a mistake in our first grade by breaking up with you, I’m sorry, I want you back, plea-se give me another chance.”
Signed: Mindy”
Mindy was my ex b©yfri£ndwho dumped me for whatever reason known to him in our first grade
It was very painful then, I cried the hell out of my eye, I suffered emotional pain for weeks, It took me close to six months for me to recover.
Despite the fact that he has left my life, I cant deny the fact that if you search me very well , you will see a little of him in me, I still have feelings for him
I cried 😭 after re-ading the letter because it reminded me of the pain.
Question: Who did you think will have Ari at last?