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Who loves me most episode 4

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chidi was with emma in the car driving, they were coming from a party they attended in the next town,it was around 6pm,they got to a three junction and they took the road by their left, they haven’t drive for five minutes they met a red car parked in the middle of the road,chidi had to stop the car.

They both looked at each other,they were both suspicious

Emma: just go back

Chidi was about to revise when another car blocked him from behind.

Chidi: FucK, it a trap.

Chidi look under his sit and brought out a gun,emma also did the same,that was where they always keep their weapons each time they are driving because of the police, they were already preparing themselves for what ever will happen when maxwell and one other guy came out behind the red car, the boy that is with maxwell was holding a cutless while maxwell was holding a gun,another also came down from the car behind chidi car also holding a gun.

Emma :speak of the devil

Chidi smiled

Emma :what should we do

Chidi:am going out

Emma :what

Chidi :are we really just going to sit down here like a coward, they are just three of them,you got my back right

Emma :you know i always got your back

Chidi and emma came down from the car,they immediately point gun at each other, emma was facing the one at the back while maxwell and chidi was facing eachother,chidi went closer to maxwell.

Chidi :i can see you came well prepared maxwell, so now you are here what are you going to do

Maxwell : to kill you

Chidi laughed

Chidi :impressive, and how are you going to do that, maxwell i don’t want you dead if I wanted it you could have been gone by now.

Maxwell :but I want you dead,i gave you a warning but you ignored it

Chidi :you don’t scare me maxwell, how about you do it this way,you have a gun and i have mine,you shot and i shot, then we both die and no one gets to have amara or you tell your baby boys to get lost and we all leave peacefully,you choose.

Chidi was a very good shooter,he is so fast and have never missed a shut,emma was not bad also they were both determine to kill them and stay alive,emma was waiting for a signal to shot.

Maxwell :i think i choose the part that said I killed you’

Just then chidi shot at maxwell gun and it fall from his hand, at the sound of the gun shot emma shot the other boy and he fell and died,the boy with the cutless was coming towards chidi when emma also put him down,maxwell wanted to pick up the gun again but chidi got there before him,chidi quickly pick the gun and throw it far from maxwell, he gripped maxwell on his collar and began to punch him angryly.

Chidi :i told you to stay away from me

He throw him down and began to kick him,maxwell kept on shouting in pain.

Chidi :do you know i can waste you here right now

Hit him again, maxwell was now bleeding all over his face,

Chidi :but I won’t kill you,let me warn you if you try this again i swear you will be dead,

He took a knife from his pocket and stab maxwell left hand

Maxwell cried in pain)awwwwwwww F**K

Chidi :that will keep the memory of today in your head forever, next time you won’t be this lucky

He punch him again,chidi entered his car while emma quickly went to the car behind them,the car key was still there so he start the car and drove it aside enabling chidi to pass,chidi stopped and emma entered and they drove off.as soon as they left maxwell manage to crawled to where chidi throwed his gun he use the side of the jacket he was putting on to collect the gun,he put his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone and called the police,and then ended the call,he then point the gun at the right side of his stomach, maxwell is a trained doctor in UK, so he knows everything about the human body, he knows if he shot himself at that side it will take him more than two hours before he could die,he was ready to take the risk,at least the police will be here anytime soon.

Maxwell :this is for you Amara

He gave a deep breath and shut himself, not up to thirty minutes the police arrived and they quickly rushed him to the hospital,he has given the police mens the information to them needed about him before he shut himselt so it was very easy to contact his mother Mrs ada Marcus and amara number was not left out.

It was the next day morning, mrs ada Marcus was already in the hospital,she was with maxwell who was still unconscious,she rushed down to port Harcourt as soon as possible when she heard what has happened to her son,she was sitting close to maxwell bed,one of the nurse walked in holding a tray injection,a cotton wool, and a small bottle was seen in the tray.

Nurse :good morning ma’am

Mrs ada Marcus :good morning

The nurse drop the tray beside the bed of maxwell, took the injection, she then draw some liquid from the small bottle into the injection and then inject it into the drip fixed on him.

Mrs ada Marcus :how is he

Nurse :he will be fine,he is responding to treatment.

Mrs ada Marcus okey

As the nurse was about to leave maxwell started murmuring,Mrs ada Marcus draw closer to him,so that she can hear what he is saying.

Mrs ada Marcus :i think he is trying to say something

Just then maxwell slowly opened his eyes,mrs ada Marcus was so happy

Mrs ada Marcus :ahh he has woken up,maxwell, maxwell, thank God

The nurse quickly ran to get the doctor,few minutes later the doctor came in

Doctor :madam, please excuse me

Mrs ada Marcus gave way for the doctor to pass,after examining him, he turned to mrs ada Marcus

Doctor :his blood pressure is normal, your son was lucky the bullet didn’t hit the wrong position, so in no time he will be okey,and meanwhile the police said if he wakes up i should inform them so that they can hear from him what happened

Mrs ada Marcus :no problem, thank you

Maxwell :i am so tired

Doctor :yes you are,you will be okey, madam he really needs some food any thing light for now,so you should work on that.

Mrs ada Marcus :that won’t be a problem

Doctor :i will come check on you later,

Mrs ada Marcus thanked the doctor and the doctor left, she held maxwell by the hand

Mrs ada Marcus :how are you feeling

Maxwell :fine,

It was so difficult for maxwell to speak because he was so tired

Maxwell :where is Amara

Mrs ada Marcus :i will call her,as soon as I leave here okey,i have called your father and siblings we were all worried about you,your father will be coming down to nigeria very soon,please be strong for me okey.let me get you something to eat, what would you like to eat.

Maxwell :anything

Mrs ada Marcus okey Just wait, let me go get them.

she got up and left,maxwell close his eye to sleep, some minutes later Mrs ada Marcus came in with the food and some fruit, she added one more pillow to the one on maxwell head so that he can be able to eat cause he can’t sit up now,maxwell finished eating with the help of his mother, he drank some water and lied back on the bed,three police men walked into the room followed by the doctor. They all exchange a pleasant greetings,the police men introduce themselves and told Mrs ada Marcus that they could love to ask her son some questions so she agreed.

Meanwhile amara entered the hospital and went to the nurse at the reception.

Amara :good afternoon nurse

Nurse :good afternoon

Amara :please am looking for a patient, i was told he was rushed here yesterday by some police men

Nurse :yes he is in ward five,take this entrance then by your right you will see him

Amara :thanks you.

She entered the entrance leading to ward five as she approach the room she heard people talking, she then went close to the door so she could hear what they were saying.

Police 1 okey now tell us what happened

Maxwell :well,i was in my car driving when a black car over take me and blocked me,there was also another at my back,then the two boys came down from the car behind me one was holding a gun and the other was holding a cutless, another boy came down from the car that blocked me,i recognised him,i knows him.

Police :what is him name

Maxwell :his name is chidi Jonathan, yeah

Amara heart was now beating so fast when she heard chidi name mentioned

Maxwell :he told me to come out of the car,which i did,i came down from the car because I thought he has come to warn me again the way he did the last time we met.

Police 3:what was it he warned you about.

Maxwell :he is dating a friend of mine and he thinks i am his raver, he has come to warn me once that i shouldn’t be seen around her so he said i was been stubborn that he has come to fight me,i told him that he should let me go,i pleaded with him but he didn’t care he then ask the two boy to beat me up,after numerous beating,he told them to stop, and he shut me and left, it was with my last breath i made the call.

Mrs ada Marcus angry )so that good for nothing boy wants to kill my son all because of a woman, Amara it will never be well with you.

Maxwell :mum please she has nothing to do with this stop doing that” she is a victim as I am,she really don’t know anything about this

But still Mrs ada Marcus didn’t stop because she was so mad,she keep promising that he will make chidi pay for what he did,Amara who was still standing at the door was full with pain and guilt, she was bitterly crying, she couldn’t believe chidi could go that far,she wouldn’t bear all what she was hearing any more, she left the hospital in tears, she headed to chidi house, when she arrived there she opened the gate because the gate wasn’t locked, she went to the door and push it open,chidi came out of the kitchen to see who it was and he was so surprised to see amara crying, he was so worried,chidi then walk up to her trying to comfort her

Chidi :what’s wrong, baby tell me

But amara angryly push him away, chidi was shocked,

Amara shouted with anger and say stay away from me,



It was about 6pm the same day amara was coming back from the hospital,she has left maxwell while he was asleep,she was in the taxi when her phone began to ring,she looked to see the caller it was Sandra,she picked

Sandra :amara

Amara :yes

Sandra :where are you

Amara :am on my way home any problem

Sandra :no,how fast will you be here

Amara :very soon

Sandra okey,are you alright

Amara :i am fine,i know you have heard.

Sandra :just come home let’s talk okey

Amara :alright

Sandra end the call,some minutes later amara arrived home ,she open the door and found emma,sandra and chidi in the sitting room ,chidi immediately stood up when he saw amara, Amara was shocked and at the same time angry to see him,she looked at them and walked to her room without saying hi to any of them,Sandra immediately followed her.

Sandra :amara, you have to hear him out

Amara :please,don’t

Sandra :amara you can’t just end the relationship just like that,what if maxwell is lying

Amara :if he is lying then who shut him,or he shut himself

Sandra :am not saying that,but you have to use your head in all this.

Amara :am really not in the mood for this

She took her luggage and started arranging her clothes in it,Sandra was surprise

Sandra :where are you going

Amara :i am going to where I can be away from here

Sandra :amara am i bothering you?

Amara: of course you are not but if I stay here now he will keep coming here and i don’t want to see him ever

Sandra was speechless,

Amara :i really need to rest my head

Sandra :this is becoming something else

She left amara and went to meet emma and chidi

Emma :what did she say

Sandra :she is packing up her things

Emma and chidi was surprise

Emma :she is leaving

Sandra :i don’t know she said she needed some space that she needs to calm her head.

Chidi went to meet Amara,

Chidi :am sorry, Amara please just find it in your heart to forgive me,i love you Amara, you can’t just leave me like that,i know i haven’t always been the man you wanted but I am willing to change, just give me a second chance to make things right, (just then amara starts crying )i promise you none of this will ever happen again i swear .

He kneel down holding her hands

Chidi: please you are everything to me now, in just a short time i have come to love you so much,just this last chance please

Amara :chidi,why,why did you hurt me this much,

Chidi :i didn’t know,please forgive me,if you want me to go apologies to maxwell i will,if you want me to do anything i will but please don’t leave me,you are the different in me Amara, i beg you stay with me

Amara looked at him and raised him up.

Amara :chidi i love you too but we just don’t fit,you have your own different world and i have mine, don’t you see its not working

Chidi put his hand on her cheek )i will make it work this time please, i love you,please

They both starred at each other then chidi kissed her and she response

Amara :i love you more then you can imagine chidi but I need to go,i just need to be by myself for sometime.

Chidi :amara

Amara :if you really love me and you want me to be happy then let me go,if you really want my happiness then let me go,please

Chidi give a deep breath )is that what you want

Amara :yes

Chidi:then go

Amara looked at him still in tears, she took her luggage and walked to her door, she turned and looked at chidi but he didn’t turn to look at her too,as she was about to leave chidi called her, she looked at chidi who also turned to her direction

Chidi :always remember that I chidi Jonathan will always love you

She sighed and left,chidi Sat on the bed bending down his head,he was hurt inside and he didn’t know if he could be able to endure this pain he is feeling inside ,emma came in and sat down next to him.

Emma :she is gone

Chidi :i know

Emma :will you be fine

Chidi :i don’t know

Emma :i think you need some rest

Chidi:do you really think so?

Just then tears fell from chidi eyes,emma was so shocked😮 because that was the first time he had seen him cry for so many years they have known each other, emma then knew chidi loved amara even more than he imagine

Emma :you have to stop this

Trying to console him

Chidi :amara is gone emma and she is not coming back, (he got up)i messed up emma

Emma :it wasn’t your fault

Chidi :i am down emma, and i don’t even know if I will be able to stand again

Emma got up)you will ,it will just take a little while.

Emma and chidi later left and went home,chidi couldn’t eat that night,emma, jude and Godwin tried all they could to cheer him up a little but nothing they did works,they were so worried about him,how they wished they had a solution to his problem, the next morning three police men came to chidi house,one of them was not wearing a police uniform,the gate was not locked,they entered and knocked at the door jude opened the door,as soon as he saw the police men he knew what they came for.

Jude:yes how can I help you

Police man:we are from the state c.i.d

Showing jude their ID card

Police man:we are looking for chidi Jonathan who lives here

Godwin who was listening quickly went to chidi room,emma was already with chidi

Godwin :some police men are outside

Chidi :we know

Godwin :so what will happen now

Chidi :nothing,

He was already dressed up, he got up took his phone and his car key and walked out,emma and Godwin followed him.

Chidi :i heard you are looking for me

Police man 1:are you Chidi Jonathan

Chidi :yes

Police man 1:you are under arrest….

Chidi interrupted )bla,bla,bla, i already know why you are here so save me the sermon and let’s go

The police mens were dumbfounded

Chidi :i will be back soon okey

They all nod

Chidi :shall we

The police gave way for him to pass .

Chidi :i will be going with my car,so is either one of you drive me or i do the driving myself

The police men looked at themselves in amazement

Police man 1:i will go with you while you do the driving

Chidi :much better

Chidi and the police man entered his car while the two other police men first open the gate for them, after then they entered the police van that was packed outside chidi house and they drove off,Godwin, jude and emma went inside as soon as they left, they all knew in no time chidi will return after all this is not his first crime they are arresting him for, so his father will always get him out.

Mr Marcus came down to nigeria, he was very angry about the whole incident, Mr and Mrs Marcus went to the police station,they were called by the D.P.O ,they arrived at the police station,they told the police attendant that they were on appointment, they were lead by one of the police man to the D.P.O office, after they exchange greetings they were all sitted.

D.P.O :well I called both of you here because of the new development in the case of your son.

Mr Marcus :i was told this morning that the criminal has been arrested, so I want to see the face of that idiot that wanted to kill my son,where is he.

Mrs ada Marcus :we want to see him first before i will have anything to say

D.P.O :that Is the reason why I called the both of you,yes we arrested the boy this morning but his lawyer came here to bail him,so we granted him bail

Mr and Mrs Marcus was surprise and shocked about what the d.p.o was saying, Mr Marcus got angry

Mr Marcus :what are you saying, that you allow a criminal to go,are you serious

Mrs ada Marcus :this is unbelievable

D. P. O:you have to calm down,i can understand your anger,but you see we had no choice.

Mr Marcus :what are you saying, i mean there are enough evidence already, didn’t his finger print matches with that on the gun,so what more do you need.

D. P.O:but that’s not enough evidence,there was no witness and beside they might turn the story around, this case is not as easy as you think,the people involved are very influential.

Mr Marcus :what an insult, so because they are influential he can’t be brought to book.

D. P.O:yes he can,but it will be a wastage of your income and time,even if we charge the case to court, it will be dismissed, it is a fight you cannot win mr marcus

Mrs ada Marcus :this is serious, so who is his father that is untouchable

D.P.O:am sorry madam i can’t tell you,his identity should not be disclosed at cases like this but he sent a message to you,he said he is very sorry for what his son did that he never supported him in anyway and he promise to deal with him his own way,he knows money cannot heal your son pain but he will have to hold responsibility for your son treatment till his recovering, he will also like to compensate your son with this sum of money.

He brought out a big brown envelop containing money and he put it on the table.

D.P.O:it’s ten million naira,listen i am a father like you and i will know what I will do to any one that try to kill my son but if I was in your shoe now i will think about this offer because if he gave this money right here to any judge he won’t think twice before accepting it,at least think about this, your son can do something better with this kind of money, you should drop the case and let this pass.

Mrs and Mrs Marcus didn’t know what to do or say ,they both thought about the offer and later accepted,they left the d.p.o office and went to see maxwell in the hospital, they told him everything that happened, maxwell was not happy that chidi was set free but he was still glad that at least all this brought him both money and the woman he loves.

It was now two day since chidi return from the police station, he was in the sitting room with jude,emma and Godwin, they were all smoking and drinking, their wasn’t any joy on their faces.

Godwin :dis tin dey surprising to me oh,why e go con talk dat kind lie say u shoot am

Chidi :na so I see am oh

Jude: and everybody believe am

Emma :everything just dey like shock to me and he no mention say i dey dere o

Chidi:he thought he could lock me up ,hmmmmmm, well he tried

Jude:all this for one girl, wait o if una no shoot am who go do am

Godwin :nawa for you oooo,see d kind question you dey ask, na him shoot himself na

Emma :i no fit imagine say maxwell go want kill himself, that guy na devil, he get mind.

Chidi:he no wan kill himself, he do am to get amara and he succeeded

Emma :i know you are still hurt that amara left you but you really need to forget that girl,look at all the mess she is making you go through, i blame myself, if I haven’t introduce her to you maybe all this couldn’t have happened,

Chidi:come on,please don’t blame yourself ,you were only doing something you thought will be good for me,it was all spoilt by that devil ,but I am more hurt because amara who should stand by me wouldn’t even believe me,i wasn’t expecting her to turn her back on me,i so much love that girl

Emma :we know, but look around you she doesn’t deserve you,you need someone better

Chidi:emma,you know me,you know how many girls i have had,and you know that having any girl is not a problem but amara is different

Godwin :guy if na the way she take dey handle you for bed forget am,babes dey wan go do am pass her

Chidi smile )that’s where you get it wrong, i have never had s*x with amara

They were all surprised,because chidi wasn’t a guy that won’t want to get into a women honeypot

Chidi :we do kiss and romance but it always ends there

Jude:i still don’t get,you mean all this months you have been dating nothing happened

Chidi :no

Jude:why na

Chidi :she is still intact

Godwin :you no mean am

Chidi :i was just waiting for the right time,she didn’t want to be rushed, but now I don’t think that time will come.

Emma :you will still love again

Chidi :but how emma how,i have already heard of being in love,each time I saw you and Sandra i thought to myself this people are being childish, remember when we went clubbing and i so wanted you to bleep one girl with me remember what you told me

Emma :that i love my woman and won’t want to cheat on her

Chidi :yeah,i saw you that day like a fool that don’t want to enjoy the things of life,but now I understand that feeling and am happy i did,all thanks to you men

Godwin :i swear if I see that guy i go break him leg

Chidi :make una free am abeg

Jude :this was the same words you use the other time,now see where it has landed you

Godwin :jude,u no go watch your language, u don forget who u dey talk to

Jude:no vex,i dey vex

Chidi :i know you are right but what ever you do to him ever now won’t change anything, it will only increase my dad anger towards me,he is really upset with me and because of that he said i should go to London to complete my studies

Emma :you are leaving us

Jude :for how long will you be gone

Chidi :don’t know, i really don’t,

Godwin hhhhh,why na

Chidi :i will still be communicating with you guys,okey

Jude:when are you leaving

Chidi :next week

They were all sad that chidi will be leaving not even knowing when to come back, they could miss him so much because he was more than a friend,chidi gave them most of his belongings,

It was the day that chidi was leaving for London, his luggage has been put in the car,his father and mother are in the sitting room,the driver that will take him to the airport is waiting for him outside, chidi came down from the stairs, Mr Jonathan was sitting down,immediately chidi knelt down before him and Mrs Jonathan.

Chidi:dad,mum am sorry for everything i have done to both of you,dad please find a place in your heart to forgive me

Mrs Jonathan looked at Mr Jonathan

Mrs Jonathan :please darling forgive him,can’t you see he is really sorry

Mr Jonathan:get up

Chidi got up

Mr Jonathan :you are my son,and i love you so much,apologising is not the problem but keeping to your words are,as long as you behave yourself you won’t have problem with me

Chidi :i promise dad i will do the right thing and make you proud

Then they hug,they all went outside and chidi left to the airport, it was a goodbye to everything he ever knows,he will miss everyone mostly amara, TO BE CONTINUED😢


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